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Until I figure out what to do with this section, simply leave me any questions about your Dynasty League.

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  1. I traded cuddyer for Greinke straight across $20 dollar value for both. I have more than enough hitting. Cuddyers age and injury history did it for me. Do you like the trade? do you see Greinke as near elite this year or should I look at getting some value out of him in another deal.

  2. With Harvey being out for the year, I have an open slot for a pitcher. We have to start 10 p’s no matter the position. My starters include: Stras, Wainwright, Price, Zimmermann, Ventura, Kimbrel, N. Jones, Paulino, Odorizzi, and Brett Anderson. I have T. Walker, Storen, Vogelsong, Dufffy, Maholm, Capps, and Wisler on the bench right now. I am debating dropping Maholm to pick up Feldman. What are your thoughts?

  3. I am in need of a good speed prospect for my dynasty team. I know Billy Hamilton is a once in a decade type of prospect but his owner is charging an arm and a leg. Are there any other players on the prospect radar that come even close to his steals potential?

    • Speed is the easiest skill to translate but many times those players don’t have the hit tool; including power to stay full-time in the majors. See Emilo Bonifacio and Rajai Davis.

      Billy Burns is a poor man’s BHam. Similar speed but no power. In Double-AA with the A’s. 4th outfielder but could get 30+ SBs in a part-time role. D.J. Davis is further away but has crazy speed as well.

  4. What’s your thoughts on a dynasty level with these prospects Josh Rutledge/Delino Deshields/Joc Pederson/Albert Almora/C.J Edwards.

    Are any of these guys worth holding onto?

    • It depends on the depth of the league, but assuming you have 100 minor leagues kept in the entire league, everyone but Rutledge should be kept. I’m not a fan of Rutledge.

  5. Rich,

    In a 15 team keeper/dynasty league. Can keep 5 guys each year. I am rebuilding my team and thinking long-term. I have Kershaw, Profar, Wacha to build around long-term, but would like your opinion. What are your thoughts on going after Buxton, Baez early in my draft knowing they won’t have much of an impact this year. I am willing to take my lumps this year if it will help build something for next year. Crazy idea? Thanks….

  6. Long term H2H pts (SB-2 pts CS -1 pt) dynasty keeper – Billy Burns, Matt Davidson or Marcus Semien?

    • Davidson, Seimien, and Burns. Burns has crazy, crazy speed but I think he’s a fourth outfielder; meaning he’ll get 250 at-bats but could also steal 30 bases. Still, Davidson has a ton of raw power and could be a nice player in a Points League.

  7. I was watching a Padres spring training game and saw Joe Ross throw an impressive inning, is he someone worth owning in a 15 team dynasty with 15 man minor leagues? I could cut someone like Candelario for him. Is Tyson’s brother a prospect, or should I ignore him?

    • He didn’t make my Top 10 and came in at 12 I think. The body is great, the arm can move the radar gun but the results are not there. Stuff plays soft, fastball is straight and secondary stuff is immature. It’s all projection.

      I spent a lot of time at Padres camp this year and came to the conclusion that he might be a better arm in the pen. In short spurts, his fastball should play up. As a starter, I’m just not sure. In a 225 minor league farm, he should be owned but I would hope I could find a better option than Ross.

      I kind of like Jeimar. Power, switch-hitting bat. Will he stay at 3B? Probably not. Will he stay a Cub, almost certainly not. There is something there though.

  8. Rich – what is the best draft strategy for a first year dynasty draft?
    It’s a points league with the following rules: Hitter: R+BB+RBIs+SB+TB, Pitcher: 3 Points per IP, 5 points per wins, 5 points per save, -1 point per hit allowed, -2 points per earned run allowed, 1 point per strikeout, -1 point per walk issued, -5 Points per loss.
    I’m finding it difficult to rank my players as I have current year projections for current major leaguers, but when do I draft Gregory Polanco or Archie Bradley?

    • I’ve changed my opinion about this after playing in now four Dynasty Leagues. First, this goes for Dynasty Leagues with at least 150-200 minor league players. In those situations, I go very young, very early. First five picks should be major leagues 25 and under. Obviously good major league players. I then would take a elite prospect or two. If Buxton goes in round 3 though, I would take my first in round 4. It’s a strategy that sets you well for years 3-7 but not necessarily year 1 and 2. However, what I’ve found is that going for it in the first year with players like Matt Holliday in the fourth round is a mistake as you’ll bury yourself long-term and wind up rebuilding; particularly if you don’t win the first year. I’ve seen it happen too many times.

  9. Thanks Rich – that’s really helpful.
    I’ll keep your rankings handy as I draft.
    Love the podcast!

  10. Hey Rich, Puello is avail in my league

    Who do I drop for him? Yorman, Mazara or Cowart?

    Thank you

  11. Rich, hoping for some help on two guys you love. Barretto or Franchy?


  12. Feliz being sent down created a hole for me. Can you rank these RPs for dynasty purposes, please. Holds are as valuable as saves.
    Michael Tonkin MIN
    Shawn Kelley NYY
    Josh Fields HOU
    Delin Betances NYY
    Neal Cotts TEX

  13. Rich, I’ve posted this question on the Facebook site and the responses are mixed, so I thought I could get you to weigh in. Waiver wire opportunity, in a H2H pts league. Which SP do you prefer…..Odorizzi or Mejia?


  14. Hey Rich,

    I’m in a deep 20 team Keeper league where all player get utilized. My pitching staff anchors with Chris Sale and supporting cast of Jeff Samajardzia & Matt Latos and then some inning eats. Kyle Gibson, Jacob Turner, Jared Cosart, Dustin McGowan, Trevor Cahill and Kevin Gausman waiting in the shadows. Now My question to you is, was acquring Everth Cabrera for Tony Cingrani a good trade for me? I don’t have any real true speed with Reyes out of the lineup, so I could use a speed demon. Thoughts on Everth Cabrera?

  15. Hey Rich,

    Any thought about doing an International prospect list for those who have signed with teams considering that it seems in today’s MLB that the majority of top players are now coming from Cuba, DR, venezula, etc.

    I wanted Eloy, Miker or Divers, but was grabbed before my pick in rd 6 in 12 person. So I got G. Torres. Now, I’m looking to Luis Encarnacion (philly) , Leonardo Molina (NYY), Diplan (Tex) , and Jose almonte (Tex) who supposed to have loads of power. Any thoughts?

    take your picks with Mac Williamson, Ty Blach, or Ryder Jones as the only free players left for my SF Giants.

    I’m literately on your site checking your ranks daily so thank you :)

    • Thanks for the feedback. I’m not in a position to provide much insight on international signees as I don’t usually get a chance to them before they arrive in the US. The person doing the best work on this is Ben Badler with BA. Also, unless you are a in a very very deep league, grabbing a bunch of 16-year-olds is a strategy that usually doesn’t work. Yes, one 16-year-old wildcard with a 15 team minor league system is ok, but remember, these guys take 4-5 years to even smell the major leagues. Yes, they can become Xander Bogaerts, but usually not.

      The Giants you listed are ok…not elite prospects. Would only own them in a 350+ minor league system.

  16. Love your knowledge and work you do. In an OBP, 12-team dynasty format, please rank in terms of performance in first 3 years of their career: Joc Pederson, Colin Moran, Arismendy Alcantara, or Alex Guerrero. Thank you!

  17. Hey Rich,

    I’m in a deep 20 team Keeper league where all player get utilized. My pitching staff anchors with Chris Sale and supporting cast of Jeff Samajardzia & Matt Latos and then some inning eats. Kyle Gibson, Jacob Turner, Jared Cosart, Dustin McGowan, Trevor Cahill and Kevin Gausman waiting in the shadows. Now My question to you is, was acquring Everth Cabrera for Tony Cingrani a good trade for me? I don’t have any real true speed with Reyes out of the lineup, so I could use a speed demon. Thoughts on Everth Cabrera?

    • I’m a huge fan of Cabrera and believe you did well here. It’s also VERY frustrating owning Reyes; when he’s on, he’s great, but man, does he crush your soul with his injuries. I’m thinking about moving him in a Dynasty League as I just believe there’s going to be more of the same.

      Back to Cabrera, well done.

  18. Hey Rich,
    I picked up Colabello and Sardinas on the wire this weekend. What can I expect from these guys and when?

  19. Hey Rich, I was given two options for a trade in first-year dynasty (need MI, currently have infante/yunel). Which should I take?

    1. CMart & Yelich for Rendon and Barretto
    2. CMart for Ackley


  20. Hey Rich,
    Could you rank your top 10 relief prospects? (Not current starters but actual relievers) They get no love.

    • Part of the reason they get no love is that they usually wind up behind failed starters in the majors. Hard to do for me as candidly, I generally don’t pay too much attention unless than throw in the upper-90′s or were dominating like Rodon and Reed were.

  21. Hey Rich, Just found your podcast and I love it you and Tim are great.

    In a deep AL only keeper league, who do you like better long term: Hunter Dozier (KC) or Tim Anderson (CHW)

    Thank you!!

  22. Hi Rich
    Great site wish I found it earlier!
    Might be crazy but in a keep players drafted dynasty league would you trade King Felix for Gausman and Bundy? No chance of winning this year, future better. Rest of next year pitching is


    • Thanks Ben. I’d want a little more. Bundy and a big bat; like Polanco, Baez – top 10-15 bat. Felix is still pretty young and I believe is work more than two young pitchers.

      • Thanks Rich. I have Taveras, Springer and Polanco waiting in the wings so was thinking to deepen the pitching staff for a push 2015/2016. If you don’t mind the follow-up question do you think that’s necessary given my staff or am I being too quick to sell off Felix? Thanks for the advice!

  23. Thanks for everything you do here Rich. Would you hang on to Matt Moore in a Dynasty League? Thank you.

  24. This dude offered me Stroman and Tyson Ross for C Martinez in deep dynasty, I gotta accept right?

  25. Should I trade Jon Gray for Robert Stephenson? Pretty split, like them both…and I think Gray’s stuff will play in CO.

  26. I’m building a core which I hope will help me compete in 2-3 years. I like Verlander less and less going forward and have an opportunity to trade him away for Nathan Eovaldi and Trevor Bauer plus a bunch of money. Do you think either Eovaldi or Bauer will get smarter enough about their arsenal to be top-15 pitchers in 2-3 years?

    • Top-15…doubtful. Bauer has a chance to be a top 40 pitcher if he can continue with his improvements. Evoladi is just ok for me. Back of the rotation pitcher. Neither is close to the ceiling of Verlander.

  27. I am in a very deep dynasty league and would very much appreciate your take on these prospects in my minor league system:
    Aledmys Diaz
    Alex Guerrero
    Adalberto Ibarra (thinking of giving up on him — do you agree?)
    Bubba Starling
    Yenier Bello
    Lewan Diaz
    Alexander Vargas

    Some of these may be very long term holds, I realize but thats ok if thay have big potential.


    • WOW…really deep. Diaz could be a starting SS but won’t carry a lot of fantasy value. Guerrero has power but I’m not sure the glove allows him to be a starting infielder for a team like LAD. Bubba…not sure he makes it. Just can’t him. Bello is the Cuban that just singed. Older guy…don’t know a lot about…sorry. Diaz: Is still in the Domincian if I recall, so I don’t have anything on him and Vargas is 23-years-old and hasn’t made it out of rookie ball. Not sure he’s a prospect.

  28. love this site here it goes….

    giving up minor and getting wong and a 2nd round pick. im rebuilding after taking over a terrible managed team.

    should i pull the trigger or ask for more? hes rebuilding as well.

    thanks a bunch!

    • I like that trade for you. Could you get more? Don’t know but I think it’s fair and really like Wong as a long-term fantasy asset. 2nd Round should yield nice value in 2015

  29. Would you trade Braun for J. Abreu and Yelich in a 12-team dynasty with 35 man rosters. Have Posey, Fielder, Pedroia, Wright, Trout, Bautista, Gyrko, with Baez, Correa, Polanco, and Taveras in the wings.

    • Hmmm…it’s a reasonable trade and you get too younger players and Abreu is looking like a 30-home run guy (I was a little light on him). Yelich can grow into a 20/20 guy but is probably a 10/20 guy for now but can really hit; so there is runs there. You do have Fielder, so I’m assuming Abreu would play CI or UT? You hate to give up a talent like Braun but you’re getting a lot back. I say yes.

      BTW, great minors there. Polanco is going to a major fantasy asset.

  30. cozart is driving me crazy. He looks awful. should I drop him and pick up zach walters or am i over reacting.

  31. thanks for your help on my last post :) need some more advice.

    just got offered my scherzer for agon to a manager who is loaded with young talent, is that a deal you would think about? (fielder and belt at 1st with 2 utl spots)

    also another manager heard a offer was made for scherzer so i got offered jordan zimmerman and carlos santana (my catcher is yan gomes)

    looking forward to hearing from you


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