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Until I figure out what to do with this section, simply leave me any questions about your Dynasty League.

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  1. Hey Rich, in a 16 team dynasty I have offered scherzer and Blackmon for Goldschmidt. Is that a fair offer?

  2. Hey Rich. I’m in a 16 team dynasty pts league and considering trading away Dozier for Bautista. I’d be replacing 2B with La Stella and I also own MBetts. Would you do this deal and is it even enough to land Bautista?

  3. 10 team 15 player keeper league with minors… Rebuild mode, & needing a 3b eligible player…

    I give Blackmon & Pujols,
    Receive Chisenhall, Taveras & Dahl or Seager.

    Who wins? Who you like more – Dahl or Seager?

    Many thanks.

  4. Thanks Rich – appreciated. Any of my minor leaguers you think I should trade away?

    Baez, Correa, Frazier, Starling, Gray, Zimmer and now Tevares & Dahl/Seager.

  5. Hi Rich,

    How would you rank these SP prospects as of now- Kyle Crick, Lucas Sims, Alex Meyer, Jesse Biddle, and Daniel Norris? Thank you

  6. Hey Rich,

    I am in a Deep Keeper League where you keep a total of 30 players every year. Was Offered Gerrit Cole for Cliff Lee and Doug Fister. My pitching staff has lots of depth. What do you think?

    Thanks for your time

  7. Hi Rich. I recently placed Dozier on the trading block in a 16 team dynasty points points. I have La Stella and Betts as replacements. I just got offered Segura ( at league minimum salary for 2 more yrs) and Alex Guerrero (min sal/ 3 yrs). My current starting SS is Mercer and I own Baez and CCorrea. Do you like the deal enough to jump on it, or continue to shop Dozier for a better player(s). I’m in no contention to win this season. Thanks!

  8. Keeper league and in rebuild mode…which side of this trade would,you prefer…

    Kris Bryant/machado


    Wil Myers and sano

  9. I have been offered Edwin e for scherzer. would you do that?

  10. Hey Rich! I’m wondering if Dozier for Choo is a wise move. I own Dozier and I’m looking for a LF. It’s a 16 team dynasty, and Choo is on a 5 yr @ 17k a yr deal. 20k, in our league, is considered a “big” contract. Thoughts??

    • If 20K is a big contract, then I’m assuming 17K is pretty big. How much is Dozier. I’m not sure Choo is worth a pretty big contract but who would be some comparables?

      • Dozier is at 2500 and is on an expiring contract. He’ll go to 7500, if I resign him, for 2 more yrs. I have room for big contract. Just wondering if u feel if dozier for Choo is worth it. Should I look for more??

      • I think I’d rather have Dozier. 18 HR, 17 SB. Yeah, his average stick, but his BABIP is also poor, so he’s probably more of a .255-.260 hitter with a ..350-.360 OBP. The guy is earning $27. For less money than Choo, I’d hunt elsewhere…just my two-cents.

  11. Im a team in a 20 team dynasty thats rebuilding. I was offered Chris Davis and a 3rd round pick for Sean Doolittle, Marcell Ozuna and a 2nd round pick. I would be giving up Doolittle whats your take?

  12. Hi Rich,
    I love your site and podcast. It has changed my thought process on the kids.

    I am rebuilding this year in my dynasty league. We can keep as many as we like, for however long we like. Salaries go up 30% a year. Wins, SO, ERA, WHIP, Saves are the categories.

    What are your thoughts on my pitching staff next year? Prices reflect 2015 salaries.I still need to draft a Wainwright type of pitcher right?

    1. C Kluber $4
    2. T Bauer $3
    3. K Gausman $3
    4. M Stroman $3
    5. R De La Rosa $2
    6. D Holland $2
    7. D Salazar $3
    8. A Meyer $2
    8. C Allen $5
    8. J Mejia $3
    9. H Rondon $7

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts.

      Love the staff and in particular the price for the talent you are keeping. Yeah, you probably still need a #1 but Kluber and Gausman could be very good.

      I’m not a huge fan of Rubby…just think the league will figure him out. Nothing special. Hector Rondon at $7 doesn’t really fit in that mix. Probably 50/50 that he gets save opportunities in 2015. Otherwise, pretty good.

  13. Hi Rich. Just wondering if you consider Oscar Taveras decent return for Dozier in a 16 team dynasty. I’m trying to move Dosier. Can I get more than just Oscar?

    • The beginning of the year, absolutely but Dozier is having a ridiculous fantasy season and I would try to get another piece. If I can’t would I still accept…for me, I would. Huge fan of Oscar and I think you’re getting him cheap. I’m still a big believer.

  14. I’m rebuilding in a 24 team dynasty league. Would you trade Samardzija for Soler?

  15. hey rich,
    Thoughts on Trevor Bauer moving forward? hes available in both my keepers should i be going after TB? dont know a whole lot about him.

    thanks :-)

    • He’ll be inconsistent this year and maybe forever. The delivery is the problem and he has very little room for error. His stuff is swing and miss but he’ll always be prone to blow-ups. If he ever puts it together, it’ll be very, very good. How to play it? Yes, for a keeper, I would take a gamble in 12-team and higher formats.

  16. What do you project Javier Baez to hit in MLB? I see his combined career OBP average in minors is around .330, can he do that in mlb?..the way I’m set up to win is offensively focus solely on hits, runs, OBP, SB…and punt HR RBI because my pitching staff is so good I win 4 or 5 of the 6 pitching cats a week..do you think Baez can fit in that mold? And if not who do you suggest I can/should move him for that would better fit?

    • Think George Springer but at a middle infield position. He’s a free swinger and will walk infrequently and strike out a ton. However, he hits the ball hard and could see a consistent BABIP induced .250 batting average and a .300 OBP but with 30+ HR and 10-15 stolen bases. That’s a huge player at SS or 2B but it will come with downside pressure of the average. BTW, that’s his ceiling and it could time for him to reach it. Talent is high but there are concerns about his “look at me” approach to the game. That’s where he and Springer part company. Springer is a solid guy and is showing team leadership. I have yet to see that in Baez. Something to watch…

  17. Hi Rich. I’m having a hard time trying to figure out what Doziers worth is. I’ve offered him up for several players only to be turned down. It’s a 16 team dynasty league with 40 man rosters including minors. I just got offered David Price and a second rounder for Dozier and Correa. I have La Stella, Betts and Micah Johnson at second and Mercer and Baez at short. Any thoughts on this offer or what I may be able to get for Dozier? Thanks

    • I’m an expansion team and have no chance of winning this season

    • Dozier’s breakout looks pretty real. Decent eye at the plate and makes good contact. Low BABIP is putting pressure on the average, so there is average upside there. The only negative I see are bad splits and it’s the RHB that is the bad side. That will always hurt him.

      I don’t do this deal at all as I would rather have the two bats. Dozier is earning $25 and I bet you goes ahead of Price in next year’s draft; at least that’s where I’ll have him slotted. He might be discounted because he plays on the Twins so the RBI and runs may be surpressed but that team is on the rise with Sano and Buxton up sometime in 2015. Also Correa has beast potential written all over him. I’d rather have Dozier and Correa and I don’t think it’s close.

  18. Hey Rich. I have been offered A. Rizzo for Darvish, is this enough or should I get more for Darvish. Both players are at the league min for salary and both are on expiring deals. 16 team dynasty with 40 man rosters including minors. Thanks for your help

  19. Hey Rich,
    10 team AL only dynasty. Despite 41 man rosters, it is a superstar league as we only use 9 hitters, 4 SP and 4 RP. Could you please rank these available guys? I have an open spot and would be cutting Sardinas to get a second.

    Steven Moya
    Joan Mauricio
    Richie Schaffer
    Dalton Pompey
    Daniel Alvarez
    Nomar Marlette
    Christian Binford
    Bubba Starling
    Ronald Guzman
    Jorge Bonifacio

    I know it is a long list but I would appreciate it.

    Love you,

  20. Hey Rich,
    Gotta move youth to try to win this year. Do I give up Rougned Odor or Kolten Wong? Thoughts on their numbers over the next few years?
    Thank you much.

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