Prospect 361° is for baseball fans and fantasy baseball players to discover information about minor league players that is “beyond the obvious.”  We combine scouting and sabremetrics to try and paint a portrait of a player including their current tools and how those tools might progress through the player development process.

From a fantasy view, we evaluate prospects that might work for deep fantasy leagues including the emerging Dynasty format.  Since sometimes a prospect is a better fantasy player, we do our best to point out those differences.

While our analysis will hopefully prove to be comprehensive, it is by no means perfect, as scouting and player development is an inexact science.  However, our research will be based on attending games from the GCL and AZL rookie leagues through AAA and the Fall instructional leagues as well as discussing players with our numerous contacts within the baseball industry.  You can reach Rich at prospect361@gmail.com.

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  1. Hi Rich,

    Great job on the podcast! My only criticism is that – when you have a 3rd person on the podcast, his volume is not consistent with yours and Tim’s. Makes it hard to listen to.

    12 team mixed keeper – C/1B/2B/3B/SS/3x OF/Util. 1450 Innings. 25 roster spots and 3 DL.

    Must keep any 5 players to be slotted in rounds 1-5. Anyone else can be kept at a 3 round penalty. For example. Kyle Seager is drafted in the 15th rd. He can be kept the following year in the 12th and the 9th two years from now.

    I’m keeping the following hitters; Lucroy, Miggy, Betts, Jose Reyes, K. Seager, Stanton, Polanco, Pompey, Pujols, Danny Santana.

    My SP are Kershaw, Zimmerman, Arrieta, Carrasco, Shoemaker, Giolito

    My closers are Kimbrel, Britton and Rodney.

    Looking pretty good to repeat?

  2. I’ve been listening to your podcast for 2 years now, and I love it. I do, however, disagree with your opinions about Chris Dickerson. Knowing that his home road splits are so drastic I think makes him easier to own. The Rockies have 7 weeks this season when they play either one or zero games at home. If you bench Dickerson for these weeks, he could end up being a top 10 OF once you add in the replacement level you would get during those weeks.

    Rod N.

  3. Hey Rich… Quick content question/potential idea. Can you recommend a good place to find information on real-time call ups? While I try to stay on top of it, sometimes I do lose out on a prospect on the MLB side because I didn’t realize he got the call.

    I know you have the next up list by team, but how much trouble would it be to add a call up alert to that section? 🙂

    Thanks for listening!

  4. what is the email address I send questions to for your podcast?

  5. 12 team mixed keeper – C/1B/2B/3B/SS/3x OF/Util. 1450 Innings. 25 roster spots and 3 DL.

    Must keep any 5 players to be slotted in rounds 1-5. Anyone else can be kept at a 3 round penalty. For example. Adam Eaton is drafted in the 18th rd. He can be kept the following year in the 15th and the 12th two years from now.

    my team is;

    C- Castro
    1b – Cuddyer
    2b – D. Gordon
    ss – Jose Reyes
    3b – Sandoval
    OF – Carlos Gonzalez
    OF- Melky Cabrera
    OF- G. Stanton
    Util – A. Eaton

    Bench – Seager, Aaron Hill, G. Polanco, Betts, Morneau

    SP – Kershaw, Jose Fernandez, Zimmermann, Haren, Estrada, Weaver,

    RP – Kimbrel, Grilli, Britton, Bellisario, Benoit, Wade Davis

    I’m near the top in all hitting categories except for Avg, where I’m middle of the pack. I’m near the top in Wins, near the bottom in saves and middle of the pack in K, ERA and WHIP. I’m in first place, with a lead that fluctuates between 3-8 pts. I just traded for Kimbrel and have the most points to gain in saves.

    Do I do this deal? The number in the brackets is the round the player can be kept next year.

    Stanton (10th), Melky (20th), Morneau (22nd), W. Davis (22nd) for Goldschmidt (top 5), Rios (top 5), G. Perkins (10th), Kipnis (12th), Lucroy (6th)

    Please note that I have 20 steals more than the 2nd place team in the steals category. A big hang up is that I feel Hill makes Kipnis redundant. Especially since I don’t need steals

    • Looks like a great team. Yeah, grabbing Kimbrel sounds great but who did you have to give up?

      • You didn’t answer my question.

        Do I do this deal? The number in the brackets is the round the player can be kept next year.

        Stanton (10th), Melky (20th), Morneau (22nd), W. Davis (22nd) for Goldschmidt (top 5), Rios (top 5), G. Perkins (10th), Kipnis (12th), Lucroy (6th)

        I traded McCuthen (top 5), Bonafacio (22nd), Javier Baez (top 5) for Kimbrel (8), Aaron Hill (9), Weaver (top 5).

        I hate giving up the best player in the deal. But had to in this case to get an elite closer. Having Stanton and Cargo in the OF already made it easier. And Melky, Eaton and Polanco battling for that 3rd spot is good too. And who knows, Betts might be up as an OF later this year as well.

      • Oh, sorry…I got confused.

        I actually like the Goldy side of this trade but as it relates to your team,your outfield just got really thin with Rios, Eaton, and Polanco? I’m not sure I would do that. Plus, what are you trying to accomplish with the trade? You needed a closer, so you gave up a lot for him…got it…we can debate the merits of that trade, but at least there was a purpose. With this one, do you have problems at 1B. 2B, and C. If so, yeah, that helps but at the price of your outfield. For this year, let’s face it Polanco is likely to struggle out of the gate…a beast long-term, but this year…I don’t know. That’s a gamble. Could you take the 1B, 2B, and C you are displacing and trade for depth in the outfield?

        Without more info…net, net…I like the trade stand alone for the Goldy side, but for your situation, I don’t.

  6. Still worried about Greg Holland?

  7. Mr. Wilson,
    Love the content. Would it be possible to include your prospect lists by position?

  8. Every serious dynasty league owner has to listen to this podcast! Rich and Tim are two of the most knowledgeable minor league player prognosticators on the net. It takes a few episodes to get used to their format / style / banter. However, once you get used to them, you will never miss an episode on Sunday night. Keep up the great work!

    PS – Stop getting so down on yourself lately Rich! You are still sporting a mighty fine average!

    • Thanks for the kind words. I bust on myself when I deserve it. Not picking up Cashner was bad when I was promoting him. Lawire…not looking to good. When I get it right, I’ll start crowing about it…LOL. thanks again for the kind words.

  9. Hi Rich,

    Just wanted to say – keep up the good work. Please do not ever change your podcast style. Especially to mimic the bafoonery that is at ESPN. Those guys are idiots.

  10. Thanks Rich! That’s exactly who I was thinking. Just wanted your advice.

    Thanks again!

  11. Hi Rich, what an awesome site you have here! Keep up the great work!

    Question for you. Most of the top prospects are protected in my keeper league. I have the 1st minor league pick. Who would you take between, Appel, Frazier, Mondesi, Odor or Rodon??

    Thanks for all your help!

  12. Everyone once in a while you happen upon a person(s) who pick you up and inspire you to do better in all that you partake. I recently discovered your podcast (3 months ago) after my dear wife left her used Iphone 5 to me and stole my upgrade 🙂 A blessing in disguise as I happened upon your podcast and it has renewed my enthusiasm for fantasy baseball. Not that I wasn’t enthused I just found it boring that most of the guys in our league use the same sources of information and this was something new. I am absolutely floored that you could put a site together with this much information for anyone to use free of charge. I want to thank you for this free resource and want you to know that I stand in awe of you and your body of work that is second to none. Thank you Mr. Wilson. If ever I find myself able to contribute to your body of work in any capacity, I will make it known to you as I would be honored to contribute to your endeavor. Its no wonder you guys have such loyal listeners. Simply awesome. Thank you.

    • Hey Brian, thanks for the kind words. Many people have told me to charge for my content and one day I just might but for now, it’ll continue to be available for free. Thanks for dropping me a line…much appreciated. RW

  13. Just heard this site on Sirius Fantasy Sports this morning, then checked out the site…..Great Stuff!!!!!……

  14. Rich, I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your work, both here and on the podcast. I really enjoy the shows and wanted you to know you are appreciated.

  15. Thank you for broadcasting your weekly fantasy baseball podcasts all year round! I think you and Tim put out the most informative podcast for aiding the fantasy player in competing for their league’s championship.

  16. Love the sight. New to fantasy baseball. I am intrigue by your rating scale of prospects. I assume that a level 6 player is pretty good. I may have missed it but do
    you have a site where they are ranked according to that scoring regardless of team or position? Same goes for 5 star players.

    • Hey John,

      The ranking system of stars is not terribly scientific. 5 stars is better than 4 which is better than 3. There are about 30 five star…another 40 four star, and 100-150 three stars. The Role is actually more of a pure baseball rating. Role 8 – HOF potential. Trout and Harper were 8’s. Role 7 are consistent all-star performers, just missing out on HOF. Role 6 is a first division player and occasional all-star. First division means that he is a top 15 player at his position. Role 5 are solid regular players and second division players (bottom 15 at position). Role 4 are extra bats, 4th outfielders, utility players. #1 starters are elite (think 10 players defined as three above average pitches with 2 being plus and plus command). Your Justin Verlanders, Felix Hernandez, etc. #2 are great (about the next 20 pitchers). #3’s are 30-40 players, #4/#5 are your back of the rotation starters. The Phil Hughes of the world. Hope that help.

  17. I just started listening to your podcasts and generally like the analysis/banter. But if I can offer a little constructive criticism – and I mean this not to be a jackass – but…you don’t have to address each other by name in every sentence (and sometimes twice)…Tim, I had to abandon your last podcast 15 mins in because, Tim, it was driving me crazy. What do you think Rich? Well Tim, I think he has a valid point Tim. Its really my only criticism – otherwise keep up the good work.

  18. Rich,

    I finally had the chance to check out this website. It is very informative and I compliment you on your educated insight. Being a Red Sox fan all my life,I particularly enjoyed your reviews of the “up and comers”. Jackie Bradley is getting a lot of favorable press in the Boston Globe this spring and could very well be in playing defense in front of the Green Monster this year.


    Jack McNulty

  19. Rich :

    am writing to compliment you for the wonderful podcasts .
    you did a terrific job with the “solo” show that you did , and since then i have become a devout listener (albeit in archives) .
    your player analysis , supported by your “scout-like” approach , is commendable .

    i cannot thank you enough for the joy that you have afforded me .

    intelligent … thought provoking … entertaining .

  20. Great work. I love this site. Keep up the good work

  21. Very nice site Rich.. solid work as always… all that is missing is a pic of the master.. “that be you”.. looking forward to our next face to face.. ciao for now.. john (bull durhams)

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