Dynasty League Constitution

Prospect361.com Dynasty League Rules


The following rules, regulations and bylaws will be adhered to by all managers in Prospect361.com Dynasty League (FP911DL#2, FP911DL#3, FP911DL#4, DL5).


  • 50 man roster (30 man MLB, a 20 man minor league roster and 5 DL Slot).
  • The active roster contains the following positions:

o   CX2

o   1B

o   2B

o   3B

o   SS

o   MI

o   CI

o   OFX5,

o   UT

o   Pitcher X9

o   ReserveX7

o   Minor LeagueX20

o   5 DL



  • $50 per year buy-in with a two-year commitment – meaning, you’ve got to pay $100 to join for a minimum of two-years. However, our goal is to keep the league alive for many years.
  • LeagueSafe.com will hold our money.
  • Payout is as follows:

1st:  $400

2nd: $250

3rd:  $100

  • In the event of a tie for the money payout, the money will be split evenly between the teams.


WEB HOSTING: The fees from CBS are approximately $150 per year and will be split equally across all league members).

FREE AGENCY TRANSACTIONS: There will NOT be a maximum limit to the number of free agency player additions for each team during the course of the season.  Once the season is over, free agency transactions will stop until the league office announces the opening of the free agency pool.


WAIVERS: Once dropped from a roster, all players will remain on waivers for a total of three (3) days. Once off waivers, players revert to free agency.

FAIR PLAY: All league-related transactions will be executed with the intent of improving the owner’s team and/or it’s standing within the league. No owner may drop or “dump” players from their team for any reason other than improving their own team and/or it’s standing within the league. No owner will engage in any action that may be deemed to be collusive (two or more owners agreeing to make moves that benefit one team, but not the other). No owner will make any roster moves (including waiver claims, trade proposals, etc.) whose sole purpose is to hamper the play of other owners.


  • The Leagues will be comprised of players from both the American and National leagues.
  • The Leagues will use weekly line-up changes.
  • Rosters must be set by the first game on each Monday. You do have the ability to lock a player into his roster spot five minutes before the start of his game.  However, if you have to drop players to make you team legal, this MUST be done before the first game of the week.  Otherwise, the commissioner will need to make the change.
  • Rosters must contain 23 active players weekly (14 batters and 9 pitchers), and every batting position must be filled. If you don’t have your roster set correctly in any way on any given night, you will have an “illegal roster” and will score no points for the week.


PARTICIPATION: “Dead” managers (managers who don’t respond to trades, keep their team current, etc.) will not be tolerated.  If a team is vacated in any way at any point during the calendar year, the league office will assume control of the team and its players until a replacement manager is found for the franchise.


LEAGUE OFFICE: The “league office” is comprised of two commissioners.

  • The office reserves any and all decision-making power regarding league matters.
  • Any league decision can be overturn by a league majority vote.


LEAGUE SETTINGS: No league setting changes will be changed after the draft. If there is a glaring error, any change will require league majority approval. Every effort will be made to NOT HAVE ANY RULE CHANGES AFTER THE DRAFT.



  • Roto league with standard 5/5 categories:
  • BATTERS: HR, RBI, BA, SB, Runs.
  • PITCHERS: W, SV, ERA, WHIP, K’s. DL2, DL3 and DL5 use a Bullpen category instead of the SV category.  Calculations is 2 points for a save and 1 point for a Hold.


DRAFT: In the dynasty leagues first year, the draft will be conducted as a slow draft with 8 hours for a team to make a selection.  While the team will be allocated 8 hours, the goal is for each team to NOT take 8 hours to make their selection.  The draft will start shortly after CBS opens their draft rooms in mid February.  Each subsequent draft will be conducted as a slow draft for new minor league and major league players currently available in the free agency pool.  The date of these drafts will be within the first two weeks after CBS opens their draft rooms in mid February.


DYNASTY: The League is a full-fledged dynasty league. Teams will retain their entire rosters from year-to-year, building and rebuilding via trades, free agency and the annual draft.

RE-ENROLLMENT: Managers who intend to return to the league are required to re-declare their enrolment by November 1. Those who fail to meet this deadline will have their league status terminated. Re-enrolment notices will be sent to each qualifying manager via e-mail prior to the deadline.

FUTURE DRAFTS All Dynasty Leagues future drafts will follow a draft order as follows: (15th place in previous year, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1st) for ALL rounds.  The draft format will continue to be a 12 hour slow draft format.

In the event of a tie for draft order, WHIP will be used as the tie-breaker.  If that results in a tie, Batting Average will be used.  If that results in a tie, ERA will be used.  If that results in a tie, a coin-flip will be used as the tie-breaker.


One of the major reasons you have elected to play in a dynasty league is to have the ability to draft exciting young players and then promote them during the season to your major league roster.  The following rules outline how and when you may promote players from your minor league roster to your major league roster:

  • You may promote prospects once they have met Major League Eligibility Status (MLES). MLES is defined as a player who has either made ONE major league at-bat OR has a 1/3 of an inning credited to their pitching stats.   Minor League players must remain on the Minor League roster until MLES is met.
  • Minor Leaguers who are promoted to their MLB team’s roster (or promoted and demoted several times) may remain on Minor League rosters until he crosses one of the following thresholds:

o   Position Players: 350 career MLB at-bats

o   Pitchers: 100 career MLB innings-pitched

Once a Minor Leaguer has crossed either of these thresholds, he MUST be transferred to the Major League roster immediately or be dropped to free agency.  Unfortunately, CBS does not provide an automated method to flag when a player has crossed these thresholds.  Therefore, it is the team GMs responsibility to keep tabs on their Minor Leaguers and promote them when required as described above. The league office obviously cannot keep detailed tabs on every Minor Leaguer; therefore, if the league office discovers (or if its attention is directed to) a situation where an offending Minor Leaguer has crossed a threshold without having been promoted, the league office will notify the team’s GM in writing to either promote the player or drop the player within 48 hours. When this notice is given, the GM may not use the luxury of the weekly lineup change to park an invalid minor league player in the next period’s lineup – they must resolve in 48 hours.  If no action is taken in 48 hours, the league office will remove the player from the team and make him a free agent.

  • Minor Leaguers who have crossed a threshold are considered MLB free agents. Once a player has exhausted his Minor League eligibility he may NEVER be placed on a Minor League roster again.
  • The signing of Minor League free agents becomes prohibited following July 31 annually. However, if a minor league player with ZERO AB’s or innings pitched and achieves MLES after July 31st and that player was NOT included in the current year MLB draft, that player may be picked up in FAAB. On the surface, this rule seems trivial but is in fact important as it keeps all new players added in the June amateur draft available for the Dynasty League’s annual draft the following year.
  • Minor League players must currently be signed with a Major League team in order to be picked up or drafted by a league owner.
  • Managers who wish to sign/draft a Minor League player not currently listed in the CBS player database may do so by notifying the league office in writing. The written request must contain the player’s name, which Major League team he is signed with and what position he currently plays. Email and private message timestamps will be used to determine who is awarded the free agent in the event two or more managers attempt to notify the league office simultaneously. This rule is important as CBS will not have every player signed to a minor league contract in their database and during the draft, there could be a player you want to draft that is not included.  If that occurs, send an email to the commissioner and that player will be manually added to your team.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the owner who acquires the player to continue to check to see if the player is added to the database.  If another owners claims that player once he is added and then that player is involved in a trade, the owner who originally claimed that player is NO LONGER THE OWNER.

MINIMUM INNINGS PITCHED: Teams are required to log no less than 700 innings pitched during the season.  If a team does not achieve 700 innings, they will be awarded a 1 in both the ERA and WHIP category.

TRADES: Managers are allowed to make trades all season until the trade deadline (Midnight, August 31st, eastern time). After the trade deadline, managers may not make any trades until exactly one week after the conclusion of the World Series. The league office will review all trades only.

  • The spirit of this league will be a NO VETO LEAGUE.
  • In egregious cases League office reserves the right to veto a trade.
  • The Veto may be overruled by a league majority vote.

Draft picks can be traded for the upcoming draft year only (i.e. after the 2014 draft concludes, you can trade draft picks for the 2015 draft). All trades involving draft picks must be posted on the League Message board so that it is documented.  The trading of draft picks are not allowed for the initial draft of a Dynasty League.

LEAGUE INTEGRITY: From time to time, an issue may surface that requires commissioner attention that no rule has been established to govern. The league office reserves the right to make decisions based on maintaining the integrity of the league when/if such issues arise.  Once again, any decision may be overturned with a league majority vote


POSITION ELIGIBILITY:  If a player has (20) games played last season at a particular position, or (10) games played in the current season at a particular position, he earns eligibility for that position.


ROSTER CUTS:   During the off-season, teams are allowed to carry more than the stated 50 man rosters, if they were acquired via trade or the draft. Extra players must be cut from rosters no later March 22nd.  If you fail to trim your roster by the deadline, the league office will cut players at its discretion.


STUPIDITY:  The league office will not show mercy for managers who make line up mistakes based on information provided by the web host or Major League Baseball. Specifically, GMs are responsible for keeping up with game schedules, doubleheaders, starting pitchers, etc. on their own. No line-up changes will be approved after the first game on Monday.


FREE AGENCY:   The free agency signing period for both Major and Minor League players begins during the first run of FAAB, which will be a week before the start of the season.  The date will be communicated by the commissioner. After July 31st (or the last FAAB before July 31st),  minor league players who do not have any major league service-time (defined as at least one AB or 1/3 of an inning pitched), may not be picked up.  However, after July 31st, if a minor league player is promoted to the majors and receives one AB or pitches at least a 1/3 of inning, they may be picked up through the FAAB process.  Under NO circumstances may a player drafted in the Major League Rule 4 draft who signs during the current year be picked up.  As an example: Carlos Correra was chosen as the top pick in the 2012 Rule 4 First Year Player draft.  He could not be picked up in-season and will therefore be made available for the 2013 draft.  Additionally, foreign players signed after the first FAAB run may not be picked up until the following year’s draft.

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