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Use this section to post all your questions on Dynasty Leagues, redraft leagues, or candidly, anything you want.

I’ll do my best to answer in a timely fashion.

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437 comments on “Ask 361

  1. Hey Rich!

    I keep waiting for you to talk about Yadier Alvarez. I’m really high on him. To put some perspective on the matter, where would he rank in your top 30 rookie prospect rankings that just came out? Maybe speak to his potential a bit more. He intrigues me.


  2. Hey Rich. I always ask you a question each year. ( FYI, Hunter Harvey is hurting me too…man..but I have 100 man minor league capacity so I’ll wait)

    Anyways, 40 man roster, standard scoring and all 8 fielding positions are used with 3 utility spotz, start 6 SP, 5RP. Points league with extra points for strikeouts, minus points for batter K’s aabs pitcher walk/hit,/ runs given up.

    I’m looking to put package together to acquire Arendeno (1200 points last year)and A. Reyes .

    The guy who owns him has been asking for Archer, Edwin Diaz, Anderson Espinoza , George springer.

    Too much? ( actually would sub in Harvey for Espinoza if he’ll bite at it)

  3. Hi Rich – Would Phil Bickford be in your Top 100 if he wasn’t suspended for 50 games. Is he worth keeping in a dynasty league?

  4. Hey Rich,
    In a 16 team points dynasty league, owners keep minimum 10 major leaguers and potentially up to 12, plus 3 minor leaguers each season.

    3 minor leaguer keeprs are set at Brendan Rodgers, Ian Happ and Eloy Jimenez
    10 major league keepers are FFreeman, Kipnis, CCorrea, KSeager, Benintendi, Betts, SMarte, Kershaw, DPrice and AReyes.
    If you want to keep an 11th and potential 12th keeper, you forgo 1st and 2nd round picks in a draft that takes place before the regular offseason draft. Guys that only keep 10 get a shot at drafting FAs before the clubs that kept 11 or 12.
    If you keep 11, you get a 2nd round pick there, if you keep 12, you don’t get any picks until the regular draft starts.

    Beyond the 10 I’m keeping above, I also have Maikel Franco, Taijuan Walker, Lance McCullers, ZBritton, Osuna, Luke Weaver and AConley. I’m almost certainly keeping Maikel Franco as an 11th, giving up that first draft pick. Are any of the other guys I have worth keeping as a 12th, in place of that second pick?
    Thanks – M.V.

  5. Hi Rich – 12 team 5×5 mixed with OBP
    I have Salazar under contract for $15 this year which is probably too high. I can trade him for either Devers or Robles (who would be on my farm team and not affect my team/draft this year).
    Do you think this is a move I should make, and if yes, which one would you recommend? Was leaning Robles. Thanks!

  6. Hi Rich – will you be doing a Dynasty League draft episode of the podcast this year? I love the show, and I download every Monday morning. However this was one of my favorites last season. I ended up spending my 1st pick in last year’s free agent draft on Andrew Benintendi thanks to you – and I now look very wise…thanks! Hope you’re doing another one.

  7. 12 teams, 10 keepers, keep players forever. 6×6 roto, 5×5 plus K’s for hitters and Holds for pitchers.

    My choices for keepers are — Betts, Bryant, Rizzo, Schwarber, Braun, J Upton, Abreu, Rendon, Bregman, Dahl, Russell, Mazara, Kershaw, Scherzer, and Darvish

    I’m going to try to swing a 2-for-1 or even 3-for-1 deal in order to consolidate some of that talent, but assuming I can’t pull that off, which of those 10 would you keep? There’s some really obvious ones in there, but the last few choices get tricky…at least for me.

    • Betts, Bryant, Rizzo, 3 pitchers are obvious ones.

      It gets very tough after that. I would keep Dahl and Bregman. If Schwarber has C elig then him too.

      I would pass on Rendon because you have Bregman. But they are close.

      I would pass on Russell even though hes probably going to be the first SS off the board not kept. Reason is because I’m seeing an influx of another wave of potentially better SS coming 2017 and 2018 – Crawford, Torres, Barreto, Albies (might lose SS), Adames, Rosario. Even if you keep Russell as a keeper you are still going to be in the back half of your league in SS keepers – Correa, Turner, Seager, Lindor, Story, Bogaerts, Machado, Villar maybe. Why sacrifice one of these other guys to be bottom half of your league at a position?

      Toss a coin between Abreu, Upton, Braun, Mazara…close my eyes and pick Abreu.

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