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507 comments on “Ask 361

  1. Hey Rich! trade question for you. Would you trade Andrew Benintendi for Acuna and Margot? This is a dynasty league with OBP and batter strikeouts.

  2. Hey fellow baseball/361 fans!!! Im a long time 361 follow but I’m not on Facebook so I can’t post this there. I’m looking for active manager that plays both fantasy baseball and fantasy basketball. I have an opening for my baseball league (for 2018 season) and for my basketball league (2017-2018) season. I will be happy to provide all the indepth details via email kg2126@yahoo.com . suffice is to say though both leagues are competitive and fun. The baseball league ecsp so. It’s a dynasty league where we keep all players (15 hitters/15 pitchers/10 bench plus 20 farm slots, which will expand to 25 next season) please email if interested. Please note you must take both teams over.

    • Hey guys! Thanks for the massive interest in the opening! I had a bunch of you email, and the openings have been filled. I’m likely going to have one additional opening on just the baseball side for 2018. So I’ll reach back out in December/January to get that filled. Super fun 10 team dynasty roto with deep rosters.

  3. I have been a fan of your site for a while now. I’m in a dynasty league with very deep minor league player ownership (16 teams x 25 players/team, 400 minor leaguers owned). In the past, you did a top 361 prospects list. It seems that in recent years you have only done top 100 lists. Did you stop doing the bigger lists, or is it around and I’m just missing it?

    I’d love to see another comprehensive top 361 list if you have one.

    • Thanks Kyle. I do Top 100 list and then I write Top 10s plus an emerging prospect for each team for a total of 330. They start to drop in October. I’ve never done a 361 prospect list.

      • Any chance you would do a comprehensive top 300 or 400 (or 361)? As an example, I’m looking for an easy way to compare the Twins 8th best prospect vs the Angels 5th best prospect vs the Marlins 6th best prospect. If not, still love your site.

      • I hear you…but, you know, I’m not sure I’m smart enough to compare down that far. So many variables. I might go 150, but 300 to 400 is really difficult

  4. Which Prospect do you prefer and is it close. Tyler O’Neil or Ryan McMahon.

  5. Hey Rich,

    Could you name a few prospects that look to be solid contributors in OBP? How about SB? Any that look to be solid in both? Thanks!

  6. Kyle Young is 7′ tall. He only touches the low 90s, but from what I read is 1) players say he releases the ball on top of them and 2) uber athletic multi-sport kid.
    Have you seen or heard of this kid? Seems like he’s still projectable and may have more velo in the tank.

  7. Rich,

    You had Franklin Perez (Houston) at #80 on your preseason rankings. After a very strong start at High A ball so far this season, what’s your best guess on his mid-season ranking and should we expect a promotion to AA before the end of 2017?

  8. Hi Rich,

    Addison Russel has been struggling this year and really hasn’t hit for avg at all in the majors. Has his outlook fallen at all? Where do you think his 5 category production settles as a pro? I am considering trading Manuel Margot for him in a dynasty league where almost 500 players are rostered. Any thoughts?

  9. Hey Rich! Would you trade Anthony Rizzo for Jake Lamb? (I have Rizzo) this is an OBP league that also uses offensive strike outs. Dynasty format with 40 man active roster(start 15 batters, 15 pitchers, and 10 man bench to use as we see fit)

  10. Have you seen or heard anything on Patrick Mazeika? Seems to have a good idea at the plate and power. Thank you

  11. Hi Rich –

    I’ve been on the Brandon Drury hype train beginning last year – and drafted him as a potential utility guy for this year knowing he’d be gaining 2nd base eligibility as well as having the carry over of OF and 3rd from last year. He has really struggled to get it going with the bat as far as extra base hits go in the early going here and seems as though his strikeout rate is astronomically high compared to last years campaign.Do you see him turning it around? Hernan Perez is a player that is available with similar eligibility and strength of team offense. If he can get regular playing time, is he capable of maintaining his offensive numbers form last year? Just curious what your take is here in a 16 team – 5 keeper league. Would be replacing Drury in the OF as I already have S. Castro and Kinsler at middle infield.

    Some other top players available this year based on points scored are Leury Garcia who I do not know much about and Choo who just seems like his better years are behind him.

    Thanks in advance!

    • He’s kind of doing what I thought. Very aggressive at the plate, decent contact rate with average pop. I’m thinking 12-15 home runs. His BABIP is .369, so that’s driving up his batting average, but he’s a .250 guy with average power and below average speed. So, he’s ok.

      Garcia is an interesting guy with more speed than Drury and a slightly better hit tool. While Garcia has 6 home runs, he’s probably a 12-15 HR guy as well. So, I guess I like him better.

      I would replace him as it’s a 5 keeper league and you’re not going to keep any of these guys. Choo, while old has been hot of late.

  12. Hey Guys,

    I’m new to the site and podcast but a very big fan of your opinions (love that Koda Glover call!). I actually had a question about league structure.

    Last year, two of my CBS dynasty leagues dissolved. One had been around for four years and the other for 12 years. In both leagues, I was in the middle of the pack near the trade deadline and I pulled off some big trades to help poise my team for future years (in one league I gave up Miggy, Frazier and Wacha for Bryant, Urias, and Glasnow). Then the leagues dissolved and I was heartbroken. One was resurrected but with so many new teams that we needed to start over. I’m commissioning another one. Both are set up as dynasty leagues but I’m worried that any trade with a long-term view could be wasted. Here’s my question:

    Have you heard of seen a league format that keeps team owners incentivized to stay in dynasty leagues year after year (aside from just love of the game)? I’ve thought about requiring deposits for future years or even requiring a five year down payment and an agreement to be in the league for five years. I just haven’t been able to find the right formula so I wanted to see if the experts had come across a superior structure.


    • Hey, thanks for finding our site.

      It’s a great question and one that I’ve struggled with as well. Fortunately, all of our leagues that we sponsor are going strong, but we have yet to hit the 12-year mark. 7 years is the longest.

      Here are some thoughts.
      1. I have found the key is having a pipeline of new players to replace guys that just need to drop out. I’ve had guys drop out for so many different reasons, it’s hard to pinpoint a trend, but I think – life gets in the way is the reality. I have a pipeline in our podcast but others have found a pipeline in our facebook page. I really don’t have anything to with it (probably why it’s successful) but there some really good players there. Get involved, post and exchange ideas and get a name for yourself. Then when you need to recruit, people will know you and want to join in. I’ve actually seen this happen a lot. It’s P361: The bullPen. Allen Savarinas runs it and does an amazing job. It’s very active.

      2. I’ve tried other things such as top three get the money and the fourth guy gets the first pick in next year’s draft.

      3. I’ve also run monthly contest such as whichever team gets the most home runs in August get $10 or a Starbucks card. Also, I’ve done a prize for the team that wins the second half. It’s a little work, but that seem to excite people.

      In the end, if people drop, I just add some new guys. Easy for me…but I would suggest the FB option again.


    • Hey figured I chime in since I’m a commish of a deep dynasty league on CBS. We are in year 4 and we do a couple of things to keep managers sticking around. First we require 2 years of payments, so the league always runs in 2 year cycles. Second we do a year prospect draft in the winter and the FAAB we use for it is tiered based upon reverse order finish. Both of these items have allowed us to have very consistent managers

  13. Hey Rich,

    I really appreciate your incite and expertise. I am in a league where about 90 sp’s are started each week and prob mlb 110 sp’s are owned at any given time. I have Taijuan Walker as a keeper in rd 18 next year and have an opportunity to flip him for Lewis Brinson keepable in rd 10. Our keeper cost inflates a round each year. Is Brinson’s upside worth the loss in rd value?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I love both players but would not be surprised if Brinson struggles out of the gate as he’s got a little Keon Broxton in him. I think we will find out soon, maybe if the Ryan Braun injury keeps him out for significant time. Mid-June is on the way.

      That said, I don’t think it’s worth the 8th round premium you have to pay, plus, while I still love the upside of Brinson, I think he drops in value before eventually reaching his potential.

  14. Is Dilson Herrera still relevant? Time to cut bait in a dynasty league? Also an Astro Deetz got some love in BA a few good quotes from Luhnow. Anything there??

  15. I know it’s still early and sample size is small, but is Franklin Barreto showing anything new? Does he have higher upside now? mainly referring to his bat. thanks

  16. A few podcasts ago you went on a visit to see Mitchell White however you didn’t mention his outing? Hope to hear your thoughts on him? Ceiling SP3?

    • There was a lot to like. Good size, a fastball that sat 93 to 94 and touched 96, a plus slider, an average curve that he worked on most of the night and finally, impressive mound presence. Looked like he belong.

      He had no control that night. Two hit batters, tons of balls and got hit hard. Control was a 30 and command was not present at all. That said, there’s something there and a solid prospect. A number three or even a two starting pitcher.

  17. Nick Pivetta looked good in his AAA debut last season and then he struck out 24 in 19IP to start this season at AAA to get the call-up for Nola.
    Is there something here that’s new?
    I can’t believe we let you get Mahle who has 2 no hitters in the last year including a perfect game. #wow

  18. Thoughts on Gausman in a dynasty league? Just a bad run or just not a good pitcher?

    • The breaking pitch has just not developed. Love the arm, but until he adds that third pitch, he’ll be inconsistent. That said, there is still a lot to like and I’m still hanging in. Its frustrating though.

  19. In a dynasty and my starting 2B is Steve Pearce. Would you do Brandon Drury for Robbie Ray?

  20. Who would you rather own and why: Matt Manning or Taylor Trammell?

  21. Hi RW,
    I have the first two minor league picks in an NL only 4×4 roto league. Which two would you pick out of Cody Bellinger, Amed Rosario, Ozzie Albies, or Lew Brinson?


  22. Rich,

    I was offered Alex Reyes for Hunter Renfroe and Grant Holmes. Which side do you prefer? I do have some depth at OF (20 team dynasty): Polanco, Piscotty, Pederson, Bruce, and Peralta.

    • That feels like a 95% value for me and as much as I love Reyes, he just had TJ Surgery and that just too much risk on him to pay top dollar. I just can’t give up Renfroe for him given the uncertainty of his health situation.

      • Hey Rich, I need 2B help, currently the always injured Devon Travis is my starter in a 20 team dynasty. Was offered Altuve for Orlando Arcia, Walker Buheler, Jack Flahtery, and Devon Travis. Thoughts? I have depth with Seager and Siemien at SS.

      • It’s a lot of young talent to give up, but I would be comfortable making that deal. It is Altuve.

  23. What are your thoughts on Profar? What’s his future 5 category ceiling, most likely seasonal production baseline, chances he is a mediocre or worse fantasy asset?

    I scooped him up when he was injured a few years back. This year I kept him in round 38 of 40 in a deep keeper league. Cost to keep moving forward will be 1 round per year and our inflation has reached the point that by the end of round 2 we are outside the top 60 or so ranked players. Our draft is more about filling holes and finding prospects than building a full starting. It’s also worth noting that if he has a solid season this year I could probably trade him for a top 20 overall player +, near the trade deadline.

    I can probably move him for a top 30ish sp right now, my rotation is solid but a top 30 sp would def intiely improve it and am trying to figure out if it is worthwhile. Knowing his potential outcomes from someone with your scouting skills would be a huge advantage in evaluating deals.

    Thanks in advance,

  24. I was wondering if you can give me a couple position players that are sleepers beyond your top 100 that you really like

  25. In a 12 team mixed dynasty league (10 keepers each year), but also where we get to stash two prospects, my friend sniped me in the draft of Eloy Jimenez and I got Brendan Rodgers as a consolation prize. I know you have Rodgers higher on your prospect rankings, but who do you think has the long term higher ceiling? Are they comparable enough that I shouldn’t beat myself up for not picking Jimenez sooner? (I am a cubs fan lol) Thanks.

  26. Keeper question. NL only 4X4 15 player keeper league, 23 total roster. $260 budget. I currently have 16 players I am thinking about keeping, my active salary is $160. Ryu is pitching well and I have him at a decent $8 would you keep him? Also I have 3 players available at the short stop position Owens $12, Arcia $5, Mercer $2. I can move Owens to the oufield but even though $2 Mercer isn’t sexy, hard to drop at that price. What do you think? Also knebel at $4, looks good this spring not sold on Feliz, should i drop and just try and redraft for cheaper? I would like to have enough cake to buy a Arenado, blackmon, etc..

    Need an outside view thanks

    • I’m probably too late…sorry, your question got buried. I would not keep Ryu at $8 even though he looks better. That’s 5% of your budget and it has been ugly the last two years. I like Arcia the best of your shortstops. Knebel could be thrown back but I do like him long-term, but $4 seems high. how much does Zack Burdi cost?

  27. Hey Rich,

    I have a keeper question. I can keep two of the following SPs at these values forever: Archer 9th, McCullers 11th or Velasquez 25th. How would you rank those?

    Also would you rather keep Polanco 13th, Moncada 24th or Dahl 25th? Thanks and love the podcast.

    • Archer and McCullers. The injury risk on VV is too high, although I get that the same can be said about mcCullers but he’s the better pitcher.

      The batter question is more difficult. Love GP but DD at 25th or even Moncada at 24th is alluring. I think GP is going to break out in a big way, so my thoughts are there, however, Dahl is real nice value and if/when Moncada learns to close up his holes, he’ll be better than both of those guys. Still, GP is the safe pick and at a 13th round value, I think there is plenty of value.

  28. HEY Rich, thanks for all the help you give, question, Ima. Vaccumm, in addition to Moncada what kind of compensation would you require to give up Archer. Points league, dynasty, keep forever.

    • Not much more than that. Moncada is a top prospect, #2 for me…and he should be the key guy…maybe a top 150 prospect to sweeten the pot but i wouldn’t go much more than that.

      • Interesting, i guess it’s just hard for me to give up a proven commodity who is in his prime (28 yo) for a prospect. Especially being a rangers fan and seeing prospect after prospect after prospect be average to horrible haha profar, Gallo, olt.

      • But you know better than I do, thank you sir

  29. Which would you rather have in an AL only keeper league, 5×5 w/ k/9. Manaea at 5 or Gausman at 2? Also, are any of these keepers….Healy 10, J. Polance 10, Matt Duffy 10, Smyly 10.

  30. Your show is great, but my 10 year old complains when I make him listen along with me.

    I’m in 6×6 (walks and QS) keeper league where you can keep guys for 5 years. I can keep up to 6 guys and I need some help! I have Trout, Carlos Correia, A.J. Pollock, J.D. Martinez, McCutchen, Segura, Bumgarner, Verlander, and Darvish.

    I’m thinking about keeping Trout, Correia, Pollock, Bumgarner, Verlander and Darvish. I’d love your advice.


    • Kids…hmmm…lol.

      Yeah, I think I would do the same thing. Good luck…great start to your squad

      • To be fair, my 12 year old son likes the show. (Unlike his little brother.) He does get a bit confused by my laughter at the bad puns.

        I got any and traded Pollock and McCutchen for draft picks. I now need to choose from J.D. Martinez and Segura as my 6th keeper.

        Also, how the heck do I get into the interactive chat room during your broadcast?

  31. I’m new to your site this year and it’s great! Keep up the solid work.

    I need to pick up 1 rookie for my 16 team keeper league. It is 9×9 category h2h. Batting categories are: AVG, R, HR, RBI, SB, OPS, BB, TB, XBH.

    I’m deciding between these available players for my rookie keeper:


    My question: Out of the players above, would you bump up any of them with these scoring parameters I have mentioned?


    • Thanks Steven. The wild card in your list is Robles, who could be the best of the group. Bellinger is the right pick at #1 based on how close he is to the majors and his overall skills. He also gets the nod because BB is a category. He would be my choice but in 3 years, Robles might pass him. Kid could be really good but could also fall into a Byron Buxton type of funk once he hits advanced pitching.

      My list would be Bellinger, Torres, Robles, Brinson, and Albies

  32. Hey rich need some advice. Would you trade either Carlos Martinez or Jose Quintana for Rafael Devers? I don’t particularly need another young bat. I already have Mookie, Lindor, Benintendi, Addison Russell plus Eloy Jimenez and Corey Ray in the minors. I’m also deep at pitching too, so I could absorb the loss of one of those arms. So knowing all that would you do it? My league is a roto league that uses QS and OBP. Thanks!

  33. In addition to my question below…could one of these guys be Lazarito? Gotta figure “Cuban Bryce Harper” was given that name for something?

  34. Hi Rich,

    I’m in a 14team 5×5 keeper league (each team keeps 5 players max) and contemplating whether or not to keep Alex Reyes on my DL for the entire season given his potential upside. I drafted him in the 19th rd last season and that rd value would remain the same for this season, but drops by two rounds each consecutive year after. My other options would be to keep Lance McCullers in the 12th rd or Alex Colome in the 18th.

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.

  35. Hey Rich, been listening for almost 2 years! Let me ask you a question. Dynasty start up, active draft almost over, prospect draft starts next week. 10 rounder. I need to know some deep prospects (150 or lower in ranking) that have highest chance of being big time stash names next year.

    • These are hard questions. I like a lot of guys. Clearly Maitan is one of them. Ronald Acuna from the Braves. Dodgers Walker Beuhler. Forrest Whitley from the Astros and Tyler Mahle from the Reds.

      Hope that helps

  36. Hey Rich!

    I keep waiting for you to talk about Yadier Alvarez. I’m really high on him. To put some perspective on the matter, where would he rank in your top 30 rookie prospect rankings that just came out? Maybe speak to his potential a bit more. He intrigues me.


  37. Hi Rich – in a new dynasty league, would you prefer to have Cody Bellinger or Nick Senzel? I feel like they’re pretty equal talent-wise, but Bellinger may contribute 1 year sooner.

  38. Hey Rich. I always ask you a question each year. ( FYI, Hunter Harvey is hurting me too…man..but I have 100 man minor league capacity so I’ll wait)

    Anyways, 40 man roster, standard scoring and all 8 fielding positions are used with 3 utility spotz, start 6 SP, 5RP. Points league with extra points for strikeouts, minus points for batter K’s aabs pitcher walk/hit,/ runs given up.

    I’m looking to put package together to acquire Arendeno (1200 points last year)and A. Reyes .

    The guy who owns him has been asking for Archer, Edwin Diaz, Anderson Espinoza , George springer.

    Too much? ( actually would sub in Harvey for Espinoza if he’ll bite at it)

  39. Hi Rich – Would Phil Bickford be in your Top 100 if he wasn’t suspended for 50 games. Is he worth keeping in a dynasty league?

  40. Hey Rich,
    In a 16 team points dynasty league, owners keep minimum 10 major leaguers and potentially up to 12, plus 3 minor leaguers each season.

    3 minor leaguer keeprs are set at Brendan Rodgers, Ian Happ and Eloy Jimenez
    10 major league keepers are FFreeman, Kipnis, CCorrea, KSeager, Benintendi, Betts, SMarte, Kershaw, DPrice and AReyes.
    If you want to keep an 11th and potential 12th keeper, you forgo 1st and 2nd round picks in a draft that takes place before the regular offseason draft. Guys that only keep 10 get a shot at drafting FAs before the clubs that kept 11 or 12.
    If you keep 11, you get a 2nd round pick there, if you keep 12, you don’t get any picks until the regular draft starts.

    Beyond the 10 I’m keeping above, I also have Maikel Franco, Taijuan Walker, Lance McCullers, ZBritton, Osuna, Luke Weaver and AConley. I’m almost certainly keeping Maikel Franco as an 11th, giving up that first draft pick. Are any of the other guys I have worth keeping as a 12th, in place of that second pick?
    Thanks – M.V.

  41. Hi Rich – 12 team 5×5 mixed with OBP
    I have Salazar under contract for $15 this year which is probably too high. I can trade him for either Devers or Robles (who would be on my farm team and not affect my team/draft this year).
    Do you think this is a move I should make, and if yes, which one would you recommend? Was leaning Robles. Thanks!

  42. Hi Rich – will you be doing a Dynasty League draft episode of the podcast this year? I love the show, and I download every Monday morning. However this was one of my favorites last season. I ended up spending my 1st pick in last year’s free agent draft on Andrew Benintendi thanks to you – and I now look very wise…thanks! Hope you’re doing another one.

  43. 12 teams, 10 keepers, keep players forever. 6×6 roto, 5×5 plus K’s for hitters and Holds for pitchers.

    My choices for keepers are — Betts, Bryant, Rizzo, Schwarber, Braun, J Upton, Abreu, Rendon, Bregman, Dahl, Russell, Mazara, Kershaw, Scherzer, and Darvish

    I’m going to try to swing a 2-for-1 or even 3-for-1 deal in order to consolidate some of that talent, but assuming I can’t pull that off, which of those 10 would you keep? There’s some really obvious ones in there, but the last few choices get tricky…at least for me.

    • Betts, Bryant, Rizzo, 3 pitchers are obvious ones.

      It gets very tough after that. I would keep Dahl and Bregman. If Schwarber has C elig then him too.

      I would pass on Rendon because you have Bregman. But they are close.

      I would pass on Russell even though hes probably going to be the first SS off the board not kept. Reason is because I’m seeing an influx of another wave of potentially better SS coming 2017 and 2018 – Crawford, Torres, Barreto, Albies (might lose SS), Adames, Rosario. Even if you keep Russell as a keeper you are still going to be in the back half of your league in SS keepers – Correa, Turner, Seager, Lindor, Story, Bogaerts, Machado, Villar maybe. Why sacrifice one of these other guys to be bottom half of your league at a position?

      Toss a coin between Abreu, Upton, Braun, Mazara…close my eyes and pick Abreu.

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