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  1. Rich,

    I was offered Stanton and a 3rd round pick for Gregory Polanco and Orlando Arcia in a 20 team dynasty league. I have depth at SS (seager/seimen) and my OF options are (bruce, piscotty, pederson, renfroe, and peralta). What do you think? Deal or no deal? Who is better long term?

  2. Rich,

    I was offered Brendan Rodgers, Joey Gallo, Francis Martes Travis Shaw a 2017 1st round pick and my choice of Aaron Nola or Tanaka for Nolan Arenado. I am getting a haul, but I am worried I am getting a bunch of what if’s and Tanaka. I have Devers in my system as well for 3B of the future. Do you take this trade? I am leaning yes but I am worried I am over thinking it. I posted a similar trade a few days ago but he added Tanaka so I am really unsure. Pitching is not my strong point but Arenado is a potential top 3 player in fantasy.


  3. Enjoy the podcast! I am in a keeper league and need to decide on my last 4 players. 12 teams and I already plan to keep Betts, T. Turner, Bumgarner, Polanco, Schwarber and Carlos Martinez. My choices are Kinsler, Longoria, Hendricks, Hamels, Baez, Kh. Davis, Kimbrel, Porcello, Fullmer, Stroman, Betances and Roark. H toH league with lots of categories.


    Mike in Chicago

  4. How do walk and contact rates translate as players move up through the minors to the majors?

    • It’s a good question and one that I’ve never studied with real data, BUT, I would suggest that both early in a big league career, the walk and contact rates translate well. Players do improve their plate patience and therefore, usually improve their walk rates. Also, you can see a dip in contact in the first 500-1000 at-bats in the big league but usually an ability to hit and make contact will translate well in the long run.

  5. Hey Rich do you have a list of your own rankings for the 2016 amateur draft players?

  6. Rich,
    Are you planning on doing a top 30 or so list (or podcast) for dynasty league rookie drafts? This has been great content when you have done it in the past.

  7. Rich,

    Thanks for this great work. In an OBP league are there a couple of prospects that you would move up or down? Put differently, is there anyone down on the list that you would be more inclined to target, or is there anyone higher up on the list that you would be more included to pass on? Thanks.

  8. Hey Rich,

    I got an interesting offer today

    25 ML 20 MiL 5 Mil redraft each year

    I was offered:
    Brendan Rodgers, Joey Gallo, Travis Shaw, Francis Martes His 1st round pick next year and my choice of Zack Wheeler/Taijuan Walker/Trevor Bauer

    I lose Nolan Arenado

    I am assuming I should do this, I have Schoop and Devers behind Arenado with Profar Bregman and Turner at 3B eligible, if you agree I guess my question is who do I pick at SP which is where I am hurting the most?

  9. Happy New Year Rich! So proud to tell you that after 25 years of futility, I finally broke through the curse and won my league. Much of the credit goes to you. Thanks,

    It is an AL only (5×5+BB) dynasty format and I somehow managed enough offense despite having started the season with Tex and Prince as my starting !B/DH. Prince was also my only back up at 1B until Brad Miller qualified there late in the season. I used guys like Rua for short stretches. I am now set at DH with K Davis but with Miller rumored to be moving to 2B after the Forsythe trade, I may have a hole at 1B again after the All-Star break (pos. eligibility changes in our leagues after the ASG).I haven’t cut Rua yet and I have K Vargas as well. I also have Healy who may or may not get time at 1B, My farm has Casey Gillaspie and Rowdy Tellez, because you told me they would be good (LOL). Is Gillaspie ready to be the starting 1B for the Rays by the All-Star break? I also wonder if Adames will take over at 2B sometime in ’17 and how that will effect Miller and Gillaspie.

    Should I be looking at someone like Vogelbach as a first round choice in this upcoming draft over guys like Y Gurriel, L Gurriel, Thornburg, Holliday, Duffy, Cashner, R Lopez, Ramos (Gattis is my only catcher if Wieters signs with NL team)?

    Thanks for your time and input. It has been invaluable to me!

  10. Hey Rich!

    Roto 12 teamer keep 4 ($7 inflation from last year or $13 for FAs)

    Arenado – $33 (kept for $26 last year)
    Bryant – $31 (kept for $24 last year)
    Correa – $20 (kept for $13 last year)
    Verlander – $14 (drafted for $7)
    Darvish – $18 (drafted for $11)
    Aaron Sanchez – $8 (drafted for $1)

    FAs $13 – Gary Sanchez , Benintendi, Dahl, Bregman

  11. Hello Rich, thanks for the help as always.

    If you had to name 3 low top 100 prospects that get a bump in OBP, who would you say?

    Bradley and Vogelbach are already gone.

    Thanks man

  12. Hey Rich,

    David Dahl and Andrew Benintendi appear to be a very similar style of player: each with 20/20 potential, both 22 years old, both in great offenses. Who do you like better going forward and why?

    • AB has a better hit tool and more power than Dahl. I think therefore the upside is much higher. I do like Dahl a lot and Coors will help his power and overall offensive game but pound for pound, AB has the higher upside.

  13. Keep schwarber for 1 year or bregman for 2 years? Points league. Thanks

  14. Rich – how much value does Javy Baez carry in a 12-team dynasty league (keep forever) at this point? Another owner has offered me Joe Ross + Tommy Joseph for Baez. Feels a little light, but I keep going back and forth on it.


  15. In a dynasty with a $325 salary cap last year up to $375 this year with $5 inflation on players. Keep as many as you want or throw back to the pool but must not exceed cap in auction or reg season. 8 minor league bench spots who are all subject to inflation.

    I just pulled off a trade, tell me if you like it.

    I gave away:

    Correa – $47 (one of the highest price tags in the league – arrieta, bautista thrown back at around $30 for example. I’m keeping Altuve at $41 for perspective).
    Glasnow – $21
    Cotton – $6

    There was chance that I threw all 3 of these back in the player pool before the season.

    I receive:
    Gleybor Torres – $7
    Kopech – $6

    I like it but not sure if the players I get will be valuable until they get to $12 and $11 next season.

    • Love Torres and you should see him in 2018. Same with Kopech. As you know, I’m a CC fan but that’s a hefty price tag and a good salary dump by you to get two upside players in exchange.

      • Thank you. As soon as i heard you talk about both these guys you sold me. Went out and made the offer and am happy with the return.

        Also, I don’t have twitter or facebook so what is the best way to get in touch … do you have any leagues to join?

  16. 12 team H2H 5×5 categories – 8 keeper keep based on round drafted, moving up 1 round every year. Play 2x C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, UTIL, 4x OF, 4SP, 2RP, 2P. If you have 2 players in the same round, one must move up a round. FAs are round 20. 30 man rosters.

    I am thinking these 5 are locks:

    Bryant – 5
    Correa – 19
    G. Sanchez – 20
    Story – 24
    Bregman – 20

    Then I need to choose 3 more:

    Springer – 2
    Blackmon – 2
    Kluber – 2
    Alex Reyes – 20
    Salazar – 26
    Sano – 18
    Dahl – 20
    Margot – 20
    Dozier – 4
    Odor – 4
    Peraza – 29
    AJ Reed – 22

  17. 11 team roto 8 keeper (BB, CG stats). No price tag on keepers


    should I substitute any of them for any of these players on my roster:
    Wil Myers
    Jon Lester

    I am considering dropping Posey for one of them.

    • Nice keepers. I think I would exchange Springer for Bregman or Myers

      • Thanks for the reply. I can see that for sure, but there are no CI, MI options in the league….its 3 OF 1 util…so i have my entire infield on lockdown…Springer would be the best OF by far back into the free agent pool with probably the likes of Bautista and Trumbo kept too (oh I forgot I also have Trevor Story so any of those 3 would be my uitl)…so it makes it tough to pass Springer here even though I agree (and you are scaring me) about the CBY comps. However, I don’t think these comps are necessarily fair if Springer is assured to hit in front of or around the ABC trio (altuve/bregman/correa) which makes him a lock for stud RUNs scored

  18. Hi Rich, loved the show this week. What was the name of the Rockies’ 16 year-old Badler comped to Miggy?

    • Hi Rich, is there a way to check out archived write ups on prospects you have covered? I was looking back for the Dodgers Top 10 2015 prospects to see what you thought of Joc Pederson at the time, and when I clicked the link, it took me to the 2017 version.


  19. Hey Rich!

    Who has the brighter future: Jahmai Jones or Ronald Acuna?


  20. Hey Rich, I’m looking for some value at the end of my draft. Who are the betterer long term prospects out of this list? Taylor Trammell, Robert Gsellman, Luis Almanzar, Thomas Szapucki, Lourdes Gurriel or Bo Bichette?

    • Trammell has the highest upside but the biggest chance to bust. Bichette is an interesting name as he’s gotten a lot of helium. I’ve never seen him play. Gsellman will see time today and is the lowest risk on the list. Szapucki is also a great name with nice upside. So, highest upside and a complete roll of the dice is Trammell. If you want to go safe, it’s Gsellman, otherwise, I’d go Bichette…blend of upside and security.

      • Thanks! Really appreciate your quick response. I’m high on the Mets pitchers as well. I’ve been also been offered Amed Rosario for Orlando Arcia. Does one of them stand out to you over the other?

  21. I’m in a 16 team dynasty league where each team can have up to 60 milb players so as you can imagine, it’s deep.

    I have a pick and I’m trying to choose between Gsellman, Franklyn Perez and Juan Soto. Who would you choose? I have no needs so it’s strictly who will be the best.

  22. Hey Rich, 12 team 5×5 standard scoring with 3 keepers kept at previous years draft spot for a max of 3 seasons
    Which 3 should I go with?
    Pollock round 21 (1 year)
    Desmond round 10 (2 yr)
    Porcello round 21 (2yr)
    Bregman undrafted (2yr)
    G. Sanchez undrafted ( 2yr)

    I lean pollock, Bregman, and Sanchez, thinking Bregman may have more return than porcello Over a 2 year stretch

  23. We have our MIL draft next week. Can you rank these prospects in order for a Dynasty League with these categories R,HR,RBI,SB,TB,AVG,OPS,W,SV,K,HLD,ERA,WHIP,QS

    Mickey Moniak
    Corey Ray
    Kyle Lewis
    Jason Groome
    Nick Senzel
    Mitch Keller
    Kevin Maitan
    Ronald Acuna

    • Sorry, my consolidated list doesn’t come out for 3 to 4 weeks. I like them all but in that list, love Keller, Senzel and Ray the most.

      • Interesting, Thank you so much for the quick response. I’ve been in major rebuild mode and have 3 of the top 6 picks this year. Is Keller a top 30 – 40 overall prospect? Also, my only hesitation on Senzel is that I have Devers already in my prospect pool. What’s the ceiling for Acuna?

      • Love Keller. Yes, a top 40 prospect…I think. After playing in several DLs for years, I believe in getting the best player…period. You can trade from strength and guys move around. Devers could move to first after a while. I like Acuna and suggest you read the emerging write-up on him. No where close to the prospect that Senzel is. In fact, you might have to turn in your prospect card if you took him over Senzel…LOL.

      • Hah Keller and Senzel it is then. Assuming Ray is off the table then (have a feeling he won’t fall to me at number 6), who would be next up?

  24. Rich,

    I hope you had a great holiday, and are off to a fantastic 2017. I have a team building question. I have taken over a dynasty team and have the 1.1 and 1.5 picks in the upcoming supplemental draft. I have no pitching and no OF, and am clearly unable to compete with the top four teams in the league. When rebuilding, do you go for a guy Like Senzel, who is closer and appears to be a bit safer, or a guy Like Maitan who could be a generational guy from many reports, but is much further away. I dont have the stomach to build around prep arms so I’m looking strictly at bats and aquiring the best assets.

    Thanks, as always you are appreciated!!!


  25. Hey Rich, I have the 2nd pick in my MiL draft this year, I am weak at 1B and P

    1B I have: Bird and DJ Peterson, with Profar and Solarte as position eligible
    SP I have: Alex Reyes, Steven Wright , Yordano Ventura, Vince Velasquez ,Jon Gray, Jake Thompson, Jose Berrios, Drew Smyly, Jesse Hahn, Amir Garrett, Carson Fulmer

    League is 25 ML 20 MiL, I’ve been debating for 2 or 3 weeks between Cory Bellinger orJason Groome (assuming neither go 1st pick tomorrow). Hoping you can settle my internal debate, thank you!

  26. Hi Rich,

    I’m in a 20 team 6×6 (non standard categories are OBP and SLG + K-BB and Holds) roto dynasty. I’ve been in a deep rebuild for the last two years. I was just offered Manny Margot for Jon Gray straight up. My current rotation is as follows:

    1. Darvish
    2. Reyes (Alex)
    3. McCullers
    4. Gausman
    5. Taillon
    6. Fulmer (Michael)
    7. Gray (Jon)
    8. Skaggs
    9. Heaney

    My current OF (start 5) is as follows:

    1. Polanco (Gregory)
    2. Buxton
    3. Dahl
    4. Empty
    5. Empty

    I’ve got the following MiLB OF as well:

    1. Brinson
    2. Tapia
    3. Winker

    In a vacuum without the above contextual factors, do you like Margot or Gray more going forward? If it’s Margot, would you pull the trigger given the factors above?

    Thanks a lot rich for all of your work! Hope you and your family have a Merry Christmas.

    • I’m a big fan of Manny Margot but given your scoring cats, he’s less valuable. He doesn’t walk and therefore, his OBP will not be high, plus his SLG will likely be in the .350-.370 range. Gray, will help you in the K-BB cat. Feels like the better play is Gray to me, but I would understand any hesitation given his home park. I do think things are pointing up for him, even with Coors.

  27. In a 10 team auction league every team keeps 3, trout/bregman or harper/villar. Offered this deal both duos relatively same price to keep

  28. Rich,

    Thanks for all you and Tim do for us fans. I had asked you this question last year around all star break but I think trea’s year may have changed some things.

    H2h points league. -1 for SO and 1 for SB. The rest of hiring points are pretty standard. 1 point for each base, run, RBI.

    Keep 2
    Trea turner (2 years keeper eligibility)
    Alex Bregman (2 years)
    Kyle Schwarber (1 year)

    Machado is one of my “forever” keepers but I still think Turner is most valuable of the bunch at this point. I think it’s Turner/Bregman but would appreciate any of your thoughts.


  29. Hey Rich,

    I was offered Naquin and Lucroy for Brinson and my first round pick (#2 pick). Pick would have been toward SP or C, league is 25 ML 20 MiL with a yearly 5 round draft. He wanted Devers, i said no he changed to Brinson now i am not sure what to do. My team is :

    25 Man Roster:

    1 Yangervis Solarte
    2 Jason Kipnis
    3 Jurickson Profar
    4 Alex Bregman
    5 Jake Lamb
    6 Jonathan Schoop
    7 Christian Yelich
    8 Marcell Ozuna
    9 Stephen Piscotty
    10 David Dahl
    11 Joc Pederson
    12 Nolan Arenado
    13 Trea Turner

    14 Vince Velasquez
    15 Jon Gray
    16 Jake Thompson
    17 Alex Reyes
    18 Steven Wright
    19 Jose Berrios
    20 Yordano Ventura
    21 Jesse Hahn
    22 Drew Smyly

    23 Sam Dyson
    24 Brandon Kintzler
    25 Arodys Vizcaino

    Minor League Roster:

    1 DJ Peterson
    2 Rafael Devers
    3 Max Pentecost
    4 Austin Meadows
    5 Amir Garrett
    6 Lewis Brinson
    7 Dalton Pompey
    8 Gabby Guerrero
    9 Blake Swihart
    10 Carson Fulmer
    11 Tyler Stephenson
    12 Pierce Johnson
    13 Greg Bird
    14 Jacob Nottingham
    15 Yoan Moncada

    Thank you Rich!

  30. Hey Rich,

    I have two separate questions that I was hoping you’d be able to answer:

    League settings: full dynasty, no restrictions, 35 man rosters, H2H 5×5 (OBP, Runs, RBI, HR, SB, & QS, ERA, WHIP, K, SVHLD)

    1. How should I value Roberto Osuna? I am currently rebuilding and see Osuna as one of my more valuable pieces. He’s a 22 year old that is dominating now. I see him as the next K-rod, but I’m receiving offers on him (Osuna for Josh Bell) and I’m tempted to sell on a good RP. Thoughts?

    2. When your Top 10 Yankees list came out I was sorely disappointed to not see Domingo Acevedo, Ian Clarkin, or Wilkerman Garcia. I assume this is simply because a lot of good prospects have been added to the NYY system and pushed these three further down. What are your thoughts on Acevedo, Clarkin, and Garcia going forward?

    Sorry for the long post. Love the website and the podcast. Cheers!

    • I would much rather have Josh Bell.

      The Yankees system was very deep and that’s primarily the reason the Acevedo didn’t make it. Love the arm and the size. Wilkerson was the next in line of the three but had a terrible year. Still think he turns it around, but there is clearly work to be done. Clarkin also had a meh year as well. Probably profiling as a back-of-the-rotation guy.

  31. Hey Rich,

    In my 20 team dynasty I was offered Glasnow, Markakis, & L. Torrens for my K. Hendricks, Wieters, & Pence. I’m rebuilding, and my strength is my young pitching. I’d love to add Glasnow to that mix, but I’m hesitant to accept the deal. What would you advise?

  32. Hi Rich, great work on the podcast…I’m in a 15 team standard 5×5 root league. Considering the following offer: My Moncada($1) and Jackie Bradley Jr. ($1) for Brandon Rogers $3, Josh Bell $3 and Margot $3. All players can be kept for 3 years with the exception of Rogers who’s clock hasn’t started.

    • Tough call. I just don’t believe JBJ repeats. Moncada is a beast-in-waiting but needs another year of grooming. Bell is ready and so is Margot. The budget has me worried. I’m assuming $100 budget, so $2 for both JBJ and YM is just too good to pass up. I would stick where I am…it’s close though and BR could be the difference maker, but he’s still 2-3 years away.

  33. I’m involved in a dynasty AL only computer baseball league. We use stats from previous year to play 162 simulated games. Long and short of it, draft pool consists of AL rookies/players not drafted as well as recently traded NL players to AL. My team needs rebuilding and i’m looking for advice. Do I look to establish a shortstop (Mondesi, Arcia, Anderson, Moncada, Bregman) or go for a heavy hitter like Mazara or Naquin? First round draft picks I have 2nd and 7th pick….

  34. Hi Rich,
    New dynasty and I can start with either Springer or Bregman. 7 cats including OBP and SLG. Contract length options will be 5, 7, 9 years. Would you keep Springer who is 27 and prob a little better now and sign him for 5 years? or would you keep Bregman and lock him up for the long term? Thanks!

  35. Hi Rich,

    in a perennial dynasty league I had no one at 3rd base for next year after finally giving up on David Wright earlier this year, I had him on my team for his entire major league career. So I traded for Hunter Dozier with my sights set in 2017, at that moment I had Oakland’s R. Healy manning 3rd base for me and he had just been promoted. I didn’t expect Healy to perform the way he did and it caught me by surprise. Now my 2017 squad is basically complete, and keeping both is not an option, and Healy’s performance is leading me to keep him , and will admit in the process that trading for Dozier was the wrong move…please let me know what you think about both players

    • Hey Pedro, sorry about the slow response. I’m not sure what to think of Healy as I never saw this coming. His .352 BABIP would suggest he’s not a .300 hitter as would his aggressive approach. Could he hit 30Hr, which is what he was on pace to do, probably not, but perhaps 15 to 18 is more reasonable. I do think Dozier is a better. My review comes out on him in a few weeks, but I think there is more HR potential there and more SBs. Not by a ton, but I do think he’s a better player.

  36. Hi Rich: What is the best source on the web to download sabermetric data on all players from multiple years that you can filter to your hearts content?…Looking for all the standard metrics such as K rate, control, command,hr/9,swk, fpk etc on all players for one or more years.

  37. Hey Rich,

    How are you today? I am planning for next season and there are a few players I think I need to cut, I just want to confirm their time is pretty much done or if I should hold out hope. Dynasty league 25 ML 20 MiL 14 teams

    Players are:
    Jesse Hahn
    Jon Singleton (I think I know the answer here)
    Dalton Pompey
    Jacob Nottingham
    Tyler Stephenson
    Jurickson Profar

    I really only need to cut 1 or 2 guys but I want to leave open space for available players after we do our draft (5 round MiL draft)

    My pitching is thin but I plan on drafting SP heavy, 1B I have Bird coming back, and Piscotty (if he keeps 1B eligibility) OF I am stacked and at C I have Swihart and Pentecost. 2B I am stacked (Kipnis, Schoop, Moncada, Turner) SS I am thin with Bregman as my #1 and not a whole lot after that.

    Thanks Rich!

  38. Hi Rich – I missed hearing you guys last week. Monday morning just not the same without you. I hope all is well.
    As we’re heading toward the post season, I’m starting to think about my Dynasty League team next year. My top 4 outfielders are George Springer, JD Martinez, Adam Jones, and Andrew Benintendi. Do you think Benintendi rates above Jones next year? I think the kid has been incredibly impressive thus far.

    Sam (Columbus, OH)

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. Jones has no speed anymore but still does have 30 HRs. That said, I think we will start to see even more reduction in that total as the approach is still uber aggressive and at some point, that is all going to catch up to him.

      AB has more risk but the upside is higher. If it were me, I’d take the risk and go for it.

  39. How do you feel about Ian Happ? Can he handle 2B long-term or is he more likely to end up in the crowded Cubs’ OF?

    He doesn’t appear to be on the same type of express train to the bigs that the last couple Cubs’ first-rounders were on, but you can say that about the overwhelming majority of first-round picks in general, so that’s not really a knock against him.

    • I like him a lot. Can really hit. He’s not at the level of play as Bryant and KS, but he’s still very good. It’s debatable whether he can stay at 2B. Doesn’t matter, as there is no room for him anywhere. Trade bait?

  40. Rich,

    Love the podcast, and I hope all is well. I have a question concerning 2 players in a 23 team roto league. (1) Is Ryon Healy going to continue to be a serviceable 3B next year? Can we expect some development in his approach as he settles into MLB pitching. It appears the loft he added to his swing will approach will yield league average power numbers got 3B. Would you be comfortable with him moving forward in a deep league like this?

    (2) Rougned Odor? Is he a sell high? He is young, but his approach has clearly changed and walks are non existence in his game. Although his power numbers are nice can he sustain a batting average over 260 with all the K’s and only 13 walks on the season? He is do young, that I’m unsure if I sell, or expect some type of progression as he matures.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on these 3. Keep up the great work! Your podcast and time dedicated to helping us Moe-Moe’s is greatly appreciated.


    • For me, Healy is not a regular 3B. Maybe 10 to 12 home runs but his approach as you said will hold him back.

      Odor is curious. I never saw a 30 HR bat would instead, saw a 20 HR bat. However, in looking at his splits, it as many HR home as away. Th 2.5% BB rate is a huge red flag, yet his BABIP is .303. Few guys can have the Adam Jones profile but it’s looking like Odor might be able to accomplish. I’m You have to believe at some point the aggressive approach will catch up to him, but it’s going on two year so at some point, we have to believe. I would book 25 home runs with a .250 average with a handful of steals and anything over that is a gravy.

  41. 12 team, 10 keepers, can keep players forever. Very much in contention for the title.

    Give Mazara + Giolito to get Marte? The boost in AVG and SB’s could make the difference, but that’s a lot to give up.

  42. Hey Rich! Would you trade Thor for Glasnow, Alex Reyes and Jake Thompson? In our Roto league top 4 teams cash, I’m sitting at 5th and can’t catch 4th so I’m looking towards 2017.

    • Our trade deadline was tonight so I ended up pulling the trigger on trading Thor…slightly different deal tho…I sent Thor for Glasnow, Bundy, and Skaggs. How do you think I did? I guess my rationale behind it was pitching is so unpredictable I’d rather have 3 pitchers with big upside instead of 1 elite as 1 torn UCL ruins Thor’s value to my team for a full calender year.

  43. 12 team keep-forever roto league, no salaries or any other keeper costs to worry about.

    I’m out of it and putting Arenado on the block, but obviously I need to get a huge haul in return. A contender has Mazara, Bregman, and Dahl. I kinda feel like I should get all three of them…is that asking too much?

    • I don’t think so, Arenado is a Top 7??? player in fantasy. The others are promising but Arrenado is proven. Will the guy accept? Probably not unless NA puts him over the top. If he asks you to back off on one, back off on Mazara. I know that seems counter intuitive, but the Dahl and Bregman have higher upsides. Also, try and get a lesser guy with a high upside…in other words further away from the majors.

  44. 12 team roto, salaries increase by $4 each year.

    Addison Russell ($10) & Franco ($5)
    for Starling Marte ($17)

    I am currently in 2nd and fighting for 1st and feel pretty good about my chances if I can improve my SB and OPS. I recently got Dee back, but the more SB the merrier. I don’t really want to trade Russell, but I have Odor, Corey Seager, and Bregman to take care of all the MI spots.

    FWIW, the rest of my team is deep as well, as I currently have Russell on my bench so I wouldn’t really be losing two starters.

    I think this is a great deal overall…aside from improving in two areas of a need, Marte is still at a great price and can probably be used to get almost anything I’d want in the off-season. Is this an easy accept or not?

  45. the new jumbo-tron has supposedly created a wind-tunnel in San Diego .

  46. I just pulled trigger on big trade in my 10 man 7×7 dynasty roto league. I traded Gerrit Cole, Blake Swihart, Gurriel, will harris, and Cody Bellinger for Francisco Lindor and Junior Guerra. Thoughts on who won that deal? For context our rosters are deep 10 teams x 40 man active rosters = 400 active players deep, plus 15 minor league slots per team. I already have Mookie so I wanted another young stud to pair with him. On pitching side I already had Thor, cmart, archer, and Quintana as top arms so I felt I could afford to move Cole.

    • In general, it was too much talent to give up for Lindor, but it’s a 10 team league and you’ve got to have stars to win. You gave up very good players but got a star back. I’m ok with that.

      Who wins…I don’t know but I do like Lindor a lot and feel you’ll be very happy with him over the next 10 years. So, that’s 2 out 8 spots down with studs.

  47. 30 team points, keep 10, 20 minors. Out of it this year, for sure keepers will be: Goldy, Profar, Jake Lamb, JBJ, JD Martinez, David Peralta, Teheran. Then 3 of Rubby, Souza, Eduardo Rodriguez, Chris Owings, Homer Bailey, or Tyler Anderson. I’ve had a few offers for Goldy, 2 stand out: 1) Brinson, Musgrove, and Domingo Santana, plus 2 undetermined picks or 2) Tyler White, Fedde, and Forrest Wall, plus a 2nd and 3rd in the next draft. Do I take either? Team with 2nd offer also has AJ Reed and Eddy Julio Martinez-would replacing anyone in the deal make a difference (I’d obviously rather have Reed than White)

  48. Hey Rich,

    I was offered Greg Bird, Blake Swihart and Yordano Ventura for Chris Archer. I am weak at 1B and C, 1B I have Piscotty who loses eligibility next year, after that I have DJ Pederson and that’s about all. C I have Tyler Stephenson, Jacob Nottingham and Max Pentecost on my MiL with Sandy Leon on my ML team. My pitching is shaky, but I have a decent minor league system on that end. Our MiL teams are 20 players we have 5 draft picks every year, I may try to get a draft pick out of him as well, but as the trade stands do you think I should take it? I am pretty down on Archer and my team wont compete for another year or two so I am leaning towards yes.

    Thank you!

  49. Hi Rich,

    What are your thoughts on Vogelabach? Ive been offered Lance McCullers for him and am tempted. 10 Team, Keep Forever.

    Thank you sir!

    • I like Vogelbach but he’s a DH guy. McCullers though, I’m still not completely convinced he’s the guy we are seeing. That said, today, he has a lot more value and somebody you could flip for a piece better than DV.

  50. Any thoughts on Jonathon Holder with the Yankees? Especially after the Chapman trade?

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