2023 Top 100 Prospects

1. Gunnar Henderson (Bal, SS) – He took it to the next level in 2022, showing power and speed with an advanced approach to the plate.

2. Corbin Carroll (Ari, OF) – Power and speed with a patient approach could make him a superstar.

3. Jordan Walker (Stl, OF) – Quietly becoming one of the best prospects in the game with 20-20 upside and a lot more power in the tank.

4. Anthony Volpe (NYY, SS) – Traded ground balls for line drives, and the stat line suffered.  There’s too much to like here to project anything but star potential.

5. Jackson Chourio (Mil, OF) – Exploded onto the scene in 2022, showing exciting, fantasy-friendly skills.

6. Jordan Lawlar (Ari, SS) – His power-speed potential with a solid approach gives him star potential.

7. Marcelo Mayer (Bos, SS) – Solid all-around skills with a ceiling of a Corey Seager-type player.

8. Diego Cartaya (LAD, C) – He has plus power potential with high on-base skills that could make him an elite catcher

9. Eury Perez (Mia, RHP) – He has the size, current arsenal, and projection to become one of the best pitchers in baseball.

10. Elly De La Cruz (Cin, SS) – Jazz Chisholm level tools, maybe more.  However, there’s plenty of swing-and-miss in his game…kind of like…

11. Francisco Alvarez (NYM, C) – All-star upside with plus power and a feel to hit.

12. Druw Jones (Ari, OF) – He has all the tools to be a Superstar.  The only question centers around how much he will hit.  He did not post a stat line in 2022.

13. Andrew Painter (Phi, RHP) – Size, stuff, and athleticism to be an ace.

14. Grayson Rodriguez (Bal, RHP) – All the tools to pitch at the top-of-the-rotation.

15. Jackson Holliday (Bal, SS) – Plus speed and plenty of bat speed to project a 20-20 performer at the highest level.

16. George Valera (Cle, OF) – Exciting package of tools should translate into an All-Star performer.

17. Robert Hassell (Was, OF) – Built upon an impressive 2021 season and just kept on hitting in 2022.

18. Jasson Dominguez (NYY, OF) – Over-hyped players often don’t live up to expectations.  While time will tell with Dominguez, the tools continue to project him to be an impact player at the highest level.

19. James Wood (Was, OF) – He’s 6-foot-7 with tremendous raw power and current plus speed.  In 2022, he showed plate patience and excellent contact skills.

20. Bobby Miller (LAD, RHP) – Four-pitch mix with a fastball that will touch the upper 90’s.  While his control was inconsistent, the total package gives him a number two starter ceiling.

21. Kodai Senga (NYM, RHP) – I usually don’t target Japanese players, but Senga is an exception.  He’s big-league-ready with a number-three starter ceiling.

28. Pete Crow-Armstrong (CHC, OF) – Solid all-around tools with a ceiling of a 15-15 player

23. Taj Bradley (TB, RHP) – Quickly becoming one of the best pitching prospects in the game with a plus arsenal with control.

24. Zac Veen (Col, OF) – Double-plus speed with enough pop to be a 20-20 performer.  He also showed improvement in his contact rate, and if that continues, the ceiling could be a first-round draft pick.

25. Miguel Vargas (LAD, 3B) – Power with a feel to hit and a little bit of speed thrown in for good measure.

26. Curtis Mead (TB, 2B) – Plus hit tool with emerging power that could grow to 20 home run pop with a little bit of speed.

27. Triston Casas (Bos, 1B) – Solid production at first base with 25-100 type of production.

28. Kevin Alcantara (CHC, OF) – Toolsy with 30+ home run potential. His length will give him contact issues, but he has a solid approach with a good feel to hit.

29. Masyn Winn (Stl, SS) – Crazy tools with a newfound approach in 2022 makes for an exciting overall package.

30. Daniel Espino (Cle, RHP) – He has a premium arsenal with a fastball that will touch triple-digits and improving control.  Unfortunately, he spent most of the season on the IL with knee and shoulder problems.

31. Brayan Rocchio (Cle, SS) – He started the season slowly, but once the weather warmed, so did he.  He has the tools to be an impact fantasy performer.

32. Brett Baty (NYM, 3B) – Plus raw power with solid OBP skills, strikeouts could put pressure on his batting average.

33. Marco Luciano (SF, SS) – He has the upside to be one of the better power hitters in the Major Leagues.

34. Colson Montgomery (CHW, SS) – He’s showing the ability to control the strike zone, and when you combine that with his power potential, there is a lot to get excited about.

35. Tanner Bibee (Cle, RHP) – One of the 2022 pop-up pitchers.  He has plus stuff with elite control.

36. Noelvi Marte (Cin, SS) – After a slow start, he got his sea legs around mid-season and played well the rest of the season.  His star has dimmed as he’s matured and started to fill out (in a not-so-great way).

37. Brooks Lee (Min, SS) – He has an advanced approach with good contact and solid power potential.

38. Ezequiel Tovar (Col, SS) – Received a surprise promotion to the Major Leagues.  He’s gotten stronger with solid speed and excellent defense.

39. Brandon Pfaadt (Ari, RHP) – He’s a strike-thrower with size and a solid arsenal

40. Sal Frelick (Mil, OF) – Plus-speed with a solid hit tool provides a path for an elite leadoff hitter.

41. Kyle Harrison (SF, LHP) – He has a good arsenal with high spin rates on his fastball and slider.  He’s still young and working on throwing strikes.

42. Bo Naylor (Cle, C) – The speed is real.  The on-base skills are real.  This dude is for real.

43. Elijah Green (Was, OF) – Uber-athletic with significant raw power and 70-grade speed.  The questions surround his ability to make enough contact to get to the power and speed.

44. Gavin Williams (Cle, RHP) – He has the size and arsenal to pitch at the top of the rotation.  The command is not there yet, but I think it will be over time.

45. Termarr Johnson (Pit, SS) – He has a plus hit tool with modest speed and power potential that gives him a high floor but not the highest ceiling.

46. Ricky Tiedemann (Tor, LHP) – Continued to improve as the season progressed with a solid-average arsenal, including a double-plus change-up.

47. Colton Cowser (Bal, OF) – He’s always shown an advanced approach at the plate. If the power he showed in Double-A is real, he has a chance to be a significant Big Leaguer.

48. Josh Jung (Tex, 3B) – Another missed season due to injury – this time, it was shoulder surgery.  Once he played, he showed a feel to hit with power.

49. Endy Rodriguez (Pit, C) – He made noticeable improvements in his offensive game in 2022, where he showed power and the ability to control the strike zone.

50. Cam Collier (Cin, 3B) – He has plus future power potential with a feel to hit.

51. Gavin Stone (LAD, RHP) – Swing-and-miss stuff with control gives him at least a mid-rotation ceiling.

52. Evan Carter (Tex, OF) – Plus speed with plenty of bat speed to suggest a 20-20 player.

53. Tyler Soderstrom (Oak, 1B) – He has plus power and should hit enough to produce 25+ home runs yearly.

54. Emmanuel Rodriguez (Min, OF) – Double-plus raw power should translate into future 30+ home run pop.  His improving strikeout rate, in conjunction with his ability to work a walk, gives him an all-star ceiling.

55. Esteury Ruiz (Oak, OF) – Significant power uptick with improved plate patience.  When you add this to elite speed and adequate contact skills, there could be something special brewing.

56. Edwin Arroyo (Cin, SS) – Intriguing speed-power upside with a feel to hit.

57. Gavin Cross (KC, OF) – He has speed and power with a feel to hit.

58. Harry Ford (Sea, C) – If he can stay at catcher, there are 20+ stolen bases with a .260 batting average and a .360+ OBP upside.

59. Kevin Parada (NYM, C) – All-star upside with power and a feel to hit

60. Logan O’Hoppe (LAA, C) – First, there was the contact improvement in 2021, and then in 2022, he put it all together.

61. Hunter Brown (Hou, RHP) – He has a plus arsenal, but his current lack of control is tamping down his ceiling.

62. Brennen Davis (CHC, OF) – Solid approach and a feel to hit with 20 to 25 home run power potential.

63. Quinn Priester (Pit, RHP) – Continues solid progress with a number two starter ceiling.

64. Jackson Merrill (SD, SS) – He’s a high-floor player that lacks the secondary skills fantasy players desire.

65. Henry Davis (Pit, C) – Wrist injuries cost him time and production.  Assuming he’s healthy, he should hit for average and power.

66. Ceddanne Rafaela (Bos, OF) – One of the 2022 pop-up players with speed and emerging power.  He has an aggressive approach, which could tamp down his ceiling.

67. Dustin Harris (Tex, OF) – Double-plus raw power with enough foot speed to steal double-digit bases annually.

68. Miguel Bleis (Bos, OF) – He’s athletic with fantastic bat speed and is currently a plus runner.

69. Oswald Peraza (NYY, SS) – He’s a plus defender who could go 20-20.  He seems like the ideal prospect, but he’s not the chosen one…

70. Tink Hence (Stl, RHP) – He has top-of-the-rotation stuff and can repeat his delivery.

71. Masataka Yoshida (Bos, OF) – High-floor player with average power.  He should hit the ground running with lots of runs scored.

72. Carson Williams (TB, SS) – Athletic and toolsy but with significant swing and miss in his game.

73. Kumar Rocker (Tex, RHP) – He’s athletic with a big arsenal but was rusty in the Fall.  The big question remains: why didn’t the Mets sign him in 2021?

74. Gordan Graceffo (Stl, RHP) – One of the breakout pitchers in 2022 who showed an improved arsenal with elite control.

75. Alex Ramirez (NYM, OF) – He took a significant step-up in 2022 by making harder contact and showing an improved hit tool.

76. Benny Montgomery (Col, OF) – Power and speed but the swing needs work.

77. Emmerson Hancock (Sea, RHP) – Shoulder problems returned to start the season, but he pitched healthy after May.  He has a quality arsenal, and assuming he continues to throw strikes and is healthy; the ceiling is a number two starter.

78. Kyle Manzardo (TB, 1B) – Solid hit tool but needs to add more power to be a full-time regular.

79. Andy Pages (LAD, OF) – 70-grade raw power with a solid approach and enough contact to project 30+ home runs at the highest level.

80. Mick Abel (Phi, RHP) – He’s showing his premium arsenal but has had trouble throwing strikes.

81. Jordan Westburg (Bal, SS) – Toolsy with plus power potential and enough foot speed to steal double-digit bases. The bat has a lot of swing and miss, which could ultimately limit his upside.

82. Zach Neto (LAA, SS) – He’s a hit-first prospect with above-average speed and enough power to hit 10 to 15 home runs annually.

83. Adael Amador (Col, SS) – He’s emerging as one of the bright stars in the minor leagues with the ability to make excellent contact with speed and power.

84. Michael Busch (LAD, 2B) – Plus power potential with a high OBP but potentially pressure on his batting average as he’ll strike out more than you would like.

85. Jace Jung (Det, 2B) – He has a plus hit tool with a chance to hit 15 to 20 home runs.  The stolen bases will be limited.

86. Warming Bernabel (Col, 3B) – Plus hit-tool with emerging power give him a high floor that could make him a Top 100 prospect.

87. Everson Pereira (NYY, OF) – Plus, bat speed is starting to translate into 20+ home run pop.  He does chase too many pitches out of the strike zone, and that will need attention for him to reach his potential.

88. Jett Williams (NYM, OF) – Toolsy with a feel to hit.  He’s not a big guy, standing 5-foot-8.

89. Jack Leiter (Tex, RHP) – A rough debut from the number two overall pick of the 2021 Draft has many fantasy managers concerned.  While understandable, it’s time to show patience in hopes he sorts out his control issues.

90. Oscar Colas (CHW, OF) – Plus raw power points to 20 home runs, and assuming he continues to make solid contact, he projects to be a full-time regular.

91. Justin Foscue (Tex, 2B) – He showed a meaningful improvement in his contact rate, and when you combine that with plus power potential, the ceiling is a full-time regular.

92. James Outman (LAD, OF) – A late bloomer.  Had one of the most impressive seasons in the minor leagues in 2022.

93. Cole Young (Sea, SS) – He’s showing a feel to hit with speed and enough bat speed to project average future power.

94. Ryan Pepiot (LAD, RHP) – He has a top-of-the-rotation arsenal, but his inability to throw strikes is holding him back.

95. DL Hall (Bal, LHP) – Premium athlete with premium stuff.  However, his health and inability to throw strikes are holding him back.

96. Connor Norby (Bal, 2B) – Plus hit tool with mostly doubles power that could turn into 20 home run pop with a handful of stolen bases yearly.

97. Ryne Nelson (Ari, RHP) – He has a plus arsenal and could pitch at the top-of-the-rotation with some improvements in his control.

98. Bryce Miller (Sea, RHP) – He made excellent adjustments in 2022 and, despite some limitations, could develop into a back-of-the-rotation starter, maybe a little more.

99. Jarlin Susana (Was, RHP) – He has the size and big fastball to pitch at the top of the rotation, or as a fallback, he could pitch at the back of the bullpen.

100. Edouard Julien (Min, 2B) – He understands the strike zone with intriguing speed and power upside.

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