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  1. Tim, may your family find peace during this difficult time. May Kathy (Cathy) RIP.

  2. AL Only Keeper League – Gotta keep 7

    $50 of Auction Money

    For my last spot…

    roll the dice with Pablo Sandoval $1.75
    stay steady with Yunel Escobar $0.75


  3. Hi Tim – 12 team 5×5 mixed with OBP
    I have Salazar under contract for $15 this year which is probably too high. I can trade him for either Devers or Robles (who would be on my farm team and not affect my team/draft this year).
    Do you think this is a move I should make, and if yes, which one would you recommend? Was leaning Robles. Thanks!

  4. Mr. Mcleod:

    I’m in a 12 team H2H points league. I am 8-4, and am looking to improve my outfield and looking to you to tell me if I should consider upgrading my starting pitching.

    We get 5 points for saves, 8 for wins and 2 for holds. We also get one bounus point for homers.

    Here is my current roster:

    1B: Edwin Encarnacion
    2B: Devon Travis(had Schoop for a while, decided to grab him to try to upgrade Schoop still available)
    3B: M. Franco
    SS: E. Suarez
    C: R. Martin
    OF: C. Dickerson
    OF: M. Ozuna
    OF: Trayce Thompson
    OF: Kris Davis
    UTIL: A. Rizzo

    SP: Carasco
    SP: Lester
    SP: C. Mchugh
    SP: T. Walker
    SP: J. Hammel
    SP: K. Hendrichs
    SP: M. Fullmer
    RP: C. Kimbrell
    RP: Z. Britton
    RP: Will Harris

    I have Rich Hill on the DL

    When Hill comes back which pitcher should I drop to activate him?

    Should I drop Colin Mchugh for one of the following FA’s: Urias, Eickhoff, Conley, Helickson, Matt Moore, E. Volquez)? I was as high on Mchugh as you were, believe the skills are there for a
    turnaround, wonder if you think I should wait longer to see if it happens?

    Should I drop Dickerson for any of the following FA OF’s: Granderson, Markakis, Werth, Pagan, Melvin Upton, Joc Pederson, Bret Gardner? Love Dickerson’s strong line drive rate over the last 3 years, but it just
    isn’t happening this year yet. Should I move or stick with him?

    Should I drop Suarez for Villar or Zack Cozart? Like his power, but not a lot else to like.

    Thanks a million in advance!!!

    Mark Janecek

  5. enjoy your show, er Rich’s show. I am looking to next year in a salary cap dynasty. was offered Taillon, Reyes, Snell and J Bell for Goldie. My SP is weak after Kershaw/Thor and I do have AJ Reed. Is it too many baubles for sure Gold? Thanks

  6. How do you feel about these pitchers in dynasty format nl only $260 cap…..
    Adam Connelly $14 2 years
    Brandon Finnegan $8 2 years
    Zach Davies $10 2 years

  7. hello tim and the same to rich, love the show and appreciate your advice.

    i’m in an eleven team mixed roto leauge, and i have one shot in our mid-year draft to pick up two players and hopefully resurrect my team. just lost j.d. martinez and my combo of cole, scherzer and kluber hasn’t quite delivered. i have the second and 21st picks, and my pitching definitely needs more help than my hitting important note, we get more points for runs and wins, and also use saves, whip, era, home runs, rbi’s and batting average. at the end of year, how do you rank these guys based on their final numbers?

    michael fulmer
    chirs tillman
    rich hill
    steven wright
    martin perez
    tanner roark
    tyler chatwood
    j.a. happ
    jon gray
    josh tomlin

    and hitters:
    michael saunders
    odubel herrera
    jon jay
    nomar mazara
    rajai davis
    trayce thompson
    leonys martin

    thanks tim!

    • Howdy, David. You’ve got yourself some very interesting options to choose from. The key is that first pick, and hopefully the person picking first doesn’t need pitching. Wright would be my first choice, with no hesitation. The next three starters that have my attention would be Fulmer, Happ, and Gray. Just be very careful with Fulmer. He’s currently pitching extremely well, but the most innings he has pitched in his short career, were in 2015 (124 2/3) and I think it’s reasonable to assume that he will be capped somewhere in the 150 inning range. You might not have him available when you need him the most. Happ is boring but has been pitching well and Gray has the upside potential with the downside being Coors.

      On offense, the first thing I noticed was you don’t count stolen bases. Too bad, as Davis is having a great year. Losing JD, has to leave a serious hole in your power game and with that in mind, I’ll go with Saunders as your first option. He’s currently hitting in the cleanup slot in a very powerful offense and getting the job done. The other bats that hold interest would be Mazara, Thompson, and Martin….in that order.

      I hope that helps and good fortunes with your draft! Tim

  8. this guy over jose reyes ?

  9. Tim,

    I have the chance to add Kenta Maeda as a keeper, but I would need to use my #1 waiver and drop Yordano Ventura or Austin Meadows. I’m leaning towards dropping Yordano Ventura at this point and adding Maeda, but I would love to hear your thoughts 5×5 H2H league. TIA

  10. love the show rich

    10 team h2h categories keep 8. Saves / hold

    $3 inflation year 1, $5 yr 2 $7 after
    3 minor leaguers no inflation unless promoted

    My buddy got 2 offers and is asking me for advice so I’m coming to you : values are this years value – next years value.


    Goldy ($45-50)
    Kershaw ($44-49)
    Conforto (FA $5)
    A miller ($3-6)
    Desclafani (FA $5)
    Glasnow ($1 – $4)
    Xander ($14 – $19)


    Harper ($33-38)
    Tulo ($21-24)
    Votto (26-29)
    T walker (4-7)
    J Ross (5-10)
    Cobb (FA $5)

    Drop Matt Moore maybe.

    Is harpers value next year too good to make this deal ?


    Marte (20-25)
    Degrom (13-18)
    Verlander ( I’d drop him but 6-9)


    Tulo (21-24)
    Stroman (5-10)
    Hamels (18-21)

    I have story at mid infield and drury can slot in to mid infield If story at ss.

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  11. Want to tap into your expertise. Please rank the following players for next year and beyond fantasy value: Giolito, Glasnow, Franco, Maraza, Reed. Have some trades in the works involving some of these guys

  12. Sorry for the long question for a team in second to last but that is why I am here.

    League: 7×7 obp slg QS hold

    Positions: C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, 3OF, 2UT, 1350 inning limit


    C: Ramos (Darnaud DL)
    1B: Hanley
    2B: Walker
    SS: Suarez (Kang DL)
    3B: Sano
    OF: Upton
    OF: Pence
    OF: Burns
    UT: Duda
    UT: Odubell
    BN: Rendon, Trumbo
    DL: Revere, Choo

    2RP, 3P

    Have: Jepsen, K Rod, Madson, A Reed, Oh
    Available: Givens, Treinen, D Hudson, DIekman, D Hernandez

    I was offered Freeman for Madson and A Reed.

    Should I

    A: Accept the trade as a hail mary since I am so far down in the standings
    B: Stay away from Freeman since he is in a shit lineup and sucky and I already have a ton of buy low hitters
    C: Just quit and start studying for next year

    Thanks for your time

  13. I have Spandenberg and Utley at 2b in a 20 team dynasty league. Obviously I need an upgrade and I am competing this year. I was offered Brian Dozier for giving up Gregory Polanco. I have Jay Bruce, Joc Pederson, Steven Souza, and David Peralta in OF. Take the deal and run right?

    • My only concern when I look at your outfield, is where are your stolen base numbers. Dozier would definitely be an upgrade, but losing the speed from Polanco could come back to haunt. If you can survive the SB hit, I’d do the deal, otherwise I’d hold tight on Utley and hope to find an upgrade from the Waiver Wire. All the best with resolving your middling middle-infield conundrum. Tim

  14. Who is about to lose their job to a highly regarded prospect? Thanks Tim you are the best. Rich, love this website. Jae

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