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Boston Red Sox

Original Published Date: April 11, 2014
Updated: June 9, 2014

The World Champion Boston Red Sox are really struggling and their uncharacteristic .245 team batting average is a big part of the problem.  In particular, the outfield production has been awful.  Brock Holt has been moved to left field and is playing well but it feels like it’s only a matter of time now before Mookie Betts gets the call.  Recently promoted to Triple-A, Betts has been moved to the outfield and should provide adequate defensive coverage once promoted. The bat though will play and could even play at the top of the lineup.

While the bats have been quiet in Boston, their pitching has also struggled.  The Red Sox have promoted Rubby De La Rosa and Brandon Workman but have left sinker baller, Allen Webster in the minors.  Henry Owens has the greatest upside of any pitcher in the Boston minor league system but is still not likely to get the call this year.

1. Next in Line Infield Prospects

  • Brock Holt (2B/SS/3B, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Low – PROMOTED: 5/17/14
  • Garrin Cecchini (3B, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Medium
  • Mooke Betts (2B, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: High

Notes:  Garrin Cecchini is on the 40-man and can really hit.  Power could be light but there could be some stolen base upside.  Mookie Betts raked in 2013 and so far in 2014, has looked even better.  In April, it was crazy to put him on this list, now it’s looking like he could get the call sometime around the all-star break – but probably as an outfielder.

2. Next in Line Outfield Prospects

  • Mooke Betts (2B, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: High
  • Bryce Brentz (OF, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Medium

Notes: Bryce Brentz has power and could provide HR potential if given a chance.  Will he get the chance beyond a September call-up?  Not likely but injuries do happen.

3. Next in Line Pitching Prospects

  • Allen Webster (RHP, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Medium
  • Anthony Ranaudo (RHP, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Low
  • Henry Owens (LHP, Double-A) – Fantasy relevance: High

Notes: If Allen Webster can just throw consistent strikes, he could be a star.  The arsenal is electric but it’s getting harder to believe he’ll do it.  Anthony Ranaudo for me is a back-of-the-rotation guy but could have some fantasy value in an AL-Only format.  You have to include lefty Henry Owens in the mixed for a second half call-up.  While he has struggled a little since setting the world on fire with his first two starts, the talent is there and he should continue to move quickly through the organization.

4. Next in Line Relief Prospects

  • Rubby De La Rosa (RHP, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Low – PROMOTED: 5/31/14


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