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  1. Piscotty had a great fall league and spring. Alcantara not so much this spring. My first thought this spring was drafting Alcantara as he has that speed to go with some power as a second baseman but his %25 strike out rate concerns me. Piscotty only has a %9 rate and looks polished. Taveras just keeps getting injured i could see Piscotty getting called up when Borjous goes out or Craig. Not sure there is a spot for Alcantara in Chicago with all those other top prospects. I guess my question is now that spring training is over who would you pick?

  2. I kind of like what I have seen from SS garcia on the Cardinals. I guess they don’t or they wouldn’t have picked up diaz.. What are your thought on garcia

  3. Have you heard anything on this Cuban the Cardinals just signed(diaz). And if so would he make the top 100 prospects?

  4. thoughts on dee Gordon? I kinda feel like he is getting better with the stick and could ultimately be a very good lead off batter. He batted .292 in triple A last rear and walks a fair amount could he be a sleeper.

    • I don’t see it in LA and I’m not sure I see it anywhere. His OBP was great in the PCL but in the majors, it’s not been great. I think he’s a utility guy with a ton of speed. An Emilo Bonifacio type of player.

  5. Most 2014 top 100 that I have seen so far have Miami’s Moran in it. You don’t. Is it because you don’t see any power? You mention the swing wasn’t what you thought it would be. From what I have read he should hit for avg. He doesn’t have any speed but most 3rd baseman don’t. Does the Ballpark play a factor?.

    • I saw him play a lot in the fall league and didn’t like what I saw. Not a great body and wasn’t sold on the swing. Don’t see a lot of power and you’re correct, with that Park, I just think he’s a Top prospect.

  6. Law really likes rosell herrera has him ranked mid 50’s. You don’t have him ranked top 100. You both like jp Crawford better but no one projects any standout tool. So my question is Y? What makes Crawford better. He doesn’t have plus speed, not projected to have plus power. Is it just cause he should stay at short?

    • Can’t comment on what Law thinks but Rosell or Crawford but Rosell made my just missed list. Lots of loud tools but he did repeat LowA and there is still concern about how much he’ll be able to hit. Asheville is a real hitters environment. Crawford should be able to stay at short and played really well in his first taste of professional ball. I believe he’ll develop some power and also has some speed. In the end, Crawford was ranked 81 and Rosell around 110. Close, but I give the early nod to Crawford.

  7. I am liking tapia(rockies) over winker and ervin on the reds. if you could have one of these prospects who would it be?

  8. thoughts on tapia on colorado? could he be a star? faketeams is really high on him.

  9. what I really would like to do is draft a 1st baseman with offensive potential as I traded off yonder last year. How would you rank NL 1st base prospects based on offensive potential. The only guy of the top 10 mlb rankings I can’t get is adams(stl). Of these three who do you like the most: hunter morris, alex dickerson, vogelbach. do you like soto. Is there someone I should draft in the later rounds with huge potential that I am missing.

  10. thanks for your quick response

  11. I am in a NL only dynasty league. (4×4). its a 13 team league where at the end we draft 5 prospects each. The only prospect I am keeping is davidson as I own him in the 3rd round. I have the first pick this year and spots available in 1,2,4,5 rounds. Of these choices who would you pick first and what order would you put them in. This is my order based on what I have read:
    j.r Graham.

    basically in my league would you take hanson ahead of polonco based on position scarcity? or should I go after dahl? I think I will take arnaud first as he should be in the majors this year freeing up a spot for me next year and you have him pretty high on the list. who has the most potential puig or soler.


    who in the minors this year could be another ruff or gattis that nobody is really high on but can mash and show decent avg.

    any help would be appreciative

    • In a fantasy league, I’m swinging for the fences and drafting Dahl ahead of Hanson and Polanco. I also like Seager, but not head of others. I would put Soler, Puig, and Marisnick ahead. Quinn is a long way off but is a interesting lottery pick. Love J.R. Graham put is in the proper order. Soler over Puig.

      Haven’t seen a older breakout potential yet…

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