Week 1

When the phrase, “hitting the cut off man” has absolutely nothing to do with your morning commute, you know Opening Day has finally arrived. Once again, every Sunday morning, I’ll be sharing my light-hearted observations on the great game. Enjoy!

1. “Bourne Free” tops the Box Office this weekend in Atlanta.

2. The list of Hyun-soo’s greatest hits will be less than Andy’s.

3. The only thing that Pablo Sandoval didn’t swallow over the off-season was his pride.

4. Things that make you say, huh? The Los Angeles Dodgers had the highest total payroll in all of baseball at the end of 2015, coming in at the gaudy sum of $291,056,310. Breaking camp, they are hoping that Ross Stripling can hold down the fort until Mike Bolsinger is healthy.

5. Trevor Gott demoted. Are we shocked?

6. The Colorado Rockies starting rotation makes the Baltimore Orioles rotation look good.

7. Steven Wright just seems so wrong.

8. Madison Bumgarner owners really, really need to see a strong 2016 debut.

9. I’d join a NPB Fantasy Baseball League if I could own Tetsuto Yamada.

10. Ryan Madson will save more games for the A’s than Sean Doolittle.

11. Ichiro Suzuki needs only 65 hits to join the 3,000 hit club. It just seems wrong that he won’t get that hit as a member of the Mariners.

12. Jonathan Schoop is mint.

13. My first draft of the year was back in mid-December. I drafted Drew Pomeranz as a long-shot to possibly work his way into the mix for saves in San Diego. I also drafted Abraham Almonte as one of my starting outfielders. It’s a funny game that we play.

14. Ji-Man Choi made the opening day roster of the _______.

15. Jon Jay is currently penciled in as the leadoff hitter in San Diego. What a difference a year makes.

16.  “The hour of departure has arrived, and we go our ways” – I to centerfield in Arizona, and you to the Waiver Wire.

Here’s wishing everyone a great start to the 2016 campaign. Remember, “’Tis a Marathon, not a sprint”.

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