Week 9

A Memorial Day treat from the Great Tim McLeod. 18 lines of brilliance and humor for you.

  1. If you can’t nail ‘em in the gluticus maximus, don’t bother. Next time, get your money’s worth Thor. Chase sure did!
  1. For those that own Robertson, a screwdriver….maybe even two, would be in order after Saturday’s performance. If I was Kenny Williams, Robin Ventura would be looking for a new job today.
  1. A pair of Peralta’s are perched to return in the next short while. It’s about to get very crowded in both St. Louis and Arizona.
  1. When I look at Paula Orlando’s line in a box score, why do I feel the urge to tie yellow ribbons?
  1. “Only Yu, can make all this world seem right”. #95mphx20
  1. Patience is a virtue and I’ve plumb ran out. It’s time to address those needs and move on from some of the early season nightmares that are plaguing our teams.
  1. The Buchholz stops in the ‘pen and it’s about time.
  1. Julio Urias is going to be a great starter someday. May 27’th simply wasn’t that day.
  1. Looks like Trevor, pitches like Brad.
  1. My suarez with Eugenio is about to come to a conclusion.
  1. It’s time to wash my hands of Tyler White. A.J. Reed, you’re next.
  1. Apparently CC stands for more than just Cherry Coke. Who knew?
  1. For all the concerns about Madison Bumgarner heading into the season, he’s very quietly having another great year.
  1. The trade for James Loney should boost the Mets into the favourites in the NL East. #allin
  1. Troy Tulowitzki made it to the end of May before his first trip to the DL. #overachiever.
  1. Matt Wieters is starting to heat up with the bat, but those five stolen bases at the hands of the Tribe on Saturday, are proof that the arm still needs some work.
  1. Michael Pineda has finally turned a corner and he’s going the wrong way on a one-way street.

18. Adam Duvall’s ownership level at CBS is at 35 per cent. At ESPN it’s at 17 per cent. There are a lot of Fantasy folk missing out on one very hot player.

2 comments on “Week 9

  1. Ubaldo, John Lamb, Lester all make their C want to be “sick” that day.

  2. 30yr old Abad is setting up while Jepsen continues to get hit as much as anyone in that pen. Tonkin had not pitched in 3 days and it went May 7th, Abad 8th, then Jepsen who promptly gave up 2ER. Abad nect man up soon? Is Jepsen worth a roster spot for anyone with at least one closer?

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