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San Francisco Giants

Original Published Date: April 19, 2014
Updated: June 10, 2014

The San Francisco Giants sit atop the National League West Division in the early going and look to be a playoff contender once again.   Brandon Belt has been a key contributor, finally showing the power that he had in the minor leagues; and then of course he breaks his thumb. The baseball Gods can be very trying to fans and fantasy owners.

While there isn’t any elite impact talent in the upper-minors, Adam Duvall is an intriguing option at third base and Edwin Escobar could play a role in the second half if Tim Lincecum continues to struggle.

1. Next in Line Infield Prospects

  • Joe Panik (SS/2B, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Low – PROMOTED: 6/21/14
  • Adam Duvall (3B, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Medium

Notes: The Giants reached for Joe Panik in the first round of the 2011 draft and have a player that profiles as a utility player to show for it.  He makes good contact and has plate discipline but doesn’t have any above-average secondary tools.  In other words, he’s a utility player.  Adam Duvall is an intriguing fantasy option as he has plus power that could translate into 20-25 home run power at the major league level.  The problem he’s a below average defender and might eventually need to move to first.  However, if he can improve at the hot-corner, he could see time at third base if Sandoval has an injury or continues to under-perform.

2. Next in Line Outfield Prospects

  • Gary Brown (OF, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Low
  • Tyler Colvin (OF, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Low – Promoted: 5/10/14

Notes: Gary Brown was drafted in the first round of the 2010 draft in hopes that he would be the future center fielder in San Francisco.  He’s a plus defender with plus-plus speed but the speed hasn’t translated into plus speed on the base path and he’s struggled to make hard contact.  Unless he’s a late bloomer, he likely profiles as fourth outfielder.  Tyler Colvin is…well, Tyler Colvin.

3. Next in Line Pitching Prospects

  • Edwin Escobar (LHP, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Medium
  • Mike Kickham (RHP, Triple-A) – Fantasy relevance: Low
  • Kyle Crick (RHP, Double-A) – Fantasy relevance: Medium

Notes: Edwin Escobar is a very good pitcher with a fastball that sits 91-93 MPH and a plus slider that will get a ton of swing and misses.  He’s been pretty hittable in the early going of the PCL but also has a very good strikeout-to-walk ratio of 17K/4BB.  It’s likely that Escobar will get the call sometime during 2014 and he could be a contributor to your fantasy team.  Kyle Crick has the highest upside in the system but it could ultimately be in the bullpen.  While a long-short to make it to San Francisco in 2014, he has a live fastball and has gotten off to a strong start, despite giving up too many walks.

4. Next in Line Relief Prospects

  • Heath Hembree (RHP, Triple-A)  – Fantasy relevance: Low

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