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2023 Top 100 Prospects

1. Gunnar Henderson (Bal, SS) – He took it to the next level in 2022, showing power and speed with an advanced approach to the plate.

2. Corbin Carroll (Ari, OF) – Power and speed with a patient approach could make him a superstar.

3. Jordan Walker (Stl, OF) – Quietly becoming one of the best prospects in the game with 20-20 upside and a lot more power in the tank.

4. Anthony Volpe (NYY, SS) – Traded ground balls for line drives, and the stat line suffered.  There’s too much to like here to project anything but star potential.

5. Jackson Chourio (Mil, OF) – Exploded onto the scene in 2022, showing exciting, fantasy-friendly skills.

6. Jordan Lawlar (Ari, SS) – His power-speed potential with a solid approach gives him star potential.

7. Marcelo Mayer (Bos, SS) – Solid all-around skills with a ceiling of a Corey Seager-type player.

8. Diego Cartaya (LAD, C) – He has plus power potential with high on-base skills that could make him an elite catcher

9. Eury Perez (Mia, RHP) – He has the size, current arsenal, and projection to become one of the best pitchers in baseball.

10. Elly De La Cruz (Cin, SS) – Jazz Chisholm level tools, maybe more.  However, there’s plenty of swing-and-miss in his game…kind of like…

11. Francisco Alvarez (NYM, C) – All-star upside with plus power and a feel to hit.

12. Druw Jones (Ari, OF) – He has all the tools to be a Superstar.  The only question centers around how much he will hit.  He did not post a stat line in 2022.

13. Andrew Painter (Phi, RHP) – Size, stuff, and athleticism to be an ace.

14. Grayson Rodriguez (Bal, RHP) – All the tools to pitch at the top-of-the-rotation.

15. Jackson Holliday (Bal, SS) – Plus speed and plenty of bat speed to project a 20-20 performer at the highest level.

16. George Valera (Cle, OF) – Exciting package of tools should translate into an All-Star performer.

17. Robert Hassell (Was, OF) – Built upon an impressive 2021 season and just kept on hitting in 2022.

18. Jasson Dominguez (NYY, OF) – Over-hyped players often don’t live up to expectations.  While time will tell with Dominguez, the tools continue to project him to be an impact player at the highest level.

19. James Wood (Was, OF) – He’s 6-foot-7 with tremendous raw power and current plus speed.  In 2022, he showed plate patience and excellent contact skills.

20. Bobby Miller (LAD, RHP) – Four-pitch mix with a fastball that will touch the upper 90’s.  While his control was inconsistent, the total package gives him a number two starter ceiling.

21. Kodai Senga (NYM, RHP) – I usually don’t target Japanese players, but Senga is an exception.  He’s big-league-ready with a number-three starter ceiling.

28. Pete Crow-Armstrong (CHC, OF) – Solid all-around tools with a ceiling of a 15-15 player

23. Taj Bradley (TB, RHP) – Quickly becoming one of the best pitching prospects in the game with a plus arsenal with control.

24. Zac Veen (Col, OF) – Double-plus speed with enough pop to be a 20-20 performer.  He also showed improvement in his contact rate, and if that continues, the ceiling could be a first-round draft pick.

25. Miguel Vargas (LAD, 3B) – Power with a feel to hit and a little bit of speed thrown in for good measure.

26. Curtis Mead (TB, 2B) – Plus hit tool with emerging power that could grow to 20 home run pop with a little bit of speed.

27. Triston Casas (Bos, 1B) – Solid production at first base with 25-100 type of production.

28. Kevin Alcantara (CHC, OF) – Toolsy with 30+ home run potential. His length will give him contact issues, but he has a solid approach with a good feel to hit.

29. Masyn Winn (Stl, SS) – Crazy tools with a newfound approach in 2022 makes for an exciting overall package.

30. Daniel Espino (Cle, RHP) – He has a premium arsenal with a fastball that will touch triple-digits and improving control.  Unfortunately, he spent most of the season on the IL with knee and shoulder problems.

31. Brayan Rocchio (Cle, SS) – He started the season slowly, but once the weather warmed, so did he.  He has the tools to be an impact fantasy performer.

32. Brett Baty (NYM, 3B) – Plus raw power with solid OBP skills, strikeouts could put pressure on his batting average.

33. Marco Luciano (SF, SS) – He has the upside to be one of the better power hitters in the Major Leagues.

34. Colson Montgomery (CHW, SS) – He’s showing the ability to control the strike zone, and when you combine that with his power potential, there is a lot to get excited about.

35. Tanner Bibee (Cle, RHP) – One of the 2022 pop-up pitchers.  He has plus stuff with elite control.

36. Noelvi Marte (Cin, SS) – After a slow start, he got his sea legs around mid-season and played well the rest of the season.  His star has dimmed as he’s matured and started to fill out (in a not-so-great way).

37. Brooks Lee (Min, SS) – He has an advanced approach with good contact and solid power potential.

38. Ezequiel Tovar (Col, SS) – Received a surprise promotion to the Major Leagues.  He’s gotten stronger with solid speed and excellent defense.

39. Brandon Pfaadt (Ari, RHP) – He’s a strike-thrower with size and a solid arsenal

40. Sal Frelick (Mil, OF) – Plus-speed with a solid hit tool provides a path for an elite leadoff hitter.

41. Kyle Harrison (SF, LHP) – He has a good arsenal with high spin rates on his fastball and slider.  He’s still young and working on throwing strikes.

42. Bo Naylor (Cle, C) – The speed is real.  The on-base skills are real.  This dude is for real.

43. Elijah Green (Was, OF) – Uber-athletic with significant raw power and 70-grade speed.  The questions surround his ability to make enough contact to get to the power and speed.

44. Gavin Williams (Cle, RHP) – He has the size and arsenal to pitch at the top of the rotation.  The command is not there yet, but I think it will be over time.

45. Termarr Johnson (Pit, SS) – He has a plus hit tool with modest speed and power potential that gives him a high floor but not the highest ceiling.

46. Ricky Tiedemann (Tor, LHP) – Continued to improve as the season progressed with a solid-average arsenal, including a double-plus change-up.

47. Colton Cowser (Bal, OF) – He’s always shown an advanced approach at the plate. If the power he showed in Double-A is real, he has a chance to be a significant Big Leaguer.

48. Josh Jung (Tex, 3B) – Continued to improve as the season progressed with a solid-average arsenal, including a double-plus change-up

49. Endy Rodriguez (Pit, C) – He made noticeable improvements in his offensive game in 2022, where he showed power and the ability to control the strike zone.

50. Cam Collier (Cin, 3B) – He has plus future power potential with a feel to hit.

51. Gavin Stone (LAD, RHP) – Swing-and-miss stuff with control gives him at least a mid-rotation ceiling.

52. Evan Carter (Tex, OF) – Plus speed with plenty of bat speed to suggest a 20-20 player.

53. Tyler Soderstrom (Oak, 1B) – He has plus power and should hit enough to produce 25+ home runs yearly.

54. Emmanuel Rodriguez (Min, OF) – Double-plus raw power should translate into future 30+ home run pop.  His improving strikeout rate, in conjunction with his ability to work a walk, gives him an all-star ceiling.

55. Esteury Ruiz (Oak, OF) – Significant power uptick with improved plate patience.  When you add this to elite speed and adequate contact skills, there could be something special brewing.

56. Edwin Arroyo (Cin, SS) – Intriguing speed-power upside with a feel to hit.

57. Gavin Cross (KC, OF) – He has speed and power with a feel to hit.

58. Harry Ford (Sea, C) – If he can stay at catcher, there are 20+ stolen bases with a .260 batting average and a .360+ OBP upside.

59. Kevin Parada (NYM, C) – All-star upside with power and a feel to hit

60. Logan O’Hoppe (LAA, C) – First, there was the contact improvement in 2021, and then in 2022, he put it all together.

61. Hunter Brown (Hou, RHP) – He has a plus arsenal, but his current lack of control is tamping down his ceiling.

62. Brennen Davis (CHC, OF) – Solid approach and a feel to hit with 20 to 25 home run power potential.

63. Quinn Priester (Pit, RHP) – Continues solid progress with a number two starter ceiling.

64. Jackson Merrill (SD, SS) – He’s a high-floor player that lacks the secondary skills fantasy players desire.

65. Henry Davis (Pit, C) – Wrist injuries cost him time and production.  Assuming he’s healthy, he should hit for average and power.

66. Ceddanne Rafaela (Bos, OF) – One of the 2022 pop-up players with speed and emerging power.  He has an aggressive approach, which could tamp down his ceiling.

67. Dustin Harris (Tex, OF) – Double-plus raw power with enough foot speed to steal double-digit bases annually.

68. Miguel Bleis (Bos, OF) – He’s athletic with fantastic bat speed and is currently a plus runner.

69. Oswald Peraza (NYY, SS) – He’s a plus defender who could go 20-20.  He seems like the ideal prospect, but he’s not the chosen one…

70. Tink Hence (Stl, RHP) – He has top-of-the-rotation stuff and can repeat his delivery.

71. Masataka Yoshida (Bos, OF) – High-floor player with average power.  He should hit the ground running with lots of runs scored.

72. Carson Williams (TB, SS) – Athletic and toolsy but with significant swing and miss in his game.

73. Kumar Rocker (Tex, RHP) – He’s athletic with a big arsenal but was rusty in the Fall.  The big question remains: why didn’t the Mets sign him in 2021?

74. Gordan Graceffo (Stl, RHP) – One of the breakout pitchers in 2022 who showed an improved arsenal with elite control.

75. Alex Ramirez (NYM, OF) – He took a significant step-up in 2022 by making harder contact and showing an improved hit tool.

76. Benny Montgomery (Col, OF) – Power and speed but the swing needs work.

77. Emmerson Hancock (Sea, RHP) – Shoulder problems returned to start the season, but he pitched healthy after May.  He has a quality arsenal, and assuming he continues to throw strikes and is healthy; the ceiling is a number two starter.

78. Kyle Manzardo (TB, 1B) – Solid hit tool but needs to add more power to be a full-time regular.

79. Andy Pages (LAD, OF) – 70-grade raw power with a solid approach and enough contact to project 30+ home runs at the highest level.

80. Mick Abel (Phi, RHP) – He’s showing his premium arsenal but has had trouble throwing strikes.

81. Jordan Westburg (Bal, SS) – Toolsy with plus power potential and enough foot speed to steal double-digit bases. The bat has a lot of swing and miss, which could ultimately limit his upside.

82. Zach Neto (LAA, SS) – He’s a hit-first prospect with above-average speed and enough power to hit 10 to 15 home runs annually.

83. Adael Amador (Col, SS) – He’s emerging as one of the bright stars in the minor leagues with the ability to make excellent contact with speed and power.

84. Michael Busch (LAD, 2B) – Plus power potential with a high OBP but potentially pressure on his batting average as he’ll strike out more than you would like.

85. Jace Jung (Det, 2B) – He has a plus hit tool with a chance to hit 15 to 20 home runs.  The stolen bases will be limited.

86. Warming Bernabel (Col, 3B) – Plus hit-tool with emerging power give him a high floor that could make him a Top 100 prospect.

87. Everson Pereira (NYY, OF) – Plus, bat speed is starting to translate into 20+ home run pop.  He does chase too many pitches out of the strike zone, and that will need attention for him to reach his potential.

88. Jett Williams (NYM, OF) – Toolsy with a feel to hit.  He’s not a big guy, standing 5-foot-8.

89. Jack Leiter (Tex, RHP) – A rough debut from the number two overall pick of the 2021 Draft has many fantasy managers concerned.  While understandable, it’s time to show patience in hopes he sorts out his control issues.

90. Oscar Colas (CHW, OF) – Plus raw power points to 20 home runs, and assuming he continues to make solid contact, he projects to be a full-time regular.

91. Justin Foscue (Tex, 2B) – He showed a meaningful improvement in his contact rate, and when you combine that with plus power potential, the ceiling is a full-time regular.

92. James Outman (LAD, OF) – A late bloomer.  Had one of the most impressive seasons in the minor leagues in 2022.

93. Cole Young (Sea, SS) – He’s showing a feel to hit with speed and enough bat speed to project average future power.

94. Ryan Pepiot (LAD, RHP) – He has a top-of-the-rotation arsenal, but his inability to throw strikes is holding him back.

95. DL Hall (Bal, LHP) – Premium athlete with premium stuff.  However, his health and inability to throw strikes are holding him back.

96. Connor Norby (Bal, 2B) – Plus hit tool with mostly doubles power that could turn into 20 home run pop with a handful of stolen bases yearly.

97. Ryne Nelson (Ari, RHP) – He has a plus arsenal and could pitch at the top-of-the-rotation with some improvements in his control.

98. Bryce Miller (Sea, RHP) – He made excellent adjustments in 2022 and, despite some limitations, could develop into a back-of-the-rotation starter, maybe a little more.

99. Jarlin Susana (Was, RHP) – He has the size and big fastball to pitch at the top of the rotation, or as a fallback, he could pitch at the back of the bullpen.

100. Edouard Julien (Min, 2B) – He understands the strike zone with intriguing speed and power upside.

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2023 Third Base Rankings

There’s no doubting the top-tier caliber at the “hot corner” this year, but after that top group comes off the board, the drop-off is fast and furious. Secure the services of one of those top-tier options, especially in 15-team Leagues, and leave the challenges of filling the slot to the rest of your league mates.

After the Top-10, there are more questions than answers. Miguel Vargas doesn’t qualify at 3B to start the year but will early in the 2023 season.

  1. Jose Ramirez, CLE – Ramirez has gone 20-20 in the last four full seasons. I’m not going to bet against him making it 5-for-5.
  2. Bobby Witt Jr., KCR – A Fantasy monster, Witt brought it in his rookie campaign, slugging 20 homers and swiping thirty bases. His free-swinging ways are the only thing holding him back from being a Top-3 overall pick. SS-98
  3. Austin Riley, ATL – Riley broke out in 2021, mashing 33 homers. He bested that total by five last year, hitting 38 out of the park in his second full season. In a very deep and talented Braves lineup, he’s one of the best and will be for a long time.
  4. Manny Machado, SDP – 2022 saw Machado produce another outstanding season, slugging 32 homers, driving in 102 runs with an OPS of .897, and tossing in nine stolen bases for good measure. It also doesn’t hurt to be surrounded by Juan Soto and now Xavier Bogaerts in the batting order. Expect more of the same stellar play moving forward.
  5. Rafael Devers, BOS – In two of the past three seasons, Devers has bested 100 RBI and Runs Scored. Last year was down, and he still drilled 27 HR with 88 RBI. Many would yearn for a down season of that caliber.
  6. Nolan Arenado, STL – I can give you 50,000,000 reasons to like Nolan Arenado. The Rockies did just that.  
  7. Alex Bregman, HOU – Was the last year, 2018/2019, good? No, it wasn’t, but 23 homers and 93 RBI is a great bounce-back campaign after two disappointing seasons.
  8. Gunnar Henderson, BAL – A move to shortstop could be in the cards for Gunnar Henderson, but you’ll want to use him at third in 2023. The sky’s the limit for the budding star.
  9. Eugenio Suarez, SEA – Suarez has bested 30 home runs in the past four full seasons. 2023 will make it five. Just temper the average batting expectations.
  10. Matt Chapman, TOR – See Eugenio Suarez with a downgrade on the power to 25-to-30 homers.
  11. Jose Miranda, MIN – Miranda is currently penciled in at the hot corner, and a solid 2022 debut should be improved upon in 2023. Long-term, a move to First Basse could be in the cards. 1B-77
  12. Josh Jung, TEX – Please, let Jung stay off the IL in 2023!
  13. Max Muncy, LAD – 35, 35, 36, 21? One of these numbers is very unlike the other three. Is this a blip in the radar, or are we looking at a new norm? 2B-31
  14. Ke’Bryan Hayes, PIT – A hip injury suffered early in the 2022 campaign led to back issues and a disappointing 2022 campaign. The 20 stolen bases were impressive, but the lack of power (7 HR in 505 AB) is a concern.
  15. Alec Bohm, PHI – A strong lineup in Philly will provide him with plenty of RBI opportunities, but the 13 homers Bohm hit last year are light by traditional Third Base standards. Will he improve upon those numbers in his second season?
  16. Ryan McMahon, COL – The return of Kris Bryant will help and should lead to a 20 HR, 80 RBI season. We were hoping for so much more.
  17. Anthony Rendon, LAA – How many at-bats has Rendon recorded since inking that 7-year $245 million contract with the Angels after the 2019 season? The correct answer is 572. Betting on a healthy Rendon at this stage in his career seems like a longshot, but should it occur, he could prove to be a massive bargain in 2023.
  18. Brandon Drury, LAA – Drury went 28-87 with 87 runs scored and a solid .263 BA in 518 at-bats, split between the Padres and Reds. Can the 30-year-old duplicate those breakout numbers in 2023 as a member of the Angels? 1B-30, 2B-27
  19. Wilmer Flores, SFG – The Giants’ loss could, in fact also prove to be their gain. Full-time at-bats for Wilmer Flores at the hot corner is much better than him fighting for playing time in a super-sub role. 1B-45, 2B-61
  20. Yandy Diaz, TBR – Diaz has produced a .400+ OBP in two-of-the-past-three seasons. The power is limited, and there is virtually no running game, but he should score a pile of runs hitting at the top-of-the-order in Tampa Bay.
  21. Ha-Seong Kim, SDP – We witnessed a much better effort in Kim’s second year with the Padres. How much better? It was good enough that he played 131 games at shortstop in the absence of Fernando Tatis Jr., and it is cause for his current placement at the top-of-the-order in San Diego heading into 2023. SS-131
  22. Jordan Walker, STL – He’s listed at Third Base, but it’s the outfield that Walker will be calling home, which will occur in 2023. The question to be answered is when in 2023 will that occurs.
  23. Josh Rojas, ARZ 2B-26 – The rumor mill has the DBacks not happy with the defense from Josh Rojas, so they went out and inked Evan Longoria to a one-year deal. The 23 stolen bases amassed last year are intriguing, assuming he can find a steady diet of at-bats.
  24. Brendan Donovan, STL – The NL ROY finalist plied his trade at every position except Catcher last year and Is currently penciled in at 2B. In a weak 3B class, don’t forget about Donovan. 2B-38, OF-37
  25. Eduardo Escobar, NYM – He has settled in as a bottom-of-the-order 20 HR-65 RBI type bat, a far cry from the player we saw back in 2019. How long can he hold off the surging Brett Baty?
  26. Justin Turner, BOS – After nine seasons wearing Dodger blue, it’s going to seem very odd seeing him in a Red Sox uniform to wind down his career.
  27. Luis Rengifo, LAA – 17 homers to go along with six stolen bases makes for an intriguing late-round corner-infield option. His Minor League history suggests there could be an uptick in the stolen base numbers moving forward. 2B-99
  28. Ramon Urias, BAL – The Orioles are shuffling their middle-infield, and it appears that Urias is heading to 3B. This should allow him to close in on a 20-homer season. 2B-21
  29. Yoan Moncada, CWS – Oh, how the mighty have fallen, or is it simply a case that other than that blip in 2019, Moncada hasn’t shown any improvement since entering the League? Limited power, no speed, and a batting average hovering around the Mendoza line makes rostering Moncada an option in only the deepest of formats.
  30. Hunter Dozier, KCR – The trade of Adalberto Mondesi to the Red Sox opens the door for Dozier to play at third. Mid-teens power and 50-60 RBI work fine as an injury replacement type player but not as a full-time regular. 1B-42, OF-40
  31. DJ LeMahieu, NYY 1B-35, 2B-41
  32. Luis Urias, MIL 2B-46, SS-24
  33. Rodolfo Castro, PIT 2B-32
  34. Josh Donaldson, NYY
  35. Jeimer Candelario, WAS
  36. Brett Baty, NYM
  37. Curtis Mead, TBR
  38. Isaac Paredes, TBR 1B-29, 2B-43
  39. Evan Longoria, ARZ
  40. Brian Anderson, MIL OF-44
  41. Gio Urshela, LAA
  42. Jace Peterson, OAK
  43. Bryan Ramos, CWS
  44. Jon Berti, MIA 2B-37
  45. Patrick Wisdom, CHC
  46. Brad Miller, TEX OF-29
  47. J.D. Davis, SFG
  48. Joey Wendle, MIA 2B-33, SS-34
  49. Bobby Dalbec, BOS 1B- 89
  50. Harold Castro, COL 1B-50
  51. Jake Alu, WAS
  52. Nicky Lopez, KCR 2B-68, SS-52 
  53. Abraham Toro, MIL 2B-55
  54. Kyle Farmer, MIN SS-98
  55. Ezequiel Duran, TEX
  56. Eguy Rosario, SDP
  57. Taylor Walls, TBR 2B-35, SS-92
  58. Elehuris Montero, COL 
  59. Zach McKinstry, CHC 2B-21
  60. Jake Burger, CWS
  61. Edmundo Sosa, PHI SS-42
  62. Josh Smith, TEX OF-24
  63. Ryan Kreidler, DET SS-13
  64. David Villar, SFG
  65. Ildemaro Vargas, WAS
  66. Luis Guillorme, NYM 2B-67
  67. Josh Harrison, PHI 2B-90
  68. Andre Lipcius, DET
  69. Mike Moustakas, CIN 1B-24
  70. Tyler Nevin, DET
  71. Emmanuel Rivera, ARZ
  72. Jonathan Villar, FA 2B-29
  73. Kevin Smith, OAK
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2023 Shortstop Fantasy Rankings

There is plenty of high-end talent at the shortstop position heading into 2023. The middle tier also offers numerous quality options, with some great budding talent chomping at the bit. There are many different paths one can lead in building a solid infield, all of which can lead to success. Adalberto Mondesi only played in 15 games last year, which is not a surprise based on his recent health issues, and will be only DH eligible until he gets in his qualifying time.

  1. Trea Turner, PHI – The elite skill set guarantees he’ll be off-the-board as one of the first five picks. Pencil in another 15 HR-25 SB season with a .285+ BA and 100 runs scored.
  2. Bobby Witt Jr., KCR – A Fantasy monster, Witt brought it in his rookie campaign, slugging 20 homers and swiping thirty bases. His free-swinging ways are the only thing holding him back from being a Top-3 overall pick. 3B-55
  3. Francisco Lindor, NYM – The disappointing 2021 debut in New York was replaced by vintage Lindor in 2022. A 26 home run, 107 RBI, and 16 stolen base season returns him to elite status at shortstop and a sure-fire Top-40 overall pick.
  4. Bo Bichette, TOR – A disappointing start to the season that saw him produce a .213 BA in April disappeared as the season wore on. The year-end results were solid, but the low stolen base total (13) is a concern.
  5. Fernando Tatis Jr., SDP – 2022 was a nightmare of biblical proportions. The unreported broken wrist in a motorcycle accident was followed up by a PED suspension. He didn’t make it on the field last year and still has three weeks remaining on his suspension – that is to be served to start the 2023 campaign. The talent from the neck down is undeniable. From the neck up is still to be determined. OF-24
  6. Tommy Edman, STL – Edman managed to slug a career-high 13 home runs, with 32 thefts and 95 runs scored. Toss in a .265 BA, and you have one very solid middle infielder. 2B-89
  7. Corey Seager, TEX – A career-high 33 home runs in his first year in Texas, and the RBI and RS numbers should only improve in an improving Rangers offense.
  8. Dansby Swanson, CHC – Swanson picked a great time to put together a career year and parlayed it into a 7-year $177 million deal with the Cubs. Temper the RBI and Run Scored numbers, as the Cubs’ offense won’t allow the same opportunities he had in Atlanta.
  9. Xander Bogaerts, SDP – Even a down year, and Bogaerts had a very down 2022, couldn’t keep AJ Preller from inking him to an 11-year $280 million contract. The Padres 1-thru-4 is as good as any team in the game, especially if Bogaerts returns to form. AJ Preller is betting on it. Will you?
  10. Jeremy Pena, HOU – Carlos who?
  11. Wander Franco, TBR – Franco missed virtually all of July and August with a fractured hamate bone. It wasn’t the sophomore campaign we were expecting, but one must remember that he is heading into his age-22 season and has a bright future ahead.
  12. Tim Anderson, CWS – A check-swing gone awry at the beginning of August cost him the final two months of 2022, but other than the missed time, it was the same old Tim Anderson. Another 15-15 season with a .300 plus BA should be in the cards. The last time Anderson posted a sub-.300 BA was in 2018.
  13. Oneil Cruz, PIT – The power and SB potential are sky-high, just don’t bet on the same to hold for the BA.  
  14. Carlos Correa, MIN – The former Giant and NY Met returns to the Twins on a six-year, $200 million deal with vesting options that could extend it to a ten-year contract. He is coveted in the actual game, but not so much in ours.
  15. Javier Baez, DET – The Tigers didn’t see this coming when they inked Baez to a six-year $140 million deal, but a solid September, where he hit five homers and drove in 16 runs while hitting for a .310 BA, is cause for hope that a bounce back is in order.
  16. Thairo Estrada, SFG – Dual eligibility with 15-20 potential makes Estrada a solid mid-tier option.  2B-102
  17. Amed Rosario, CLE – Rosario came through in 2022, hitting 11 HR, with 71 RBI, 18 thefts, and a great .283 BA. He’ll be looking to build on those numbers as he heads into Free Agency in 2024.
  18. Willy Adames, MIL – Adames enjoyed a great 2022, belting 31 homers and driving in 98 runs. He also struck out 166 times. Know your parameters.
  19. Nico Hoerner, CHC – He stepped into the void created by Javy Baez moving on to the Tigers and very quietly hit 10 HR and swiped 20 bases, both career highs. Can he sustain that breakout campaign?
  20. Ha-Seong Kim, SDP – We witnessed a much better effort in Kim’s second year with the Padres. How much better? It was good enough that he played 131 games at shortstop in the absence of Fernando Tatis Jr., and it is cause for his current placement at the top-of-the-order in San Diego heading into 2023. 3B-24
  21. Ezequiel Tovar, COL – Tovar is currently penciled in to own the shortstop gig in 2023. The upside is substantial but will he deliver in his first kick-at-the-can?
  22. Bryson Stott, PHI – The Phillies saw enough to believe that Stott will be an upgrade over Jean Segura, who is now calling Miami his home. A 15-15 season is within reach. 2B-47
  23. Brice Turang, MIL – The Brewers are looking to give Turang a shot at full-time employment, albeit at Second Base. The speed is real, and the power showed a solid uptick last year, making the youngster a most intriguing option in the latter rounds.  
  24. Elvis Andrus, FA – It’s now the end of January, and Andrus still hasn’t signed, but he will after a strong 2022. Will the White Sox re-up with the veteran, or will he find a new place to call home in 2023?
  25. Luis Urias, MIL – 2022 was a disappointment for the 25-year-old Urias, as he failed to build on his strong 2021 season. He looks to be the current favorite to man Third Base in 2023. The Brewers recently signed Brian Anderson as insurance, so a hot start could be imperative in seeing Urias secure full-time at-bats. Proceed with caution. 2B-46, 3B-73
  26. Jorge Mateo, BAL – If Gunnar Henderson is moving to shortstop, a significant loss of playing time is likely for Jorge Mateo.  But all is not lost. You’re investing in the stolen base potential, and he could steal 25 bags even in a part-time role.
  27. Luis Garcia, WAS – The 22-year-old enjoyed a solid rookie season while learning on the job. Better days are ahead. 2B-33
  28. CJ Abrams, WAS – The speed will definitely play, and the jury is still out on the power potential.
  29. Oswald Peraza, NYY – The Yankees have stated that both Peraza and Volpe will get a chance to break camp with the Yankees. Peraza should get the first shot, and that power/speed combination is worthy of a late draft slot. He looked very good in a brief late-season callup.
  30. Anthony Volpe, NYY – The upside is with Volpe. The first chance probably goes to Peraza.
  31. Isiah Kiner-Falefa, NYY
  32. J.P. Crawford, SEA
  33. Brandon Crawford, SFG
  34. Dylan Moore, SEA OF-61 
  35. Elly De La Cruz, CIN 
  36. Nicky Lopez, KCR 2B-68, 3B-30 
  37. Kevin Newman, CIN 2B-42
  38. Jose Barrero, CIN
  39. Nick Allen, OAK 2B-43
  40. David Fletcher, LAA 2B-142 
  41. Miguel Rojas, LAD
  42. Kyle Farmer, MIN 3B-36
  43. Nick Ahmed, ARZ
  44. Geraldo Perdomo, ARZ
  45. Joey Wendle, MIA 2B-33, 3B-43
  46. Royce Lewis, MIN
  47. Garrett Hampson, MIA OF-36
  48. Taylor Walls, TBR 2B-35, 3B-25
  49. Diego Castillo, ARZ 2B-28, OF-22
  50. Jordan Lawlar, ARZ
  51. Noelvi Marte, CIN
  52. Brayan Rocchio, CLE
  53. Jordan Westburg, BAL
  54. Ryan Kreidler, DET 3B-13
  55. Mauricio Dubon, HOU OF-67
  56. Paul DeJong, STL
  57. Addison Barger, TOR
  58. Ronny Mauricio, NYM
  59. Austin Martin, MIN
  60. Edmundo Sosa, PHI 3B-22
  61. Liover Peguero, PIT
  62. Matt Reynolds, CIN 2B-36
  63. Masyn Winn, STL
  64. Jose Iglesias, FA
  65. Joey Ortiz, BAL
  66. Livan Soto, LAA
  67. Andrelton Simmons, FA
  68. Alan Trejo, COL
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2023 Second Base Fantasy Rankings

Ozzie Albies, Jazz Chisholm, Jorge Polanco, Brandon Lowe, and Jonathan India all missed significant time in 2022 due to injuries. Is a return-to-form in the cards? Second Base is solid at the top, but don’t fret if you don’t manage to procure the services of that top tier. Thairo Estrada, Jeff McNeil, Whit Merrifield, and Vaughn Grissom, to name but a few, all make for solid mid-tier options. 

  1. Marcus Semien, TEX – At the end of May, Semien had 1 HR, 17 RBI, 6 SB, and a .199 BA. By year’s end, he had 26 HR, 83 RBI, 25 SB, and a .248 BA. The odds of a repeat of that dreadful start are very low.
  2. Ozzie Albies, ATL – He missed three months with a fractured foot and fractured his right pinky finger upon his return. If it weren’t for bad luck, Albies wouldn’t have had any last year.
  3. Jose Altuve, HOU – The 18 stolen bases in 2022 were his highest total since the 32 bases he swiped back in 2017. The BA, HR, and RS make Altuve an elite option. The speed numbers are a pure bonus.
  4. Andres Gimenez, CLE- Playing the last month of 2022 with a displaced fracture in his left thumb, Gimenez missed a 20-20 season by only three home runs. 2023 could very well be the year he attains that goal.
  5. Tommy Edman, STL – Edman managed to slug a career-high 13 home runs, with 32 thefts and 95 runs scored. Toss in a .265 BA, and you have one very solid middle infielder. SS-80
  6. Jazz Chisholm, MIA – The acquisition of Luis Arraez has Jazz Chisholm looking at making a move to centerfield. He managed to hit 14 HR and steal 12 bases in roughly one-third of a season before the combination of a stress fracture in his back and torn meniscus in his right knee ended his season. The potential to be an impact-type player is there if he can find a way to stay off of the IL.
  7. Jake Cronenworth, SDP – Enjoy one last season with Cronenworth having 2B eligibility. The signing of Xander Bogaerts is causing him to move to 1B full-time. 1B-20
  8. Jonathan India, CIN – A pair of trips to the IL with hamstring issues combined with more than his fair share of nicks and bruises limited the 2021 NL ROY to only 103 games. A return to health presents an opportunity for a return to form.
  9. Jorge Polanco, MIN – After a huge 33-98 breakout season in 2021, left knee woes limited Polanco to only 375 at-bats and 16 home runs last year. Did I mention that Second Base had more than its fair share of injuries last year?
  10. Gleyber Torres, NYY – After a hugely disappointing 2021, Torres must have heard some of those young footsteps and rebounded in a big way hitting 24 homers, driving in 76 runs, and stealing ten bases. Torres will have to sustain last year’s effort to keep the youngsters at bay.
  11. Max Muncy, LAD – 35, 35, 36, 21? One of these numbers is very unlike the other three. Is this a blip in the radar, or are we looking at a new norm? 3B-84
  12. Brandon Lowe, TBR – Lowe saw his home runs plummet from 39 in 2021 to only 8 in 2022 as he spent the bulk of the season dealing with a wonky back before finally being shut down in mid-September with a continuation of his back woes. Let’s hope for a return to health and that solid power production in 2023.
  13. Thairo Estrada, SFG Dual eligibility with 15-20 potential makes Estrada a solid mid-tier option.  SS-37
  14. Whit Merrifield, TOR – Lourdes Gurriel, and Teoscar Hernandez have found new homes for 2023, so even though Merrifield struggled badly after the trade last year, the Jays believe and have him slotted into full-time at-bats in 2023. He could prove to be a huge bargain at his current 193 ADP. OF-62
  15. Jeff McNeil, NYM – No speed, minimal power, but that elite hit tool will provide you with a moderate RBI total, solid runs scored, and a great BA. Know your parameters. OF-47
  16. Vaughn Grissom, ATL – You’ll have to wait for the SS eligibility, but you might prefer using him at 2B when it’s all said and done. Will he be the next Brave to be offered a long-term extension?
  17. Gavin Lux, LAD – 2022 was a solid start. 2023 should be better. Potentially much better. OF-28
  18. Kolten Wong, SEA – Coming off a 15 HR, 17 SB campaign, Wong was traded to the Mariners in the off-season. If only he could get in another 20-to-25 games, we might see a 20-20 season.
  19. Luis Arraez, MIA – The trade to the Marlins should guarantee that the eight home runs hit last year by Arraez won’t be duplicated. 1B-65
  20. Ketel Marte, ARZ – That amazing 2019 32 HR-92 RBI campaign looks to be an outlier. Marte has struggled, hitting only 14 and 12 homers over the past two seasons. A new bar has been set.
  21. Brendan Rodgers, COL – He hit 13 homers last year in 527 at-bats after his 15 homers 2021 season breakout in only 387 at-bats. It is disappointing for a player who spends half his life at Coors Field.
  22. Brandon Drury, LAA – Drury went 28-87 with 87 runs scored and a solid .263 BA in 518 at-bats, split between the Padres and Reds. Can the 30-year-old duplicate those breakout numbers in 2023 as a member of the Angels?  1B-30, 3B-67
  23. Chris Taylor, LAD – Taylor’s production slipped in 2022. An okay type year on most teams is fine, but Taylor doesn’t play on most teams. It’s the Dodgers, and a repeat of 2022 could find the 32-year-old moving into a utility-type role. OF-95
  24. Wilmer Flores, SFG – The Giants’ loss could, in fact, also prove to be their gain. Full-time at-bats for Wilmer Flores at the hot corner are much better than fighting for playing time in a super-sub role. 1B-45, 3B-34
  25. Bryson Stott, PHI – The Phillies saw enough to believe that Stott will be an upgrade over Jean Segura, who is now calling Miami his home. A 15-15 season is within reach. SS-83
  26. Luis Rengifo, LAA – 17 homers to go along with six stolen bases makes for an intriguing late-round MI pick. His Minor League history suggests there could be an uptick in the stolen base numbers moving forward. 3B-39
  27. Brendan Donovan, STL – The NL ROY finalist plyed his trade at every position except Catcher last year and Is currently penciled in at 2B. If he hits as he did in 2022, he might just lose that super-sub label. 3B-31, OF-37
  28. Josh Rojas, ARZ – The rumor mill has the DBacks not happy with the defense from Josh Rojas, so they went out and inked Evan Longoria to a one-year deal. The 23 stolen bases amassed last year are intriguing, assuming he can find a steady diet of at-bats. 3B-90
  29. Luis Urias, MIL – 2022 was a disappointment for the 25-year-old Urias. He failed to build on his strong 2021 season and looks to be the current favorite to man Third Base in 2023. The Brewers recently signed Brian Anderson as insurance, so a hot start could be imperative in seeing Urias secure full-time at-bats. Proceed with caution. SS-24, 3B-73
  30. Nick Gordon, MIN – The ability to play both middle and corner infield plus the outfield counts, especially with the Luis Arraez trade to Miami. OF-95
  31. Jonathan Aranda, TBR
  32. DJ LeMahieu, NYY 1B-35, 3B-47
  33. Jean Segura, MIA
  34. Ramon Urias, BAL 3B-98 
  35. Tony Kemp, OAK OF-65
  36. Isaac Paredes, TBR 1B-29, 3B-50 
  37. Jon Berti, MIA 3B-37
  38. Luis Garcia WAS SS-59
  39. Aledmys Diaz, OAK OF-29
  40. Jonathan Schoop, DET
  41. Santiago Espinal, TOR
  42. Nolan Gorman, STL
  43. Rodolfo Castro, PIT 3B-24
  44. Michael Massey, KCR
  45. Christian Arroyo, BOS
  46. Romy Gonzalez, CWS
  47. Joey Wendle, MIA SS-34, 3B-43
  48. Christopher Morel, CHC OF-58
  49. Samad Taylor, KCR
  50. Vidal Brujan, TBR OF-21
  51. Trevor Story, BOS
  52. Orlando Arcia, ATL
  53. Cavan Biggio, TOR 1B-33
  54. Michael Busch, LAD
  55. Abraham Toro, MIL 3B-31
  56. Taylor Walls, TBR SS-92, 3B-25
  57. Nick Allen, OAK SS-60
  58. Adam Frazier, BAL OF-38
  59. Nick Madrigal, CHC
  60. David Fletcher, LAA SS-36
  61. Nicky Lopez, KCR SS-52, 3B-30
  62. Zach McKinstry, CHC 3B-22
  63. Connor Norby, BAL
  64. Edouard Julien, MIN
  65. Kevin Newman, CIN SS-33
  66. Leury Garcia, CWS OF-23
  67. Diego Castillo, ARZ SS-32, OF-22
  68. Luis Guillorme, NYM 3B-22
  69. Cesar Hernandez, FA
  70. Enmanuel Valdez, BOS
  71. Charles Leblanc, MIA
  72. Jordan Diaz, OAK
  73. Matt Reynolds, CIN SS-23
  74. Justin Foscue, TEX
  75. Josh Harrison, FA 3B-23
  76. Jonathan Villar, FA 3B-28
  77. Rougned Odor, FA
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2023 First Base Fantasy Rankings

First base is deep in talent this year, with five, more than likely going off the board in the first two rounds. There are a host of options right through to the end game. Pick your strategy and execute it. Jonathan Aranda is only 2B eligible, but that will change early into the 2023 season.

  1. Vladimir Guerrero Jr., TOR – Sometimes, we forget that he is only heading into his age-24 season. The best is yet to come!
  2. Pete Alonso, NYM – As safe a bet as any player in the game to produce a 40-100 season.
  3. Freddie Freeman, LAD – Freeman’s lowest OBP over the past seven seasons is .388. His lack of pure power is made up in runs scored, and he’ll even toss in an occasional stolen base.
  4. Matt Olson, ATL – As safe a bet as any player in the game to produce a 35-100 season.
  5. Paul Goldschmidt, STL – I know he’s the reigning NL MVP, but he’s also heading into his age-36 season. He’ll still be a force at first, but the “elite five” make for a tough crowd.
  6. Rhys Hoskins, PHI – In the past four full seasons, Hoskins has hit 30, 27, 29, and 34 bombs. If you’re looking for consistent 30-home run potential, he’s your guy. He’s also heading into his walk year. If you believe in that as a motivator, it’s motivation time.
  7. Vinnie Pasquantino, KCR – In 522 at-bats last year between Triple-A and KC, Pasquantino hit 28 home runs, drove in 96 runs, and posted a K/BB ratio of 73/75. There’s a reason why he’s vaulting up the charts in a rather spectacular fashion.
  8. Nathaniel Lowe, TEX – The solid 2021 morphed into an even better sophomore campaign. Mid-twenties power combined with 80+ RBI makes for an excellent mid-tier option at first base.
  9. Jose Abreu, HOU – Downshifting after a horrible year, his worst since coming to MLB, would seem appropriate, but a move to the high-powered Houston offense and visions of one more great year dance through our head.
  10. Christian Walker, ARZ – Walker will provide 30+ home runs on a young, improving team that should give him plenty of RBI opportunities. That’s a lot to like for a player going off the board in the ninth round.
  11. C.J. Cron, COL – If only he could play the full 162 games at Coors.
  12. Andrew Vaughn, CWS – Tony’s gone!! Life will be good……possibly very good. OF-84
  13. Ty France, SEA – France is solid across the board. When you’ve got Eugenio Suarez and now Teoscar Hernandez hitting behind you, it’s fair to expect an uptick in the 65 runs scored last year.
  14. Anthony Rizzo, NYY – 19-of-his-32 home runs came during hot streaks in April and June. In the words of the great Jerry Reed, “When you’re hot, you’re hot/When you’re not, you’re not.”  A little more consistency would suit our fancy to a “t”.
  15. Josh Bell, CLE – If you believe in trends, Bell had strong seasons in 2017, 2019, and 2021. Escaping San Diego and that ugly second half last year and moving on to Guardians improves the odds of extending that streak.
  16. Rowdy Tellez, MIL – He’s not without his flaws, but as evident by the 35 home runs he slugged last year, raw power isn’t one of them.
  17. Ryan Mountcastle, BAL – The numbers put up by Mountcastle in 2022 were a virtual carbon copy of his breakout 2021 campaign, excepting the home runs. They dipped from 33 to 22. Unlucky or the new norm? How about a bit of both.
  18. Jose Miranda, MIN – Miranda is currently penciled in at third, and that’s where you’ll want to have him rostered. A solid debut should be improved upon in 2023. 3B-34
  19. Triston Casas, Bos – Let’s turn to Rich Wilson for his thoughts. “Long gone are the concerns about him making contact, as his approach and contact skills are excellent.  His power will be more mid-20s home run with a chance to hit a bit more as he doesn’t sell out for pull-side power.”
  20. Seth Brown, OAK – Brown will hit for power and swipe a handful of bases, but he’s way too much of a free-swinger ever to produce a decent BA. That being said, don’t ignore that power/speed potential. He’s a good late pick to fill your CI slot and one of the few A’s worthy of our attention. OF-77
  21. Jake Cronenworth, SDP – Enjoy one last season with Cronenworth having 2B eligibility. The signing of Xander Bogaerts is cause for him to move to 1B full-time. 2B-147
  22. Josh Naylor, CLE – The 25-year-old Naylor found his way to the 20-home run mark for the first time last year, and it won’t be his last. As the lineup around him continues to improve, so will the counting stats.
  23. Luis Arraez, MIN – Put a .300+ BA and 85 runs in the bank, but the eight home runs he hit in 2022 will prove to be an outlier. 2B-41
  24. Brandon Drury, LAA – Drury went 28-87 with 87 runs scored and a solid .263 BA in 518 at-bats, split between the Padres and Reds. Can the 30-year-old duplicate those breakout numbers in 2023 as a member of the Angels? 2B-27, 3B-67
  25. Joey Meneses, WAS – As a 30-year-old rookie, Meneses hit 13 homers in a scant 222 at-bats. Now that he has finally broken the ice, playing time opps shouldn’t be a problem in Washington. OF-24
  26. Spencer Torkelson, DET – The top-prospect struggled through a dreadful rookie campaign, hitting .203 BA with eight home runs. He can’t be this bad two years in a row.
  27. Brandon Belt, TOR – We finally get the opportunity to see what Brandon Belt can do in a hitter’s park, and I believe we’ll be pleasantly surprised.
  28. Wilmer Flores, SFG – The Giants’ loss could, in fact prove also to be their gain. Full-time at-bats for Wilmer Flores at the hot corner is much better than fighting for playing time in a super-sub role. 2B-61, 3B-34
  29. Miguel Vargas, LAD – There is no doubt the skills possessed by the 23-year-old top prospect. The problem is finding the at-bats in a very deep and talented Dodgers lineup. It’s worth a late pick to find out how/if the Dodgers find him 400+ at-bats. They could be very good ones.
  30. Jared Walsh, LAA – The memories of that stellar 29-98 breakout campaign in 2021 faded quickly as Walsh struggled badly last year. Thoracic outlet syndrome was to blame, and he eventually went under the knife in September. Is there a bounce-back campaign in his future?
  31. DJ LeMahieu, NYY 2B-41, 3B-47
  32. Trey Mancini, CHC OF-31
  33. Joey Votto, CIN
  34. Carlos Santana, PIT
  35. Ji-Man Choi, PIT
  36. Luke Voit, FA
  37. Garrett Cooper, MIA
  38. Harold Ramirez, TBR OF-29
  39. Isaac Paredes, TBR 2B-43, 3B-50
  40. Dominic Smith, WAS
  41. Eric Hosmer, CHC
  42. Hunter Dozier, KCR 3B-27, OF-40
  43. Ryan Noda, OAK
  44. Nick Pratto, KCR
  45. Wil Myers, CIN OF-52
  46. LaMonte Wade, SFG OF-45 
  47. Christian Bethancourt, TBR C-49
  48. Bobby Dalbec, BOS 3B-24
  49. Connor Joe, COL OF-64 
  50. Cavan Biggio, TOR 2B-49
  51. Keston Hiura, MIL
  52. Matt Mervis, CHC
  53. Harold Castro, COL 3B-25
  54. Yuli Gurriel, FA
  55. Jesus Aguilar, FA
  56. Darin Ruf, NYM OF-37
  57. Mike Moustakas, FA 3B-25
  58. Miguel Sano, FA 
  59. Matt Adams, WAS
  60. P.J. Higgins, ARZ C-34 
  61. Alfonso Rivas, SDP
  62. Robert Perez Jr., SEA
  63. Colin Moran, SEA
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2023 Fantasy Ranking of Catchers

Last year we mentioned that the landscape is starting to change at catcher, and that trend will continue into the 2023 campaign. Adley Rutschman has already established himself as a top-tier catcher and there will be even more young catchers starting to lay claim to jobs at the big-league level in 2023. Francisco Alvarez, Bo Naylor, Logan O’Hoppe, and Gabriel Moreno will all be looking to pour a foundation that should hold them in good stead over the next decade. When formulating your catching plans for 2023, don’t forget about Mitch Garver, Shea Langeliers, and Francisco Alvarez. All three will enter the 2023 season without catcher eligibility but are sure to gain that eligibility in the first month of the season.

  1. Will Smith, LAD – Smith led all Catchers with 87 RBI and, in the process, was only one-of-three catchers to break the 70 RBI mark. Toss in finishing second in home runs with 24 and a .260 BA/.343 OBP, and there’s a lot to like. The 2021 and ‘22 seasons were remarkedly consistent and virtually carbon copies of each other, which counts. Could there be a 30-100 season in his future?
  2. Daulton Varsho, TOR – The potential that many saw heading into the 2022 season was fulfilled as Varsho went 27-74 with 15 thefts. In his new home in Toronto, there’s an outside chance that he could join Pudge Rodriguez and J.T. Realmuto, becoming the third catcher-eligible player to produce a 20-20 season. That’s the good news. Unfortunately, it comes with bad news, as this will likely be Varsho’s last year attaining catcher eligibility. OF-114
  3. J.T. Realmuto, PHI – Realmuto had a fantastic 2022 season and, in the process, became only the second catcher ever to go 20-20. He’s one of three elite catchers in the game but betting on and paying a premium for a repeat is a bet filled with more risk than I’m willing to take.
  4. Adley Rutschman, BAL – Rutschman got out of the gate slow but absolutely shoved it in the second half. The first half .302 OBP faded into a distant memory after he exploded for a .399 OBP after the break. By this time next year, he has the potential to be the best catcher in the game.
  5. Salvador Perez, KCR – Expecting a repeat of that monster 2021 season and those 48 homers was expecting a bit much. However, even an average season from Perez will still bring you mid-20s home run power and 75 RBI in an improving lineup in Kansas City.
  6. Alejandro Kirk, TOR – At 5’8” and 265 lbs., the body type says no. The hit tool says yes. In this case, go with the hit tool.
  7. MJ Melendez, KCR – He’s not a typical leadoff bat, but don’t let that sway you in your decision to roster him. At some point in his career, Melendez will break through the 30-home run barrier, possibly as soon as 2023. OF-38
  8. William Contreras, MIL – The Brewers acquired Contreras in an off-season deal and will be looking to him for even bigger and better things moving forward. When you’re coming off a 20 home run, .354 OBP season as a 24-year-old, that’s a tall request, but one that shouldn’t be ruled out.
  9. Sean Murphy, ATL – The Braves traded for Sean Murphy and promptly did what they do best, locked him up on a six-year extension. The tools are all there for Murphy to be a top-tier catcher for many years. Just be cognizant of the fact that with Travis d’Arnaud in the mix, he’ll have a hard time repeating the 537 at-bats accumulated last year while a member of the A’s.
  10. Willson Contreras, STL – The long-time Cub has moved south to the Redbirds, much to the chagrin of the Chicago faithful. Moving to a much better offense should provide better opportunities and a boost in those always-solid counting stats.
  11. Tyler Stephenson, CIN – He missed a month with a fractured thumb and then added to the misery with a fractured clavicle that cost him the last two months of the season. When healthy, he hit six homers, drove in 35 runs, and hit to an outstanding .319 BA. After the top-tier catchers disappear off the board, look to Stephenson as a solid mid-tier option.
  12. Cal Raleigh, SEA – Raleigh hits the ball a long way when he lays bat-to-ball, as proven by the 27 homers he smacked in 2022. If only he could find a way to lay the bat-to-ball with more frequency. Know your parameters.
  13. Travis d’Arnaud, ATL – It was a good year for Travis d’Arnaud. He managed a career high 18 homers to go along with the always solid D. It wouldn’t be a shock to see d’Arnaud and Sean Murphy finding their way into additional at-bats hitting in the DH slot when not catching.
  14. Keibert Ruiz, WAS – He’s young with plenty of room and time to up his game. Expect slow and steady growth over the next several seasons, with an eventual arrival as a Top-10 Catcher. Just don’t expect that to occur next season.
  15. Danny Jansen, TOR – Jansen smacked 15 homers, drove in 44 runs, and hit for a .260 BA in only 215 at-bats. As a backup catcher, that is solid production. Toss in some additional at-bats out of the DH slot and Jansen could be poised to close in on a 20-home-run season.
  16. Yasmani Grandal, CWS – He didn’t hit for power, drive in runs, or produce his usual stellar OBP last year. A bounce-back type campaign should be in order for the 34-year-old backstop. The question is, how far back will it bounce?
  17. Christian Vazquez, MIN – The lowest BA Vazquez has produced over the past four seasons is a .258 BA. Toss in the modest power and a handful of stolen bases, and he does something many second catchers won’t do. He won’t hurt you.
  18. Bo Naylor, CLE – The Guardians brought in Mike Zunino to work with Naylor, a very smart move. As a #2 Catcher in Redraft Leagues, I like the double-digit power/speed potential. Just don’t overestimate those numbers and the workload in his rookie campaign. The big numbers will be right around the corner commencing in 2024.
  19. Logan O’Hoppe, LAA – Max Stassi and his .570 OPS won’t prove to be a stumbling block for the budding star. The Phillies could rue the day they parted company with O’Hoppe.
  20. Gabriel Moreno, ARZ – He’s young and will need a year before transitioning into the principal catcher role, but it’s coming and quickly. The hit tool is already solid and the power will develop.
  21. Jonah Heim, TEX – It was a solid 2022 for Heim. In the absence of Mitch Garver, sidelined by a flexor tendon injury and subsequent surgery, Heim stepped to the fore and enjoyed a very good season. The second half .590 OPS is definitely cause for concern, as is the return of Mitch Garver. A return to 250 at-bats from the 406 at-bats he accumulated in 2022 is very likely, and with it, a corresponding reduced value.
  22. Eric Haase, DET – It wasn’t 2021 good, but 14 homers, 44 RBI, and a .254 BA is solid production. Expect more of the same in 2023.
  23. Jose Trevino, NYY – The AL Platinum Glove Award winner, the first by a Yankee, also handled himself well with the bat. 11 home runs, 43 RBI, and a .248 BA makes for a decent option as a second Catcher in two-catcher formats.
  24. Carson Kelly, ARZ – The arrival of Gabriel Moreno in the desert does not bode well for Kelly. The DBacks are poised for a changing of the catcher guard, and unless Kelly ups his game significantly, he’ll be on the outside looking in.  
  25. Gary Sanchez, FA – Sanchez will give you a legitimate shot at a 20 home run season. He’ll also be a huge BA dreg. He’s still looking for a job, and the landing spots are getting fewer and fewer by the day. Will he be left standing when the last chair is filled?
  26. Austin Nola, SDP – Nola might not be who we once thought he would be, but a repeat of his 2022 season would be very welcome in deeper formats.  
  27. Endy Rodriguez, PIT – He’ll work in a job share with Austin Hedges as he learns the gig. After producing a 25 HR, 95 RBI, .323 BA season down on the farm, it shouldn’t be long before he owns the full-time gig in Pittsburgh.
  28. Mike Zunino, CLE – Zunino inked a one-year deal to mentor Bo Naylor. Zunino missed the bulk of 2022 after undergoing thoracic outlet surgery, but with four 20-plus home run seasons on his resume could prove to be a cheap late source of power.
  29. Elias Diaz, COL – As a late-round option, Diaz brings moderate power, decent RBIs, and a .228 BA to the table. What you see is what you get.
  30. Christian Bethancourt, TBR – It has been an interesting journey for the one-time Braves’ top prospect. From catcher to reliever to a stint in Korea, from Oakland to Tampa Bay, not to mention a host of Minor and Winter League teams. He enters 2023 with a share of the Rays catching gig. Double-digit home runs should be in the cards, temper the BA expectations. 1B-37 
  31. Joey Bart, SFG
  32. Omar Narvaez, NYM
  33. Francisco Mejia, TBR 
  34. Martin Maldonado, HOU
  35. Nick Fortes, MIA
  36. Yan Gomes, CHC
  37. Jacob Stallings, MIA 
  38. Tucker Barnhart, CHC
  39. Reese McGuire, BOS 
  40. Seby Zavala, CWS  
  41. Luis Campusano, SDP 
  42. Kyle Higashioka, NYY 
  43. Austin Hedges, PIT
  44. James McCann, BAL
  45. Max Stassi, LAA                          
  46. Ryan Jeffers, MIN  
  47. Jake Rogers, DET 
  48. Curt Casali, CIN
  49. Garrett Stubbs, PHI 
  50. Cooper Hummel, SEA 
  51. Austin Barnes, LAD 
  52. Jorge Alfaro, FA  
  53. Riley Adams, WAS 
  54. Victor Caratini, MIL 
  55. Andrew Knizer, STL 
  56. Connor Wong, BOS 
  57. Tyler Soderstrom, OAK   
  58. Sam Huff, TEX
  59. Luke Maile, CIN
  60. Ivan Herrera, STL
  61. Tomas Nido, NYM 
  62. Dillon Dingler, DET   
  63. Luis Torrens, FA 
  64. Tom Murphy, SEA  
  65. Henry Davis, PIT 
  66. Korey Lee, HOU  
  67. Bryan Lavastida, CLE
  68. Kevin Plawecki, FA  
  69. Roberto Perez, FA 
  70. Brian Severn, COL 
  71. Manny Pina, ATL   
  72. P.J. Higgins, CHC 1B-38 
  73. Mario Feliciano, DET
  74. Ali Sanchez, PIT 
  75. Alex Jackson, MIL 
  76. Austin Wynns, SFG 
  77. Jose Herrera, ARZ 
  78. Pedro Severino, SDP
  79. Miguel Amaya, CHC
  80. Yainer Diaz, HOU 
  81. Israel Pineda, WAS 
  82. Anthony Bemboom, BAL 
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2023 Texas Rangers Top 15 Prospects

I’ve been critical for many years of how the Texas Rangers have approached their prospects.  They fall in love with toolsy high-end players with questionable hit tools, and the result has not been good.  That has changed. 

There are still plenty of those toolsy players in the system, but over the past three years, they have added players that can hit.  Josh Jung, Evan Carter, Justin Foscue, and Aaron Zavala are great examples.  While the upside might not be a superstar, they all have full-time regular upside, with several having an All-Star upside.  By taking this approach, they have lowered the overall risk of their system by adding more certainty with higher floor players.

On the pitching side, they have added two top college arms, Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker.  Leiter had a tough season, and there will be questions about Rocker’s health until there isn’t.  However, both have top-of-the-rotation ceilings.

I love the direction the team is taking and believe it will work.  Combine that with ownership’s desire to spend money in free agency, and Texas’s future looks promising.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Josh Jung
  • Biggest Mover: Aaron Zavala
  • Emerging Prospect: Emiliano Teodo

The list can be found here.

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2023 Seattle Mariners Top 15 Prospects

The Seattle Mariners’ system might be young, but there are a ton of players that have significant upside.  Harry Ford is becoming one of my favorite players in the minor leagues.  He can hit with plus speed, and he’s a catcher!  Gabriel Gonzalez also has a feel to hit with 15+ home run potential, and Jonatan Clase has blazing speed. If he can carve out playing time, he could be a fantasy monster.  There’s also plenty of high-end pitching led by Emerson Hancock.  There’s a chance he moves to the bullpen, but the stuff is good enough for him to be at least a mid-rotation arm, if not more.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Harry Ford
  • Biggest Mover: Gabriel Gonzalez
  • Emerging Prospect: Felnin Celesten

The list can be found here.

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2023 Oakland A’s Top 15 Prospects

The A’s have added a lot of talent over the past 18 months.  However, most of the talent has come from trades as they continue to underachieve at the draft table and in the International market.  Since they refuse to sign big free agents, they must rely on excellent player evaluation and development.  I think they lag when you compare their organization with teams with similar approaches.

As with all systems, there is talent.  I continue to be high on Tyler Soderstrom and see him as an offensive-first player who may have to move off catching.  Zack Gelof has plus power and should be able to hit enough to become a full-time regular.  Their pitching is comprised mainly of acquired players with mostly mid-rotation or number-four starter ceilings.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Tyler Soderstrom
  • Biggest Mover: Jordan Diaz
  • Emerging Prospect: Carlos Pacheco

The list can be found here.

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2023 Los Angeles Angels Top 15 Prospects

Despite having two of the best players ever to lace up cleats, the Angels are a poor baseball team.  They primarily lack pitching but also need several positional bats to fill out their lineup.  In reviewing their minor league system, some interesting positional bats should be able to help and help soon.  But, regrettably, the pitching is thin, with only Ky Bush and Sam Bachman having a chance to be impact pitchers.  Sure, if both get called up and perform, you win.  But is that likely?

I love Logan O’Hoppe; he has the tools to be an impact performer as soon as next season.  Zach Neto, the Angels’ first-round pick last season, has the defensive chops of former Angles Brandon Marsh and can also really hit.  The Angels are pushing him hard, so don’t be surprised if he is in Anaheim next season.  They’ve also done well recently in the Latin market with several high-upside players who played well in the lower minor leagues.

Is it enough to allow the Angels to compete with the Astros and the other elite American League teams?  From a hitters-perspective, I say yes.  The pitching needs help…but it always does.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Logan O’Hoppe
  • Biggest Mover: Edgar Quero
  • Emerging Prospect: Nelson Rada

The list can be found here.