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Week 6

Today is the day we spoil the women in our lives, and your Fantasy season hangs in the balance. Giving up the remote for one day won’t kill you. Remember that your presence is not her presents.

  1. Aaron isn’t quite over the hill.
  1. How does “general fatigue” end up with a verdict of TJS?
  1. Danks for the memories, there were some good ones.
  1. One of these days, the Twins Jorge Polanco will appear on the field wearing the wrong jersey.
  1. Steve Delabar, the Reds latest bullpen addition, is proving very quickly that he belongs.
  1. Nick Markakis is currently leading the Atlanta Braves with 20 RBI and is yet to hit his first home run of the 2016 season. Could Pie Traynor’s modern era record be in jeopardy?
  1. King Kang returns to the Pirates with a vengeance by swatting a pair of homers in his 2016 debut. It was worth the wait.
  1. Lance McCullers could be returning to the ‘Stros rotation as early as this coming weekend. In Leagues playing at ESPN, his current ownership level is at 48.6 per cent.
  1. In his last four starts (including today), Marco Estrada has allowed the grand total of six earned runs and the vaunted Jays offense has provided him with five runs of support. He should be suing his team mates for lack of support.
  1. In 67 at-bats, Logan Morrison currently has no homers, no RBI, and is sporting an OPS of .301. Can it get any lower for LoMo?
  1. Adam Duvall’s days of a job share appear to be a thing of the past. Four homers in the month of May is a good way to guarantee steady employment.
  1. I have no idea why Gregory Polanco is batting in the cleanup slot, but I like it.
  1. At the age of 42, Bartolo Colon finally got the opportunity to show the world his home run trot. The portly one finally broke his 19 year drought. Congratulations to the Big Man!

One comment on “Week 6

  1. The Hill has RBIs
    please back away from fantasy if your wearing Fat Bart’s cologne.

    Lowrie over Lawrie…still
    The AL CY Young leads the league in hits given up while the most expensive arm is chasing him down.

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