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Week 17

  1. Chris Sale takes the day off to work on his cutter. What’s the big deal?
  1. Will there ever be a better time to attempt to acquire Clayton Kershaw in Dynasty leagues?
  1. Robby Manfred, as our fearless leader, has come to our rescue by decreeing that baseball needs to change. Relief pitchers are simply too good and ruining the latter innings of our great game by being successful. Based on Mr. Manfred’s comments, the biggest thing that might need changing is the leadership?
  1. It’s time to ponce on DeLeon.
  1. The Phillies rotation is turning out to be pretty Eflin good.
  1. Will Smith get anyone out today? The answer is a resounding, NO.
  1. While one ship arrives in port, another appears to be saling away into the sunset.
  1. Jose Berrios favourite song is Ricky, Don’t Lose those Numbers.
  1. Kendall Graveman and the Oakland A’s are living proof that it ain’t over until the Fat Lady sings.
  1. There is nothing that I’d enjoy more than Aroldis Chapman being traded to the Gnats.
  1. Dear Robin Ventura: Thanks for waking up, just in time to see my 6 2/3 innings of shutout ball and a Win disappear. Regards, Jose Quintana.
  1. Jose Altuve is the biggest little guy in the game today. He’s got my vote for first off the board in 2017.
  1. Wei-Yin Chen is dealing with a left elbow sprain and has been scratched from his start on Monday. In weekly leagues, his owners can breathe a sigh of relief as the temptation to actually start him in a two-start week no longer exists.
  1. Ketel Marte is moving in anything but stereo.
  1. In news coming out of the desert, the DBacks are letting the baseball world know that Shelby Miller is available. Maybe, they should give the Braves a call? Jim Johnson could be available….maybe.


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