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  1. Hey Rich!! Thoughts on Brock Stewart? I’m thinking of picking him up as a speculative guy. Impressive stats in AAA 10.34k/9

    • The stuff doesn’t match the results. Very good control. That said, yeah, if you’re in a deeper league, he should be owned. A mid-rotation type of starter but playing in the NL West will help him.

  2. Hey Rich, love the podcast.
    I’m in a 12-team H2H points league with 30-man rosters, 8 keepers, and CBS scoring (W=7 pts, K=0.5, etc). I’d like to grab my #3 SP at the turn of rounds 9/10 from one of this group: Tanaka, T. Ross, Martinez, Zimmermann, Liriano, and Stroman. Each has their flaws but who do you like? Or would I be better off waiting and hoping for one of last year’s young guns in 11/12 with McCullers, Rodon, Walker, Matz, Iglesias, or Severino?

  3. Hi Rich, love the podcast. I am in a 16 team 25 man keeper league (no penalties, can keep players forever). Would you keep Max Kepler, Manuel Margot or Steven Souza as my final keeper? Thanks!

  4. Could you rank the incoming Cuban players while including the ones that may still be available in dynasty leagues as in Moncada and/or Olivera with those who have defected, but yet signed?
    I thought you mentioned one as a Moncada type as in build maybe, but with so many and the age differences it’s hard to have a straight lost for supplemental drafts.

  5. Hey Rich, already counting down the days! Would appreciate your sagely advise. I’m in a 10 team HTH roto league, with 8 keepers who are kept two rounds earlier than the round they were drafted the previous year. Like to keep them all, but I have to drop one. Is Madbum in the 2nd round the one to go?

    Franchise Player (no expiration) Stanton, Giancarlo, MIA, OF
    2. Bumgarner, Madison, SP, SF
    3. Springer, George, HOU, OF
    4. Gordon, Dee, MIA, 2B
    5. Machado, Manny, BAL, 3B
    16. Blackmon, Charlie, COL, OF
    18. Lindor, Francisco, CLE, SS
    19. Sano, Miguel, MIN, DH
    24. Salazar, Danny, CLE, SP

  6. Hi Tim,

    Let me ask you someone. With the likes of Bogaerts, Russell, Lindor, Correa, Tulo, and Seager already playing in the majors with the addition of JP Crawford, Turner, Rodgers, Swanson, Bregman, Mondesi, and even Barreto, Anderson, etc…does that still make SS a “premium” position in 1-2 years?

    That is a lot of good players, right?

  7. Hey Rich, any ETA on a 2016 top 50 prospect list? Thanks in advance!!

  8. Hi Rich,

    I have another question, but it will take more than 140 characters.

    I had asked you about Soler vs. Seager earlier in Twitter. This time I am going to ask for your opinion on Soler vs. Odor.

    Do you favor Seager and Odor over Soler because of their positions? Is it because of Soler’s injury history? You have touted Soler’s bat as a 30 plus HR bat which is fairly substantial in this day and age.

    So, I wanted to get your opinion or thought process on what goes into these types of decisions.

    Thank you,

    • I prefer Seager over Soler as Seager is just a better player, playing a more premium position. I’ve always thought Odor was better than everyone thought but would take Soler over Odor. It’s close though. Injuries are becoming a problem for Soler and given his body type, could always be a problem. That said, the chance for 30 home runs has me leaning towards him.

  9. Hi Rich,
    Love your analysis, helps me stay competitive in all my dynasty leagues!! So thank you. Here’s my question can you give me 5-7 players (bats or arms) that are under the radar to target in my rookie drafts? These can be 2015 draftees or just prospects that have fallen through the cracks and could be in line for a breakout this year.

    I really appreciate it, thanks again for all the help!

    • Thanks Alan for the feedback…now for the disappointment. I never know how to answer these questions. 5-7 players under the radar to target? I just don’t know how to answer. Some names I like more than others are Victor Robles, Wilson Contreras, Michael Fulmer, Frances Martes, Andrew Knapp, and Garrett Whitley. Are these under-the-radar? Don’t know. I obviously like higher drafted and more well known prospects better like Bregman, Bennitendi, etc…

      Anyway, sorry I can’t be more exact.

  10. Hey Rich,

    Love the site and the podcast, just can’t get enough!

    I have a very good problem in my 6×6 12 team H2H category league as I have a slew of keeper options (can keep 5 in the round drafted forever). Which guys would you keep? This is year three and I finished 3rd and 4th in the first two years.

    Trout (rd1)
    Sale (rd 4)
    Marte (rd 5)
    Cespedes (rd 6)
    Carpenter (rd 7)
    Springer (rd 17)
    Buxton (rd 18)
    Bryant (rd 23)

    Follow up question is: would you try to package a Marte/Cespedes or Marte/Springer for Correa who is a last rd keeper?

    As always appreciate your input and everything you do for the baseball community

  11. Rich,

    In a MILB draft would you take Reed, Benentendi or Brinson? The categories are OBP/SLG/SB/R/RBI. I keep coming back to Reed’s power potential. Thanks.

  12. Who do you prefer Margot or Alford and why?

  13. Hi Rich –

    I have the 8th and 18th picks in a 5 round MILB draft (including Internationals) for a 20 team league (50 minors).

    Do you always take a guy to build around early? Or when do you go after the International guys like Kim and Park and Meyeda? Do you take these guys over kids like Benitendi or Happ?

  14. Any insight on now 23yr old Reydel Medina?
    In 2013, BA cited a quick bat and good runner with good results in showcase compitition.
    There is nothing for 2015 on this guy and his path to the ML club is open if you believe Bruce is half out the door as I suspect.

    • I’ve never seen him live but the notes I have indicate that his swing is pretty long but he’s got some athleticism, so he should be monitored. I don’t think he’s played in a full season league yet and there are a few players ahead of him on the depth chart, so a path to Bruce’s job might take a couple of years.

  15. Good evening Rich!

    Which old guy do you have more faith in for ’16 – A Rod or V Mart?

    Thank you –


  16. Also, what the heck do I do with Buxton? I know you aren’t completely sold on him. It sounds like the tools are there to bust out and make all of us look silly to even discuss this, but when is this going to happen? We’ve won our league the last two years and have a really good chance to compete again.

    We have Buxton and I’m trying to figure out what to do with him. We gave up McCutchen earlier on to get him (salary played a role in that deal), so I hate to just bail on him now and then he blows up in 2016.

    I guess what I am saying is that we are in win mode now and not sure if Buxton is going to help us do that.

  17. Hi Rich,

    Another question about a former prospect turned major leaguer. I really value and appreciate your opinions. Thanks for your time and effort.

    What are your thoughts now regarding Conforto? He flew through the minors and arrived well ahead of schedule. So with more minor league ABs and a smaller sample size of big league at bats, what is your prediction for him for 2016 and beyond? Is it too early to say whether he is a 15 HR guy or a 25 HR guy? It looks like he can hit, but his power is going to determine his fantasy relevance.

    Thank you,

  18. Hey Rich love the site and the fantasy baseball info! You may remember me as bscarge but these days I go by Dennet on twitter. Onto my question…

    2015 has been a banner year for two things: baseball prospects and tech stocks. Whether it’s Kris Bryant, Carlos Correa, or Facebook, the value came in well above expectations. How would you rank the following for expected 2016 returns? Tyler Glasnow (SP – Pirates), Corey Seager (SS – Dodgers), Alphabet Inc (GOOG), Byron Buxton (OF – Twins) and Square Inc (SQ).

    • Love this question as I believe investing in prospects is similiar to the concept in investing in all kinds of financial instruments (short and long).

      Glasnow – long on the stock. I think he’ll get the call in Mid-June (past the Super-2 qual date) and perform well but not Jacob deGrom great. The stuff is double-plus but he struggles to hold batters on and still needs some work on his command. But long-term, #1 potential.

      Seager – I think he’ll be great from Arpil 1 through the season with the early odd-on favorite to be NL ROY. That many times doesn’t carry through (did for KB), but everyting is there from him to be an offensive force. Like the hit tool a little more than the power. Could be a .280 18 HR guy in his first year, but 25-30 bombs are in the bat.

      Alphabet Inc – Long for sure. I love the split of Google to Alphabet as it puts forward the real value in Google and allows the company to continue to hid from the Street the crazy investments they are making in automonous cars, etc… That said, I do worry about Tech in general in 2016. It’s oversold but not Google. Even though search is hurting a bit, Youtube and other properties have nowhere to go but up.

      Buxton – I’m shorting him next year. All the tools there to be a stud…but he can still get overwhelmed and I at some point need to trust my eyes. I’ve seen him play at least 10 times and everytime he wasn’t good. The speed and glove are real, but the bat still needs work.

      Square – They need to expand their product base to include more services around how to run small businesses. It’s a tough market and with their CEO distracted by Twitter, I’m not convinced they blow-up in 2016. Really, isn’t it just a little white thing on your phone? Really??? LOL.

  19. Hi Rich,

    Now that Peraza has been traded, do you expect to see his role expand to more of an everyday player? You had mentioned more of a utility role in the Dodgers write-up, but he has obviously been traded since then.

    What does the change in scenary do for him now?

    Thank you,

    • Great question…first Peraza is not that good and is the reason he’s being traded. That said, he could be an interesting fantasy option as he should be able to steal 30+ bases with full-time at-bats. The bat though has no power and there is concern about his abiliyt to get on base. He can play shortstop though and I hope the Reds move him back there.

      • Hi Rich,

        Thanks for the quick response. So, is it safe to say then that you would prefer Dilson Herrera over Jose Peraza short term and long term?

        Thanks again.

      • First, I’m a frustrated Dilson Herera owner. Clearly the Mets hate him and he has no chance to play this year unles there is an injury. Long-term…three years out, I still like Herera but this year and next, it’s Peraza. But candidly, it might be a bird in a hand is worth two in the bush on this deal though. In other words, I would prefer Peraza as clearly the Reds like him and he’ll get a chance this year.

  20. just finished reading your rockies write-up .

    you had this to say about David Dahl :
    “He only spent a little over a month in High-A in 2014 before starting the year in the Eastern League in 2015. I’m sure they were trying to make up for his lost season in 2013, but perhaps they were a tad overaggressive.”

    my question ===> what happened in 2013 that caused him to lose the season ?

    thanking you , in advance .

    • Got sent back to the Complex after missing a flight to start things off. Then once he got back, he injured his hamstring and missed the rest of the season. Played in only 10 games. I’ve never heard of any makeup issues, so I think the disciplinary reasons were just a teaching point for the Rockies.

  21. Rich, I posted back on Nov. 12th with a keeper question and never heard so thought I’d try again since there’s a trade offer on the table.
    12-Team Auction, Head-to-Head, 5v5 with SV/H and QS instead of Wins. We keep 3 and Arbitrate 1. *dollar amount is 2016 cost
    J. Abreu 1B – $22
    J. Donaldson 3B – $18
    C. Sale P – $24
    M. Betts 2B,CF,RF – $14
    J. Odorini – $6
    AJ Pollock – $8
    C. Davis – $24
    J. Cueto – $17
    D. Betances _ $13

    1. Are Betts and Pollock’s low cost too good to pass up?
    2. I trade M. Betts and C. Davis for M. Machado 3B,SS ($17). Do I make this deal giving me Donaldson, Pollock and Machado as my keepers and arbitrating Abreu or Sale? If I don’t do the deal, who do you feel are the top 4 choices?

    Loyal listener and back-to-back champ because of you and Timmy! Thanks guys!

    • Sorry for the sow response.

      1. Yes, absolutely. You have to keep both Betts and Pollock.

      2. I love Betts but Machado is too good to not grab for $3 more. It’s close, but I would do it.

      3. Arbitrate Abreu for me. Too much volitility and availabiliy of pitching, even as good as Sale is.

  22. Hey Rich,

    Just read your Top 10 Blue Jays prospects, and had a question.

    You gave Jon Harris an ETA of 2017. Was that a typo? If not, what did you see from him that indicates he can fly through the system like that?

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into these.

    • I do…older college player that will be 22 this year. Assuming he pitches the way I think, he should be able to handle Low-A and High-A easily this year. That should setup him up for a 2H callup in 2017; 2018 at the latest, assuming health.

  23. have just finished reading your phillies and nationals team prospects reports .
    you seem to have a bullish impression of crawford , but is he any better than turner ?
    please compare the two players , and give me your best guess , please .
    thanking you , in advance .

    • I think he’s better than Turner but that is no disrespect to Turner. He has a chance to be very good as well. I think Crawford has more power and Turner more speed. But overall, it’s Crawford for me.

      In three years, if I were to guess…Crawford is a Top 5 SS and Turner is a Top 8.

  24. Hey Rich,

    I have a situation with a strong team, but I have to unload a few guys to get below the budget before next year’s auction. I would like to trade some strong keepers for cheaper players, but that isn’t so easy to pull off.

    It’s a 12 team, 5×5 roto (OPS instead of BA), with a $325 budget, we start 5 OF and 2 UTIL.

    My current keepers bring me to $351. I’m not worried about having money available for the auction because I am keeping almost a full roster, but I don’t want to lose good keepers for nothing. Keep in mind that we can keep as many players as we want, but salaries inflate by $4 each year, so that’s why you will see that I focus on young players. The salaries below are for 2016.

    C – McCann ($9)
    1B – Miggy ($43)
    2B – Odor ($5)
    3B – Kyle Seager ($17)
    SS – Russell ($10)
    MI – Corey Seager ($9)
    CI – Abreu ($28)
    OF – Springer ($13), Betts ( $9), Polanco ($13), Puig ($13), Carlos Gomez ($17)
    DH – Chris Davis ($22), Trea Turner possibly ($5)
    Bench/Prospects – Gallo ($9), AJ Reed ($5), Mazara ($5), Judge ($6)

    SP – Jose Fernandez ($19), DeGrom ($9), Archer ($15), Richards ($9), Stroman ($9), Walker ($6), ERod ($8)
    RP – Jansen ($17), Melancon ($12), Giles ($9)

    The most obvious trade candidates are Miggy, Kyle Seager, or Gomez (and Abreu to a lesser extent because of his salary being higher than most of the others). Any suggestions based on all of this?

    Thanks for the help!

    • Great team and great problem to have. Yes, Miiggy is the guy you need to move. On the backside of his career…still very, very good but the 43 is the problem. I would also consider moving Gallo. Big time power but I’m struggling with the contact…again. If you can’t move Miggy then I think you move Chris Davis. I love the pitching and the prices there.

  25. Happy Off-Season Rich!
    Not sure if you check this as much but I’m already thinking of next year and going for a 3-Peat! 12-Team Auction, Head-to-Head, 5v5 with SV/H and QS instead of Wins. We keep 3 and Arbitrate 1, which is bid on first thing at draft and then the arbitration manager can decide if he wants to match. Who to keep and who to Arb.?
    *dollar amount is what they will be this year to keep
    J. Abreu 1B – $22
    J. Donaldson 3B – $18
    C. Sale P – $24
    M. Betts 2B,CF,RF – $14
    J. Odorini – $6
    AJ Pollock – $8
    C. Davis – $24
    J. Cueto – $17
    D. Betances _ $13

    I will be aggressively be trying to deal some of these for Rookies, which we can keep up to 3, separate from our normal 3. My rookies right now are Souza, Russell and Urias.
    Are Betts and Pollock’s low cost too good to pass up? First glance, thinking Donaldson, Abreu and Pollock, arbitrating Betts or Sale….depending on trades.

    Loyal listener and back-to-back champ because of you and Timmy! Thanks guys!

  26. Rich,

    Just found your podcast/website a couple months ago and I love it! It’s easy to track stats these days but it’s tough to get tape/talent evaluation on guys in the minors (with the exception of what their draft slot implies) so your site/podcast are very helpful. I also love Tim’s accent – and as far as I’m concerned you guys can begin/end each sentence with each other’s name regardless of the below criticism. You and Tim are just Canada-nice and I enjoy listening to you guys.

    Ok, so, I’m in a 10 team dynasty league, 32 man rosters. We’ve been going 5 years now and I’m the current champ so my roster is pretty stacked – but waivers closes in a week and I want to keep my edge. I’ve got 2 questions, the first is pretty simple:

    What do you think about Hector Olivera? Cuban numbers looked great (I’m a sucker for a low K rate since we use all 3 slash categories), but he’s going to be 31 years old in April and hasn’t played full time in about 3 years. I just don’t know how to evaluate him but he’s on our waiver wire and I could use 3B depth.

    And my second question is more just asking you to evaluate the following. Here are the guys at the end of my bench: Duda, Trea Turner, Panik, Teixeira, Brandon Crawford, and Boxberger.

    Here are the guys I like on the waiver wire: Olivera, Dahl, Glasnow, Alex Reyes, Gary Sanchez, Daniel Norris, and Meadows.

    I haven’t really given you any details about my league because I really just value talent in general. The only thing I will say (and noted above) is that we use average, on-base, and slugging % – so well rounded hitters are very valuable while guys like Billy Hamilton don’t just fail to help in HR and RBI – they actually hurt your 3 slash categories.

    My starting lineup is fine, and I feel like, objectively, I should probably stand pat. Our rosters are only large enough to speculate on a few minor league prospects at a time (I tend to carry 2-3, though some teams will carry 5-6), so I try to only carry guys that I think have massive upside. I’ve hit on guys like Harper and Correa but I’m not sure Dahl or Meadows has that kind of upside. I think Reyes and Glasnow might though – so I’m wondering if I shouldn’t drop a low upside (however, well rounded) hitter like Joe Panik to grab Glasnow or Reyes.

    Thanks for taking time to read/answer this. Keep up the great work, I listen to every episode!

    • Hey Benjamin, I’m glad you found the podcast and site and are enjoying both. Tim is the best, accent and all and truly exemplifies what being a nice Canadian is all about.

      Congrats on winning your league. Olivera…he should be rostered but you need need to temper expectations short and long-term, particularly long-term. He’s 31 and hasn’t been the model of health. I’ve never seen him live but I think he can hit with more speed than power. He’s likely still getting into playing shape and the age does bother me.

      You’ve got great talent on the waiver wire and Reyes and Glasnow could be special. I just saw Reyes in the AFL and his stuff is unhittable. I’ve seen Glasnow and it’s even more-so. Nasty stuff. Both are nearly ready and while their command has a long way to go, they both have #1 upside. Sanchez is a bat without a position but he can really hit with power. Meadows and Dahl will make our Top 100 and very high, with 20/20 upside but it’ll be lighter power than speed initially. Plus Meadows doesn’t have a place to play. Both are 2017 players I think. Norris is also very good and while he’s recovering from Thyroid cancer, it’s the most treatable of all cancers, so I’m hopeful.

      Do I swap them out for anyone on your bench. Probably Panik for sure. Duda and Tex have great slash lines but Tex is always hurt and is on the backside of his career. Could you do a 2:1 trade to free up a slot somewhere. Get a better player back for two and then pickup Glasnow and/or Reyes?

      • Rich,

        Good suggestion on the 2:1 trade – I’m always on the lookout (I lead my league in # of trades every year) – but still have a logjam.

        This is a head to head league (a W/L for each category) and my approach this offseason is to simply jam my roster with high upside talent while going thin at positions where there aren’t many high upside players.

        My thinking is that I just want to have the best players I can get my hands on – then during the season I can trade that talent off to fill holes if need be. So, for example, most of us carry 2 catchers – but I cut my backup C to pick up Glasnow. And I ditched my backup 2B (Panik) for Reyes.

        Does this seem like a reasonable strategy? Any tweaks to suggest?

        And Tim was right on about healthcare: nobody in developed countries like the US/Canada should want for healthcare. It’s a shame that some still do.

  27. No idea. I don’t run the site. I’m assuming you must have said something that tweaked Allen or Tim.

  28. Hi Rich,
    Im in a long term 20 team dynasty league. My team is full of mashers and a bit short on speed and pitching, but built to win now. And SS is a major weak spot.

    I was offered Trea Turner, Eduardo Rodriguez, and Alex Reyes for JD Martinez. Do you think Turner has enough upside to warrant moving someone as establishedly brilliant as JD?


  29. going forward , who would you rather have on your dynasty staff : robbie ray or kyle hendricks ?

    thanking you , in advance .

    • The good news is that neither will be stellar, so it’s hard to go too wrong. Ray throws hard but Hendricks is a slightly better pitcher. That said, Hendricks upside is simply and command and control guy while Ray could be more once he learns to control his stuff better. I’d go Ray.

  30. I could use some line-up help for this final week in my 14-team, standard mixed roto redraft league. I’m in second place with only about 2 points to 3rd place and 5 points short of 1st place. I need runs and wins the most but there is also a little movement around the standings for where my average, strikeouts and home runs are.
    Mainly, I want to know:

    For catcher, should I continue to rely on Salvador Perez or assume he’ll get rested and play Wellington Castillo?
    Will Daniel Murphy still get regular playing time and perform since the Mets have clinched?
    Who is a better 1B this week – Logan Forsythe (has he gotten cold?); Mitch Moreland (hot and most needed right now); or Todd Frazier (who I’ve relied on most of the season but is he checked out now with his team’s season done)?
    What fringey pitchers do you recommend this week? Is Estrada likely to be a 2-start pitcher if his Jays clinch the Division? Do you like Brandon Finnegan?

    Thanks and thanks for great shows.

  31. Hello Rich,
    Two playoff questions: 12-Team Head-to-Head.
    Ellsbury has been abysmal of late, should I drop him for Conforto or T. Phamm who have good matchups all this week? Question 2: Is Taijuan Walker worth rostering as I’ve heard he’s over innings and is going to have a start skipped this week. Should I drop him for Conforto or Phamm instead and then Elsbury would be my lone bench bat?

    Thanks for all you guys do!

  32. My 14 team league has a dynasty component for minor leaguers and we just had our draft primarily for those taken in the 2015 MLB Draft. Any thoughts on the guys I got?

    Kolby Allard; Nick Plummer; Jon Harris; Marcus Molina; Amaurus Minier; Jalen Miller; Tyler Nevin.


  33. So, who is Xander Bogaerts? I understand he is still only 22!, but is he the 25-30 HR guy with a .270 BA or is he the higher avg guy (like this year) with less pop.

    Rich, where do you see him over the next 2-3 years?

  34. Hello Rich!

    There is word that Joe Ross will be shut down shortly. He’s pitched 136 2/3 innings this season between majors and minors, which is 14 1/3 more then his career high. I have him pitching tonight and was wondering if I should dump him afterwards for José Berrios, who just fanned 12 over 7 scoreless innings. I’m in 1st place in a 12-Team League and was wondering how long to hang on to Ross and whether Berrios would be good to grab now, only thing is I need him to pitch soon so I don’t have empty stats.


    • I just don’t know…but here is my thinking. The Nats have a history of shutting young guys down early and guys coming off injury. I would guess the same thing would happen with Ross. That would be the logically connecting of the dots. If you buy that, will the Twins promote Berrios? He’s 21-years-old and at 155 innings. Plus, he’s not on the 40-man. I would think the answer is no to that as well. Let’s say the Twins are desperate to try and make the playoffs, maybe he gets a start or two…but how good can you expect them to be?

      I don’t know what to tell you, but I’m guessing my Sept. 10th, both are not pitching. I guess I would stick with Ross….but again, I just don’t know…

      Sorry, I wish I had a better answer.

      • No worries, thanks for the quick reply. I’ll just go with Ross until I see an update of them shutting him down and then use that spot to stream a pitcher. I think Berrios could be a great spot start in Sept. or the playoffs so I’ll keep tabs on him.

        Thanks boss!

  35. Hey Rich,
    Question re: value of “middle aged” SP in a 20 team mixed dynasty league…

    I’ve been offered:
    Daniel Norris
    Trevor Bauer
    Mark Appel
    Daltom Pompey

    for my:

    Cole Hamels
    David Dahl
    Jacob Gatewood

    Obviously Hamels is the best current piece…but I’m not in the playoffs…I know you were pretty high on Norris’ ceiling at the beginning of the year….do you think this deal makes sense….and what do you think the next 2-3 years holds for Hamels…? Will we see a decline? Thanks as always.


    • Dahl has the most upside of everyone in the deal and that’s what makes it hard. Love Norris and Bauer has a chance to be a solid #3 but Appel; that’s a tough one. Like Pompey a lot but Dahl more.

      I feels like volume over quality to me. Norris and Pompey could both hit and be very good, but it’s not assured. Hamels is still very good and I feel better about Dahl hitting his ceiling than anybody in the guys coming to you. Tough call…but I’d rather have the Hamels/Dahl side.

  36. Gavin LaValley
    Richard Urena
    Wulimer Becerra
    etc…even though it hurts to say etc because the raw scouting reports and tidbits I have access to say the ceiling is worth owning in a 300 player owned dynasty league.

    How do we know which have ceilings worth owning and which are not?
    Giron, now Isan Diaz, next …am I better off owning Shaffer? Mac Williamson?
    I’m so frustrated watching guys I’ve dropped become more than the upside player I FAAB.

    • They’re all similar players but I like Becerra the most. Better overall skills. LaValley was supposed to have speed but hasn’t shown any of it.

      In a league with 20 minors, you have to roster 2 or 3, maybe 4 guys that are bets…but no more. Than the rest of the guys need to be closer to the majors as they have more trade value and can just help your team more. I’ve been doing this format a long time and that was the painful lesson I learned. 16 to 17 year olds almost always flame out. If you miss on one, then you miss on one. Take the batter over the pitcher everytime, particularly when they are younger and that should work.

      Hope that helps.

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