Hot Prospects – Week 2

The second week of the minor league season is upon us with Luis Robert putting on a great copy of what Vlad Jr. did in 2018.  He’s hitting everything in sight while showing plus power.  It shouldn’t be long before the White Sox challenge him with a promotion to Double-A. Once again, I went with […]


Digging Deep Series – “Buy Low (Hot-Rod), Sell-High (Lemons) Pitchers”

To use StatCast data for deep analysis on pitchers, I started with the simple difference between wOBA and xwOBA. The difference between actual results (i.e. wOBA) and expected results (based on the batted ball data for their pitches, i.e. xwOBA) would provide a crude high-level method to identify overachievers or underperformers thus far in the […]

Waiver Wire – Week 3

Chris Davis had the baseball world on pins and needles as he broke two major league records over the past six months.  The first is he posted the lowest batting average for an entire season in 2018 and since last September, he had not gotten a hit in 62 plate appearances.  He broke that streak […]

Digging Deep: Hot Rods and Lemons (Week 3)

We’re back with a new installment of Hot Rod or Lemon. This time we’re trying to get some names for you prior to Sunday night FAAB to maybe throw some money at (or to drop whilst picking up someone else). This article looks at StatCast data through Friday night’s games. Enjoy the list and please […]

Hot Prospects – Week 1

The Minor League season started last Thursday and I had a chance to see an inside-the-park home run…on the first pitch of the game no less.  While Justin Dean didn’t make our list, the play was remarkable and deserved a callout. While the 10 players below had a great week, there were many others that […]

Digging Deep Series: Looking under the Hood – Hot Rod or Lemon

It’s only been a week but already we can take a look at some batted ball numbers in StatCast. MLB has downloadable leaderboards for average exit velocity, ‘barrels’ per plate appearance and expected batting average – both for hitters and pitchers. Taking a look after about a week of games is not particularly definitive. However, […]

Waiver Wire – Week 2

Another heavy load of players should be considered for this week’s acquisition through Free Agency. While there are always young players like Jon Duplantier, this week some veterans make the list. Mark Reynolds should get plenty of time with Ryan McMahon out and the fountain of youth seems to be working well in Kansas City […]

Waiver Wire – Week 1

How many hours do we plan our fantasy drafts?  Some of us…way too much time.  It’s ok, we love the game but when you lose Daniel Murphy after a handful at-bats or watch Chris Sale get beat up by the Seattle Mariners, you begin to question the hobby you’ve selected. Never fear, we’ve got the […]

Fifteen Under Fifteen – Pre Waiver Wire

This year we started the regular season with two games in Japan the third week of March, took a break for a week, and then resumed the regular season the last week of March. Managing rosters, the DL, and potentially a staggered Waiver Wire is a handful, to say the least. With that in mind, […]

Hitter Comparisons using StatCast

With the public availability of StatCast data, the baseball fan is now able to do deeper dives into players using information that was never before accessible. A fun thing I like to do is to compare players’ underlying peripherals to see which players have similar hitting profiles to each other. When thinking about what makes […]