Waiver Wire Pickups for Week 6

It’s prospect week as a Who’s, who of young players have made their debut over the past seven days.  The volume and the prominence of the players are unprecedented.  To help you, our senior fantasy writer, Tim McLeod has provided his waiver wire pickups for the week.     The list can be found here. […]


Hot Prospects – Week 6

This week’s list is my favorite to-date.  It’s not that every name on the list produced a tremendous stat line, but instead, it’s a collection of interesting names.  Some that might be able to help their respective big-league team this year and others who might be flying under-the-radar. Enjoy the list and please click on […]

Week 7 Waiver Wire Pickups

We are at the quarter-pole mark in the baseball season.  So far, it’s been another season of launch angle, home runs and strikeouts where a 4.30 ERA is league average and if you don’t hit 20 home runs, you have below-average power. It’s also been a season of kids getting promoted and this week we […]

Hot Prospects – Week 5

When I scan the weekly results for minor league players, the number of Triple-A hitters at the top is the largest I’ve seen over the past five years.  Clearly, the new ball is having an effect.  When you combine that with great hitting PCL ballparks and the normal inconsistent pitching you always see in Triple-A, […]

Digging Deep Series – Buy Low Pitchers (Through May 7th)

This is the companion piece to the Hitter deep dive last week. Now that we have accumulated over a month of data, we can examine to see which starting pitchers have seen the most substantive changes (in both directions) in their pitching effectiveness, both in defense-independent results (e.g. K%, BB%) and with the underlying peripherals […]

Waiver Wire – Week 6

The kids just seem to keep coming.  This week saw the arrival of Nate Lowe and Nick Senzel.  At the moment, both seem poised to stick in the Major Leagues with Senzel having huge potential.  For most of you, Senzel is already owned but Lowe might not be. But it doesn’t stop there.  Several other […]

Hot Prospects – Week 4

As we close out April, there have been a number of quality performances.  However, Luis Robert and Casey Mize were the best of the best and have won our April player of the month and pitcher of the month honors. Both have been recently promoted to Double-A with Mize already notching a no-hitter.  Roberts should […]

Digging Deep – Buy low Hitters through April

We’ve gathered over a full month of data and some of the underlying metrics are starting to become more “stable” – by which we mean we can make more confident conclusions about whose performance this year is ”real”. The strikeout rate is one of the quickest hitting characteristics to stabilize; whereas batted ball metrics such […]

Waiver Wire – Week 5

How did you celebrate Vlad Jr. weekend?  Yeah, it was over the top, but that’s ok.  Baseball needs to highlight its young players.  After all, they are the future and whether you are a Blue Jays fan or not, you have to admit, it was cool to see him finally wearing a major league uniform. […]

Hot Prospects – Week 3

The end of Week 3 of the minor league season brings the debut of Vlad Jr.  Finally, the Blue Jay’s fans get to watch their great hope.  I don’t think he will disappoint as the hit-tool is too good.  The question on his immediate power might be getting answered as it’s in the ball.  With […]