2013 Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Prospects

Our review of the 2013 Top 10 Los Angeles Dodgers prospects is now available.

1. Yasiel Puig (OF)

2. Joc Pederson (OF)

3. Zach Lee (RHP)

4. Corey Seager (SS)

5. Chris Reed (LHP)

6. Onelki Garcia (LHP)

7. Garrett Gould (RHP)

8. Matt Magill (RHP)

9. James Baldwin (OF)

10. Alex Castellanos (OF/IF)

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6 comments on “2013 Los Angeles Dodgers Top 10 Prospects

  1. How close was sleeper prospect Zach Bird to making this list?

  2. Tim, good idea. Just know that I’ve not seen any of these players live and my feedback will be exclusively done through watching video. Also, most industry observers have not seen these players unless they’ve worked the International circuit or were involved in the direct scouting of these players, which most have not. In other words, the work will be very high-level and more stat based with some observation.

  3. I think your missing someone…


    • You’re right I did. However, I left him out intentionally as I find it difficult to profile Japanese/Korean players as minor leaguers. Yes, they can win ROY, so they should be included – I get that. But in general, I find people want to learn about the kids on the farm and how they are progressing through the system.

      • Rich,
        I understand your rationale regarding discussion of asian transfer players. You don’t consider them pure prospects. That said, they are still not blue chip MLB players and carry some risk, just like prospects. It’d be great if you looked at some of your favorite asian transfers in a separated category. Or, maybe you can just have Tim McLeod do a one-off guest column? 😉

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