2014 Top 10 Cincinnati Reds Prospects

Our review of the 2014 Cincinnati Reds Top 10 Prospects is now available.  You can see the Cincinnati 2013 Prospect List here.

1. Robert Stephenson (RHP)

2. Billy Hamilton (OF)

3. Phil Ervin (OF)

4. Jesse Winker (OF)

5. Yorman Rodriguez (OF)

6. Nick Travieso (RHP)

7. Carlos Contreras (RHP)

8. Daniel Corcino (RHP)

9. Tanner Rahier (3B)

10. Amir Garrett (LHP)

2014 Emerging Prospect:

Aristides Aquino (OF)


2 comments on “2014 Top 10 Cincinnati Reds Prospects

  1. Winker is my fantasy guy on this list. Natural hit tool, size, projection, LF open, and currently great ML park (Reds are not scared to use prospects for “now” trades). Is it me or do the Reds crush the player evaluation process? I have read the past week surfacing MiL org reports and Mr. Stephenson is making noise, big time as in above Appel in BA ranks.

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