2014 Top 10 Colorado Rockies Prospects

Our review of the 2014 Colorado Rockies Top 10 Prospects is now available. You can see the Rockies 2013 Prospect list here.

1. Jonathan Gray (RHP)

2. Eddie Butler (RHP)

3. David Dahl (OF)

4. Kyle Parker (OF/1B)

5. Rosell Herrera (SS)

6. Tyler Anderson (LHP)

7. Trevor Story (SS)

8. Raimel Tapia (OF)

9. Tom Murphy (C)

10. Ryan McMahon (3B)

2014 Emerging Prospect:

Carlos Herrera (SS)

2 comments on “2014 Top 10 Colorado Rockies Prospects

  1. Were Edwar Cabrera’s two bad MLB starts the reason COL let him go or were there other issues like an injury? Does Cabrera have any MLB SP potential with the Rangers?

    • Cabrera missed the entire 2013 due to a shoulder injury and subsequent shoulder surgery in July. He was put on waivers last month and the Rangers picked him. Nice arm but clearly the shoulder injury puts a lot of uncertainty on him.

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