2014 Top 10 Houston Astros Prospects

Our review of the 2014 Houston Astros Top 10 Prospects is now available.  You can see the Astros 2013 Prospect list here.

1. Carlos Correa (SS)

2. Mark Appel (RHP)

3. George Springer (OF)

4. Jonathan Singleton (1B)

5. Mike Foltynewicz (RHP)

6. Lance McCullers (RHP)

7. Vincent Velasquez (RHP)

8. Delino DeShields (OF)

9. Domingo Santana (OF)

10. Rio Ruiz (3B)

2014 Emerging Prospect:

Josh Hader (RHP)

7 comments on “2014 Top 10 Houston Astros Prospects

  1. Micheal Feliz anyone?

  2. Does the Astros 3rd pick, Kent Emanual, have a realistic MLB SP projection with Houston? Lots of good young arms in the system now.

    • Command and control lefty that doesn’t have a huge projection. It’ll all come to how well he can locate his fastball and keep the ball down. I haven’t seen him pitch and don’t have a lot of information beyond that.

  3. Jason Martin!

  4. I know this is almost an impossible question, but could you give a couple players in MLB that you would trade straight up for Correa? I read he actually grew in height as we’ll in weight last year and his power may be much greater than anyone thought on draft day. Thoughts?

    • Today? You have to consider the risk of a guy in Low-A vs. the value of a major leaguer. Maybe Asdrubal Cabrera today…but assuming he continues to blow-up next year, which is what I think will happen, it could be Reyes or Tulu pretty quickly. If you believe, then maybe Today, you already value him as a top three round value.

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