2014 Texas Rangers Top 10 Prospects

And we have made it to the end.  319 prospect write-ups since the first of September with 12 more with the Texas Rangers.  Oh yeah, you get an extra bonus as I just couldn’t resist.  The 2013 Rangers list can be seen here.

1. Jorge Alfaro (C)

2. Rougned Odor (2B)

3. Luis Sardinas (SS)

4. Alex Gonzalez (RHP)

5. Nick Williams (OF)

6. Michael Choice (OF)

7. Luke Jackson (RHP)

8. Chris Bostick (2B)

9. Lewis Brinson (OF)

10. Nomar Mazara (OF)

2014 Emerging Prospect:

Ronald Guzman (1B)

Bonus Prospect:

Joey Gallo (3B)


7 comments on “2014 Texas Rangers Top 10 Prospects

  1. Know anything about Teodoro Martinez?

    • Yeah, he’s a guy that nobody talks about including me. A lot of speed and now starting to add some leverage to his bat speed for some over-the-fence power. Very aggressive at the plate though and seldom walks but has good plate coverage with above-average contact. Thanks for reminding me and giving me a chance to talk about him.

  2. really enjoyed all of the writeups. looked forward to each new list and i’m somewhat sad that now it’s over. appreciate all of your hard work and time put into this site.

  3. Thanks for all your hard work, Rich! This will be an immense help for my dynasty league draft. Will you also be doing a “Top X” list? When do you think we might expect it?

  4. Thanks Rich for all your time and hard work.

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