2015 Top 10 Chicago Cubs Prospects

Our review of the 2015 Chicago Cubs Top 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Cubs 2014 Prospect List here.

1. Kris Bryant (3B/OF)

2. Addison Russell (SS)

3. Jorge Soler (OF)

4. Kyle Schwarber (C/OF)

5. Albert Almora (OF)

6. Billy McKinney (OF)

7. C.J. Edwards (RHP)

8. Dan Vogelbach (1B)

9. Pierce Johnson (RHP)

10. Eloy Jimenez (OF)

2015 Emerging Prospect

Jen-Ho Tseng (RHP)

Gleybar Torres (SS)

3 comments on “2015 Top 10 Chicago Cubs Prospects

  1. Nice listing and I’m wondering if you feel the same as I do….a lot of attention given to the Cubs, Red Sox and Rangers prospects..and for good reason. But the Nationals list goes relatively un-noticed. Any word on Goodwin’s injury turning out to be worse than first reported?
    ……and will the Nationals ever trade Souza?

    • Thanks.

      I wrote up the Nationals Top 10 last week and it’s really, really good. Giolito, Souza, Taylor, Cole are top four and all have impact potential. Further away are Fedde, Difo, Bautista, and Lopez with at least one or two likely have impact talent. The problem is they are stacked at the major league level and I do worry about these guys getting blocked.

      Souza seems like the guy to trade as Taylor will likely be the CF starting in 2016, although he’s ability to make contact is still an open question. At his juncture, Souza is a 4th outfielder, which would be a real shame after the last two years he’s had. In fact, after Bryant, you can make an argument for Souza being player of the year.

      Goodwin…I couldn’t find any news on his injury either on the internet or through my contacts. I don’t have a conduit into the Nationals organization. The guy has a ton of talent and every time I’ve seen him play, I’ve been impressed, but the talent isn’t translating at the upper minors so far – injury aside.

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