2015 Top 10 Minnesota Twins Prospects

Our review of the 2015 Minnesota Twins Top 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Twins 2014 Prospect List here.

1. Byron Buxton (OF)

2. Miguel Sano (3B)

3. Kohl Stewart (RHP)

4. Nick Gordon (SS)

5. Alex Meyer (RHP)

6. Jose Berrios (RHP)

7. Lewis Thorpe (LHP)

8. Eddie Rosario (OF)

9. Jorge Polanco (2B)

10. Nick Burdi (RHP)

2015 Emerging Prospect

Amaurys Minier (OF)




3 comments on “2015 Top 10 Minnesota Twins Prospects

  1. There’s my Minier. Read many were surprised on his feel for hitting while the raw just oozes.
    Does anyone have a higher ceiling top 10?

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