2015 Top 10 Boston Red Sox Prospects

Our review of the 2015 Boston Red Sox 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Red Sox 2014 Prospect List here.

1. Blake Swihart (C)

2. Rusney Castillo (OF)

3. Henry Owens (LHP)

4. Manuel Margot (OF)

5. Rafael Devers (3B)

6. Eduardo Rodriguez (LHP)

7. Wendell Rijo (2B)

8. Brian Johnson (LHP)

9. Garin Cecchini (3B)

10. Matt Barnes (RHP)

2015 Emerging Prospect:

Michael Chavis (2B)


4 comments on “2015 Top 10 Boston Red Sox Prospects

  1. Is Manuel Margot the most fantasy friendly of this group? I really didn’t like his size as a 5-tool kid, but it seems everyone has a positive outlook.

    • It’s between Margot and Devers. Margot while diminutive is never going to have plus power, but I believe 12 to 18 is possible. If you take the lower end, that’s still a very interesting fantasy player. 12 HR/30 SB with excellent BA and OBP. Sign me up. Devers will have no speed but could be a 30 HR kid, who can also hit.

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