2015 Dynasty League Re-draft Board

Having played in Dynasty Leagues for the past five years, I have found that the annual redraft process is the most important task of the year.  If you don’t spend time thinking about what you want to do and evaluating the talent available, it can truly set you back for several years.  In fact, I have found it so important that in all of our Prospect361 sponsored leagues, we follow a 12-hour slow draft process.   I have found that you really need to think about each selection and making a quick decision in 60 seconds leads to poor decisions and ultimately too many noncompetitive teams.

As with everything in life, you’ve got to have a plan and a player “pref list” that matches what you are trying to accomplish.  For instance, if you’re competing for a title with one pick in the first three rounds, you probably want to stay conservative and select a college player who is close to contributing.  If you’re rebuilding with multiple picks in the early rounds, you can be more aggressive by selecting high school players who are further away.  That said, if you have five picks in the first 30 picks and every player you draft is a high ceiling/high risk teenager, you’ve made a horrible mistake.

To help you prepare for your draft, we have created our Top 30 “pref list”.  The list is comprised of players drafted in the 2014 first year player draft as well as Latin Players who have signed since your fantasy draft in 2014.  Since each leagues rules are different and more importantly, each leagues waiver wire is unique, do not use this list as a bible.  Instead, use it as a guide.  If a top prospect is on the board who was drafted in 2013 and you believe they are better than anyone else on our list, then take them.  If there is a closer on the board and he can put you over the top, draft him.  Remember, flags fly forever and nobody has yet won a title by having the best collection of minor league players.

The key is finding the balance…good luck and let us know how things go.

  1. Yoan Moncada (2B, Unsigned) – If you are playing for the long haul and can draft Moncada, do it…if you have a chance to win next year, Castillo might be the better pick.
  2. Rusney Castillo (OF, Bos) – Castillo is a complete player and big league ready. The upside is a 15 HR/30 SB player.  He did bulked up while waiting to be cleared by OFAC and while that clearly helped him get paid, don’t be surprised if he spends some time on the disabled list.
  3. Carlos Rodon (LHP, CHW) – 3rd pick in 2014 draft. Many owners with the first pick will snag Rodon.  While he’s a worthy and safe pick at 1-1, if I had the number one pick, I’d take a bat.  That said, I think Rodon will see Chicago this year and working with Don Cooper will only help Rodon gain consistency with his secondary pitches.
  4. Yasmani Tomas (OF/3B, Ari) – At some point the string of impact Cuban born players will have to end. It could very well end with Tomas.  However, with power at a premium, he’s the right pick if you have the number four pick.
  5. Alex Jackson (OF, Sea) – 6th pick.  Everybody I spoke with in researching the Seattle Top 10 list said that Jackson was the best bat in the draft class and it wasn’t close. Great bat speed with good hand-eye coordination.  It looks like the Mariners have permanently moved him to the outfield and while he would have held more fantasy value at catcher, on the positive side, he should move quickly.
  6. Kyle Schwarber (OF, CHC) – 4th pick.  Schwarber was the surprise number four overall pick by the Cubs.  After destroying the lower level minor leagues last year, the Cubs look like they have hit gold once again.  The bat is advanced and while it’s unlikely he sees Chicago in 2015, it’s not completely out of the question.
  7. Nick Gordon (SS, Min) – 5th pick.  Gordon is a huge make-up kid that should move quickly. Not a burner, so if you’re looking for speed up the middle, he’s not your guy.  However, he’s got bat speed and the body that could produce 20 home runs at the highest level.
  8. Tyler Kolek (RHP, Mia) – 2nd pick.  While Kolek was the second overall pick in the 2014 draft, he drops to eight on my draft board. The biggest concern is that there has never been a kid like him drafted.  He’s stands 6-foot-5, weighs 260 pounds and can hit triple digit; oh yeah, he’s 18-years-old.  It should be noted that he did not get close to triple digits during his brief professional debut.
  9. Jeff Hoffman (RHP, Tor) – 9th pick.  I had a chance to see Hoffman early in the 2014 college season and he was impressive, like in 1-1 impressive. He has three above average pitches and can throw each for strikes. While there is clearly risk given that he is recovering from Tommy John reconstructive surgery, I think the upside is worth taking him in the first round of your fantasy draft.
  10. Michael Conforto (OF, NYM) – 10th pick.  Conforto can really hit but doesn’t have great bat speed, so his power output will always be questioned.  If he can stay in the outfield, his fantasy value should play.  However, if he moves to first, I don’t think he’ll have enough power to be a first division starter.  I’m betting he stays in the outfield and becomes an Allen Craig type of player.
  11. Bradley Zimmer (Cle, OF) – 21st pick. Bradley Zimmer fell in the draft and I’m not sure why.  He can really play with a nice power/speed combination.  The upside is 20 HR/20 SB player.
  12. Trea Turner (SS, SD/Was) – 13th pick.  Turner’s carrying tool is elite speed that should play very well at the highest level if he plays a contact-oriented game. However, he can get pull happy and swing for the fences which will hurt his game and his overall fantasy output.
  13. Max Pentecost (Tor, C) – 11th pick.  Pentecost has the tools to be a solid fantasy catcher with a ceiling of a top 12-18 catcher. The power upside is an open question with a wide range of 10 to 20 currently on my board.
  14. Sean Newcomb (LHP, LAA) – 15th pick.  Newcomb has a nice combination of size and stuff with the polish to move quickly. After a few down years, Newcomb provides a nice anchor for an Angels minor league system that could start to finally improve.
  15. Michael Chavis (SS/3B, Bos) – 26th pick.  Chavis was one of my favorite players in the entire draft. While I loved the attitude and makeup, more importantly, the bat speed is elite with an innate ability to make contact.  He’s a bit bow-legged though, so I’m not sure how much speed he’ll have.
  16. Grant Holmes (RHP, LAD) – While not tall, Holmes has a sturdy body and more importantly, a big arm. He’s young, but there is a ton of upside.
  17. Brandon Finnegan (LHP, KC) – 17th pick.  Finnegan is one of the better known players from the 2014 class as he pitched meaningful innings in the playoffs.  The biggest concern is his 5-foot-11 height which will inevitably flatten out his arsenal and make him homer prone.  That said, he’s a safe pick who could spend most of the 2015 season in Kansas City, but possibly in the bullpen.
  18. Aaron Nola (RHP, Phi) – 7th pick.  Another safe bet is Aaron Nola.  He could see Philadelphia in 2015 with similar upside to Finnegan.  He’s 6-foot-1 with a 91-93 MPH fastball and average secondary pitches.
  19. Touki Toussaint (RHP, Ari) – 16th pick.  Toussaint has as much talent as anybody on this list.  The upside is at least a number two starter, maybe more.  However, he’s raw with a ton of risk.  If you have three or four picks in the first two rounds, consider popping Toussaint earlier than number 19 as the upside could be extremely high.
  20. Kyle Freeland (Col, LHP) – 8th pick. Yeah, I don’t like to draft Colorado pitchers either, but Freeland has the control and downward plane on his pitches that should play well in Coors.  Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, but there is talent there and a smart owner will not allow him to drop into the third round.
  21. Tyler Beede (SF, RHP) – 14th pick.  Three words describe Tyler Beede – Fun, right park and really good stuff.  Add it all up and he should move fast with a chance to see San Francisco in 2016.
  22. Derek Fisher (OF, Hou) – 37th pick. Fisher has the power and speed to be a significant fantasy player.  However, statistically, it’s never come together for the N.C. State graduate.  That said, I’d bet on the player and wait for the excellent Astros development organization to work their magic.  If you want to pop him earlier than number 22, I’d be fine with that.
  23. Forrest Wall (2B, Col) – 35th pick.  Forrest Wall is another one of my favorite prospects from the 2014 draft.  He’ll get “push down” in a lot of publications because of the shoulder injury that is currently limiting him to second base.  However, as a fantasy owner, we care about offensive production and that’s where Wall could pay huge dividends.
  24. Monte Harrison (OF, Mil) – 50th pick.  I’ve seen Monte Harrison play and he is indeed an impressive athletic with off-the-chart tools.  The big worry was whether he would hit enough…well, in his first taste of professional ball, he did just fine.  He’s another guy that I would be comfortable taking higher if I had multiple picks in the first two rounds.
  25. Alex Verdugo (LAD, OF) – 62nd pick.  Verdugo was drafted 62 overall, but I like him a lot more than that.  He’s only 19-years-old, but I’d rather have him before many of the 16-year-old Latin kids that other owners will crave and take ahead of him in your draft.
  26. Spencer Adams (RHP, CHW) – 44th pick.  I thought I would have Spencer Adams all to myself in my drafts, but the cat is clearly out of the bag as everyone seems to be high on the kid.  He has everything teams want in a young pitcher – athleticism, very good raw stuff, and a projectable body.   If you want him, you’ll likely have to go a little earlier than 26.  Will I do that?  I’m not sure…I’ll probably take a bat, but I will clearly be tempted.
  27. Michael Gettys (SD, OF) – 51st pick.  On the MLB draft broadcast, John Hart (now, GM of the Atlanta Braves) was asked which player in the draft reminded him most of Mike Trout?  His response…Michael Gettys.   While it’s a fun question and will now be a staple on draft broadcast, I’m skeptical on how much the hit tool will develop.  However, if you want to swing for the fences, then Gettys is your guy.
  28. Derek Hill (Det, OF) – 23rd pick.  Derek Hill’s reputation coming into the draft was his advanced hit tool.  While it was only rookie ball, he only hit .208 in 173 at-bats and reports were that he was overmatched.  That said, the tools are there including elite foot speed.
  29. Luis Ortiz (Tex, OF) – 30th pick.  Luis Ortiz is young but has a nice arm and the upside that teams are always looking to obtain.  Plus, he will play the entire 2015 season as a 19-year-old.  It’ll take a while, but the reward could be nice.
  30. Alex Blandino (3B, Cin) – 29th pick.  While I got mixed reviews on Blandino, the Reds are very high on the kid and believe he could move quickly.

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  2. Will there be a 31-60? 🙂

  3. If Olivera does get signed by a NL team. Where would u take him in a draft with these players available? Russell, schwarber, Peraza, Dilson hererra, Piscotty?

  4. Where would Jung-Ho Kang rank amongst these guys?

  5. Good stuff Rich… I really value your opinion and respect your analysis on scouting prospects. I’m in a 16 team H2H dynasty league and had our 5 round redraft recently which went very well I believe. I snagged 5 players on your list… 1. Schwarber 2. Freeland 3. Chavis 4. Harrison and 5. Adams. My team is competitive but tends to float around the middle of the pack so I’m hoping Schwarber and Freeland help out in the next couple of years, knowing the other pick are farther away, but love their upside. Quick question about my 3B prospects namely Chavis and your boy Franchy Cordero… I have to trim my roster down in the coming weeks and I want to know who’s the better option when they are ready to be in the big leagues. I’d hate to throw Franchy back in the pool, but I just drafted Chavis who looks like he could be a Brett Lawrie type of guy (maybe?). Is Chavis definitely a 3B when he comes up? Also, I am a die hard Sox fan so you know where I’m leaning. Good looking out Rich.

  6. Well, I have a new “Brinson” or “Hawkins” and his name is Taylor Sparks 3B Cin. 2nd rndr ’14.
    He was on his way to a 20-20 season with double digit BB% upon his debut, but also a 35% K%.
    The glove I read is plus so Taylor Sparks going into ’16 is…to the dynasty community?

    • I considered him for my emerging prospect. Big guy with power potential; average runner that will slow as he matures. There has always been question on how much he’ll hit. I doubt he’ll have a 35% strikeout rate and a 13% walk rate going forward, but that high of K rate as a college kid in the Pioneer League…yikes.

      Nice name for deep dynasty leagues.

  7. Hi Rich,
    I may have missed it somewhere on the Ask361 board, but have you discussed ceiling and ETA for Moncada or are we too early into this to know anything yet? I am in a dynasty auction league and not sure how much to spend on him. I’ve seen several reports that are glowing (comps to Cano, etc), but was curious about your take.
    As always, thanks!

    • You should be all-in. Not sure the Cano comps is good from what I’ve been told by people with first-hand knowledge. Switch hitter first of all, good bat speed and is an above-average runner. 20/10 player with the ability to get on-base with a high batting average. 2B or 3B profile.

      • So you’re still putting guys like Russell and Seager ahead of him? Because of their experience already or just pure ability/potential? Thanks again.

      • Yeah and they are likely better than he is. It’s easy to get caught up in all the hype, most of it done by guys who have never seen him. The Cano comp is irresponsible in my opinion and feels like media hype to me. Let’s see what the guy can do first before putting a potential HOF comp on him.

        That said, I get you have to speculate in a Dynasty League. I think as a Top 20 player, I’m speculating very well. In a redraft league, I put him #1. Beyond that, I think I’m going to go with the guys I’ve seen and we have a lot more data.

      • Yes, that was exactly the advice I was looking for. I anticipate he goes for more in our auction due to the hype. I’ll probably pass and try to pick up a few cheaper prospects. Thank you!

  8. Thank you….this is the perfect list I was hoping to find! I appreciate it. YOurs is the first site I go to for prospect info.

  9. This is a great source of information. Thanks for your time and effort in evaluating this!

  10. Rich,
    Your stuff is brilliant. Thanks for all the great writing and insightful suggestions. They are making a positive impact on my teams!

  11. This is great – thanks! Could you maybe include some of the 18-19 year old international signees (J2 guys from 2012 and 2013)? I assume some of those top signees will be available in most dynasty redrafts this year. I’m specifically wondering about Devers, Jimenez, Torres, Barreto, J. Mateo, L. Molina, G. Cabrera, etc.

  12. This is outstanding stuff

  13. Awesome. I have a dynasty 1st yr player draft coming up at the end of the month. Picking 17th (24 teams) and I like the names popping up there.

  14. Doesn’t Monte Harrison play for Milwaukee? You have him in Min @24 Stu Gutterhttp://www.americanballoondecor.comhttp://www.stupendousstu.com

  15. Doesn’t Monte Harrison #24 play for Mil?

  16. so when does 31-60 come out? 😉

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