The next Top 10 Fantasy Prospects in the Minors for this year.

Who are the next 10 prospects that could make an impact to your fantasy team this year?  Well, here you go…

1. Carlos Correa (SS, Hou)

Carlos Correa has actually struggled a little in his limited time in Triple-A, but the immense skills that he will bring to Houston later this June are still very much intact.  While most rookies will struggle and Correa could as well, in 300 at-bats, he could hit 8-12 home runs with 15 stolen bases.

Potential: 300 AB, 8-12 home runs, 15 stolen bases, 280 BA.

2. Hector Olivera (3B, LAD)

After a lengthy process to clear up his Visa issues, Hector Olivera finally has a box score in the U.S.  He’s already 30-years-old and therefore will only need enough at-bats to knock the rust off before arriving in Los Angeles.  I’m guessing that will be two to three weeks.  Depending on the injury situation, he could play second or third and don’t be surprised if the Dodgers move Kendricks or Turner to make room for Olivera.  They are not paying him $10 million plus per year to sit on the bench.

Potential: 300 AB, six to eight home runs, 15 stolen bases, .270 BA.

3. Steven Matz (LHP, NYM)

The Mets have moved to a six-man rotation and Dillon Gee has gotten the final spot.  I’m guessing that will not last and it’s just a matter of time before Steven Matz is summoned to New York.  In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Mets are simply waiting for the Super-2 timing to pass.  Matz has been all-world in the difficult Pacific Coast League and while he doesn’t have the same upside as Thor, he should strikeout eight-plus per nine with better than league-average ratios.  I know you’ve been holding him forever…just a few more weeks.

Potential: 100 IP, 3.50 ERA, 85 strikeouts.

4. Javier Baez (3B, CHC)

Technically, Javier Baez lost his prospect eligibility last year, but at 22-years-old and only 213 big league at-bats, I’ve included him in the list.  Baez will strikeout a lot and his approach remains a question.  However, if he gets 300 at-bats, he should hit 15 home runs and add a handful of stolen bases.  Where will he play?  I would guess third base with Kris Bryant moving to the outfield.  While everyone will be paying a fortune for Joey Gallo this weekend, throw down a dollar on Javier Baez and you can thank me later.

Potential: 300 AB, 15 home runs, 8 stolen bases, .230 BA

5. Francisco Lindor (SS, Cle)

I have Francisco Lindor on several teams and I’ve been patiently waiting for him to arrive. In two-weeks, I should be finally rewarded.  I doubt it’s going to be an all-world performance by the 21-year-old shortstop, but he can really hit and the defense will keep him in the lineup.  Once he’s up, I think he’ll stay up and there is value in that alone on your fantasy team.

Potential: 300 AB, 3 home runs, 12 stolen bases, .270 BA

6. Matt Wisler (RHP, Atl)

Matt Wisler doesn’t get as much love in prospect circles as I think he should.  He can really pitch and while the stuff will not put him at the top of the Atlanta rotation, he has a chance to be a very good number three starter.  He doesn’t walk anybody and should strikeout seven to eight per nine with league average ratios.  He is a flyball pitcher, so you might want to avoid playing him in hitters-parks.

Potential: 80 IP, 3.80 ERA, 70 strikeouts.

7. Luis Severino (RHP, NYY)

Luis Severino was promoted to Triple-A last week and therefore, he is one step away from joining the Yankees.  It should happen over the next several weeks, or at the latest, after the all-star break.  But, will it be as a starter or reliever?  If he comes up as a reliever, it’s going to really fun.  The fastball will play up a grade and that’s only going to make his plus change-up even that more difficult to hit.  However, the Yankees will need starters, so I’m guessing he arrives as a starter.

Potential: 40 IP, 2.25 ERA, 65 strikeouts, OR as a starter: 80 IP, 3.75 ERA and 70 strikeouts.

8. Vince Velasquez (RHP Hou)

The Astros look more real than not and have demonstrated that they are not afraid to reach into the minor leagues to bring up players.  Lance McCullers has been very good and their next best option is 23-year-old Vince Velasquez.  While his season started late, he’s been dominate in Double-A in his five starts.  In 26.1 innings, he’s struck out 37 while walking nine, posting a 1.37 ERA along the way.  He’s been injury prone throughout his career, but he’s healthy now.  I think he gets the call by the end of July.

Potential: 80 IP, 3.30 ERA, 80 strikeouts.

9. Miguel Sano (3B, Min)

If the Rangers can call up Joey Gallo, why can’t the Twins call-up Miguel Sano?  If Sano would have not torn his UCL and needed Tommy John Surgery last year, I’m guessing that he would already be up.  The Twins will likely play the Super-2 game and call him up after mid-June, but he’s not far away.  There’s going to be a lot of strikeouts but a ton of power.  Yeah, Trevor Plouffe is playing his position, but things have a tendency to work out…don’t they.

Potential: 250 AB, 12 home runs, .230 BA.

10. Jonathan Gray (RHP, Col)

Jon Gray had a rough start to the season.  At the end of April, his ERA stood at 10.70 and prospect evaluators started to quickly lose confidence.  Since then, he’s posted a 2.77 ERA and has looked much, much better.  What has been disappointing, is his lack of strikeouts.  In 53.1 innings, he’s posted a 6.41 K/9.  However, it’s the PCL and Albuquerque, so he has to be given somewhat of a pass.  Yes, Coors Field is not any easier, but Gray’s stuff is still very, very good and the opportunity is definitely there.

Potential: 80 IP, 3.80 ERA, 65 strikeouts.

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  2. Interesting take about Sano…while I feel like he’s knocked the rust off, remember this is the Twins we’re talking about, and right now he’s got no place to play, other than 1st (LOL) and DH. Plouffe has become a very good 3rd baseman, so I can’t see him moving this season…unless someone blows their doors off with an offer. And as long as the Twins are contending, they won’t want to mess up the chemistry…

  3. no mention of Corey Seager? Omission? or are you thinking he won’t play any meaningful role in 2015

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