2016 Top 100 Prospects – 1 through 25

Our 2016 top 100 prospects list, 1 through 25 has just been posted.


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12 comments on “2016 Top 100 Prospects – 1 through 25

  1. Rich – I’m in an NL-only Scoresheet league looking for a power prospect to stash for a few years. Who would you list as some of the best NL power prospects (ideally without AA experience)? Thanks!

  2. If Shohei Otani was available this year, where would you rank him on the list. Thanks!

  3. Hey Rich,
    I’m in a 10 team AL only league.
    We can store 10 minors.
    Out of Alex Bregman, Anthony Alford, Anderson Espinoza, and Benintendi who would you pefer? Where does Bregman end up if he’s blocked by Correa? Does he go to 3B, 2B if they move Altuve, or is he a huge trading asset? Thanks for your time!

  4. hey Rich,
    I have the first overall pick in my NL only draft. Available is Alex Reyes, Rodgers and Swanson in your top 15. I am in it to win it this year and like the fact that Reyes is close even with the suspension. I have Giolita and Stephenson as my minor reserves already. Who would you take? I have Arcia as my future shorstop as well.

  5. I definitely agree he’s a youngin, but he’s moving fast. I just thought the arm talent and upside alone was worth pushing him into the top 100 over some of the kids with much lower ceilings and less tools at the back end of the list.

    Not trying to be critical though, you do a great job. Certainly the most comprehensive organizational top 10 list out there in my opinion!

  6. Hey Rich. Avid listener and extremely grateful for the time and effort you put into this. My question is how far off your list a few guys I’m rostering/pondering are: Tellez, Verdugo, Bellinger, Travis, Gillaspie, and Tyrone Taylor. I’m extremely old at 1B at the MLB level. Lastly, are they worth rostering in a league where 250 prospects are kept?

  7. I’m assuming leaving Anderson Espinoza off the top 100 was not intended?

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