Tim’s Musings – Week 3

From the rambling mind of Mr. Tim McLeod…

1. On Thursday, Vince Velasquez, Jordan Zimmermann, Danny Salazar, Jaime Garcia, and Jason Hammel combined to go 5-0, tossing 36 innings of shutout ball, with 45 strikeouts. The early fears that hitting has caught up to pitching have been alleviated.

2. As we close out the second week of the season the Philadelphia Phillies have earned more victories than the Houston Astros.

3. BJ should have changed his name to Melvin in 2013.

4. Tony Wolters of the Colorado Rockies has stolen three bases. That is one less than the combined total of all MLB catchers. Who is Tony Wolters?

5. The Giants definitely have an “Angel in the Outfield.”

6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia leads all catchers in offensive production with three homers and ten RBI.

7. Austin Voth will make his major league debut before Lucas Giolito.

8. Heading into the season, what were the odds that Kevin Jepsen would save not one, but two games, before Glen Perkins earned his first save?

9. Gregory Polanco has now walked 12 times this year, one less than the overall leader, Jose Bautista.

10. Hoover sucks. That is all.

11. The Gnats are off to the best start in the game, proving that Dusty Baker is truly a genius.

12. In 6 1/3 IP, Seung-Hwan Oh has allowed only one hit and has struck out eleven batters. He’s currently sporting an ERA of Oh.OhOh.

13. Oswaldo Arcia is currently tied for second place in home runs for the Twins and is only one off the team lead. He has one homer.

14. On Friday, the Cards beat up on the Reds 14-3. Matt Carpenter, Jeremy Hazelbaker, and Stephen Piscotty combined to go 0-for-12 with no RBI. Is there anything worse than seeing a team run up a big score and then checking the box score and finding your players didn’t contribute?

15. This week would be a good time to invest a buck or two in Sean Manaea.

16. The Twins are heading out on the road this week and are playing five games against the Brewers and Gnats. Park Park.

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3 comments on “Tim’s Musings – Week 3

  1. no rush on Manaea , Timmy .
    you can always pick him up mañana .

  2. He is Oh so good.
    Wouldn’t be surprised to see bo Park one at miller Park. (So many ways there)
    Upon the Redsox decision to demote Blake, many owners are Salty and are taking it to Swihart?

    Manaea reminds me of Matt Moore. Tons of Ks w/high PC (like many young K P) in a good home field in a org that produces P with injury concerns.

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