2017 San Francisco Giants Top 10 Prospects

Our review of the 2017 San Francisco Giants Top 10 Prospects is now available.

You can see the Giants 2016 Prospect List here.

1. Tyler Beede (RHP)

2. Chris Shaw (1B)

3. Bryan Reynolds (OF)

4. Christian Arroyo (SS)

5. Heath Quinn (OF)

6. Andrew Suarez (LHP)

7. Joan Gregorio (RHP)

8. Sam Coonrod (RHP)

9. Gio Bursa (OF)

10. Rodolfo Martinez (RHP)

2017 Emerging Prospect

Sandro Fabian (OF)


5 comments on “2017 San Francisco Giants Top 10 Prospects

  1. FYI Rich, your Giants 2016 Prospect link goes to SD’s 2016 list, not SF’s. I appreciate you being bold/honest and not following the trend of ranking Christian Arroyo #1 for 2017. I think your scouting report/assessment of Arroyo is very fair. Personally, I am in agreement with you on at least the top-5 here. #6-10 get somewhat complicated, depending upon what one favors for ranking systems: proximity to MLB, floor, ceiling, age-vs-level, position, bat, speed, defense, versatility, etc.

    I have enjoyed following prospect361 for a long time. Thanks for all the good takes and perspectives. Happy 2017. Cheers.

    • Thanks. Fixed. I didn’t realize everyone had him ranked at #1 until I read an article that linked to my list saying finally somebody didn’t rank him #1. I think he’s a nice player but kind of like an empty bat. He can hit but there is just not many secondary skills and I struggle with the overall value. But, again, that’s what everyone said about BCrawford. I’ve seen him play a number of time and they swing is geared for contact and not power.

      • I agree. I’ve followed prospect361 for quite a long time. The fact that your site often has rankings that vary compared to other sites is refreshing. I hope you don’t mind that I’ve linked to here on my SF Giants blog. Interestingly enough, I’ve used BCrawford as one player in my data set on A+/AA minor league comps for Arroyo:

        You don’t need to approve this comment. I’m not trying to promote, I don’t generate revenue from my site. I just wished to inform you. And let you know that I’ve long been a fan of prospect361. Thanks again for all you do.

      • Oh wow, that was your article. WOW…comprehensive and a good read. Thanks for the note and the heads up on the broken/wrong link. Argh…

  2. […] Arroyo is considered the #1 Giants prospect. [edit 12/30/2016: prospect361 is now up and has Arroyo #5. Personally, I completely agree with their top-5 SF Giants prospect rankings. […]

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