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2019 Second Base Fantasy Rankings

2B rankings artworkSecond basemen are rarely born but instead are converted shortstops or even outfielders.  Perhaps their arm was not strong enough to play short or as in many cases, they were blocked and needed to find an alternative place to play.  Regardless, the position over the past few years has developed into a strength in fantasy baseball.

If you want to go early with players who can stuff all categories, you’ve got Javier Baez, Jose Altuve, and Whit Merrifield.  All three players are going in the first two rounds of drafts.  If you want to fill other positions early and wait on second base, then there are still solid options in the middle rounds.  In fact, if you get caught out and miss all the top players, you can still grab Jonathan Schoop, DJ. LeMahieu or Cesar Hernandez late in your draft.

The full list can be found here.

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