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2019 Shortstop Fantasy Rankings

SS rankings artworkWhen ranking our prospects, shortstops always gets extra credit given the premium defensive position they play and in general, because of the lack of depth in the Major Leagues at the position.  However, in the fantasy game, the lack of MLB shortstop depth is no longer an issue.  In fact, four or as many as five shortstops are going in the first round – Lindor,  Turner, Bregman, and Machado and depending on your league, Javier Baez.

As we have shared in nearly every fantasy post, as well as our weekly podcast, you can wait on shortstop in your draft. In fact, very productive players like Amed Rosario and Elvis Andrus can all be acquired after the 10th round.  Sure, you would love to have Manny Machado over either player, but look at the outfielder you can acquire at the end of the first round vs. the outfielder you can get in the 10th round.  It’s quite the difference.

The full list can be found here.


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