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2021 Cincinnati Reds Top 15 Prospects

The Reds had a particularly good season in 2020, primarily on the back of their pitching. Unfortunately, most of that pitching was acquired and not homegrown and in the case of Trevor Bauer, will likely not be back in 2021. Their positional players are also aging and mostly acquired with few coming through the development process. It’s been proven time and time again, that the best teams in baseball are those that have a core of young home-grown players that are complemented by free agents.

In reviewing the Reds organization, the talent is there. Jose Garcia and Tyler Stephenson made their major league debuts in 2020 and while neither had instant success, I believe both could have solid major league careers. Hunter Greene leads the list and still has star potential. Jonathan India is getting terrible reviews but I’m not ready to give up on him and he might become a nice buy-low candidate. He might not be a star, but I still believe he could turn into a major league quality third baseman.

  1. Hunter Greene (RHP)
  2. Nick Lodolo (LHP)
  3. Jonathan India (3B)
  4. Austin Hendrick (OF)
  5. Jose Garcia (SS)
  6. Tyler Callihan (2B)
  7. Tyler Stephenson (C)
  8. Mike Siani (OF)
  9. Tony Santillan (RHP)
  10. Rece Hinds (3B)

The remaining five can be found here.

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