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2021 Cleveland Indians Top 15 Prospects

The more I researched the Indians’ farm system, the more I liked the depth they have created. Granted, it’s not stacked with famous guys, but instead, there are a lot of interesting young players that could develop into impact players at the highest level.

Leading the list is now a famous prospect – Triston McKenzie.  He had an amazing major league debut and is only going to get better. I’m still a fan of Nolan Jones and still believe he will add big in-game power once he adds loft to his swing.  There are several high-upside middle infielders on the list and trying to handicap who emerges as the successor to Francisco Lindor is hard.  Tyler Freeman might get the first shot but we like Brayan Rocchio or newly acquired Gabriel Arias to eventually take over the job full-time.

  1. Triston McKenzie (RHP)
  2. Nolan Jones (3B)
  3. George Valera (OF)
  4. Brayan Rocchio (SS)
  5. Tyler Freeman (SS)
  6. Bo Naylor (C)
  7. Gabriel Arias (SS)
  8. Ethan Hankins (RHP)
  9. Aaron Bracho (2B)
  10. Danny Espino (RHP)

The remaining five can be seen here.

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