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2021 Minnesota Twins Top 15 Prospects

The only elite prospect to get the call in 2020 for the Twins was Brent Rooker.  He played in seven games.  The Twins are stacked at the Major Leagues with young players but with a team that is good, not great, perhaps it’s time to shake things up.

Alex Kirilloff and Royce Lewis are ready for their respected promotion and both should see time in Minnesota next season. Plus, Trevor Larnach and Jordan Balazovic are getting close and could also press for a late-season call-up or at worse, a call-up in 2022.  All four are elite prospects with a ceiling of full-time regulars.  Perhaps it’s time for the Twins to cash in some of their young prospects to push the team from a good club to a Championship team.  Now that I’ve given them the idea, it’s up to the Twins front office to figure out the rest.

  1. Alex Kirilloff (OF)
  2. Royce Lewis (SS)
  3. Jordan Balazovic (RHP)
  4. Trevor Larnach (OF)
  5. Aaron Sabata (1B)
  6. Misael Urbina (OF)
  7. Jhoan Duran (RHP)
  8. Gilberto Celestino (OF)
  9. Ryan Jeffers (C)
  10. Brent Rooker (OF)

The remaining five prospects can be found here.

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