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2021 New York Mets Top 15 Prospects

With another excellent draft in 2020 and some key international acquisitions over the past three years, the Mets continue to replenish their system.  From the draft: I thought Matt Allan was the best high school pitcher taken in the 2019 draft.  This year, the Mets took outfielder Pete Crow-Armstrong in the first round.  He’s athletic with a feel to hit.  They also snagged JT Ginn in the second round.  He’s recovering from TJ Surgery but before he went down, he showed electric stuff with the ability to throw strikes.

From the International Ranks: Ronny Mauricio has significant offensive upside with plus bat speed and a feel to hit.  Francisco Alvarez is much better than I thought when he was signed in 2018 and has a chance to be one of the better catchers in the game.  I’ve also heard nothing but great things about Freddy Valdez and Alexander Ramirez. 

  1. Ronny Mauricio (SS)
  2. Matt Allan (RHP)
  3. Francisco Alvarez (C)
  4. Mark Vientos (3B)
  5. Brett Baty (3B)
  6. Pete Crow-Armstrong (OF)
  7. Thomas Szapucki (LHP)
  8. Freddy Valdez (OF)
  9. Alexander Ramirez (OF)
  10. JT Ginn (RHP)

The remaining five can be found here.

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