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2021 Tampa Bay Rays Top 15 Prospects

Dear Mr. Neander,

Congratulations on making it to the World Series and taking the Los Angeles Dodgers to six games in what was a very exciting series.  What I find fascinating is how you have constructed your team.  Most of your best players are still in the minor leagues.  Yes, Randy Arozarena got the call and looks like a stud.  Well done!  But, what about Wander Franco, Vidal Brujan, and Josh Lowe?  Wouldn’t a lineup that had those three been more potent than one that had Arozarena, Brandon Lowe, and a bunch of other guys. Sure, Rays’ analytical math says to keep players in the minors a year or two longer than most, but making it to the World Series is hard, and as good as your pipeline is, it could be years before you do it again.  And yes, speaking of analytics…you really took Blake Snell out after giving up two hits just because the data said he struggles the third time through the lineup?  Really??  Isn’t Snell your best pitcher?  Doesn’t he have a Cy Young award? Remember, predictive analytics needs new data to be effective.  Perhaps watching the game would help.

Too much…too soon?


The guys at Prospect361.com

  1. Wander Franco (SS)
  2. Randy Arozarena (OF)
  3. Vidal Brujan (SS/2B)
  4. Brendan McKay (LHP)
  5. Xavier Edwards (SS/2B)
  6. Josh Lowe (OF)
  7. Shane Baz (RHP)
  8. Joe Ryan (RHP)
  9. Nick Bitsko (RHP)
  10. Ronaldo Hernandez (C)

The five remaining can be found here.

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