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2021 Colorado Rockies Top 15 Prospects

I don’t like the Colorado Rockies Major League team.  Sure, they have two bonafide offensive stars in Trevor Story and Nolan Arenado, but average to below-average complementary players.  It’s a shame as a slew of prospects have recently been given their shot, but because of lack of consistent playing time, none of them have had a chance to establish themselves. The pitching…well, it’s not very good.  But that’s always been the case.

I also don’t like their minor league system.  It’s surprisingly light on potential impact players.  Instead, there are a lot of complementary players that once promoted will compete with the Hampson’s, Tapia’s, and McMahon’s of the World.

That said, I do really like Zac Veen.  He’s everything you want in a prospect.  Athletic with good bat speed and a chance to hit.  Can the Rockies develop him?  Five years ago, I would have said yes.  Now, I’m not sure. 

I’m just underwhelmed with what the Rockies are doing.

  1. Zac Veen (OF)
  2. Ryan Rolison (RHP)
  3. Colton Welker (3B/1B)
  4. Ryan Vilade (3B/SS)
  5. Michael Toglia (1B)
  6. Grant Lavigne (1B)
  7. Aaron Schunk (3B)
  8. Ben Bowden (LHP)
  9. Helcris Olivarez (LHP)
  10. Brenton Doyle (OF)

You can find the remaining five here.

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