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2021 Texas Rangers Top 15 Prospects

The Rangers minor league system continues to be primarily a high-risk, high-reward collection of players.  Sure, there is Sam Huff and Josh Jung who both are likely major leaguers (Huff appeared in 10 games last season).  But exciting players are headlined by Leody Taveras, Maximo Acosta, and LuisAngel Acuna.  All three are incredibly athletic with huge upside. 

Taveras made his Major League debut last season and looked good.  He has double-plus speed and should develop good power as he matures.  Acosta has all the tools to be a star, but he’s still a teenager as is Acuna.   They both should be owned in all Dynasty Leagues.

The pitching depth is solid with Cole Winn and Hans Crouse both having Major League talent.  However, both have a long way to go and don’t have the profile that would suggest front-of-the-rotation upside.

In summary, it’s a solid system with some players that could become stars.  But high-risk, high-reward player acquisition policies take patience and flexibility to know when to add veterans to round out the team.

  1. Leody Taveras (OF)
  2. Josh Jung (3B)
  3. Maximo Acosta (SS)
  4. LuisAngel Acuna (SS)
  5. Sam Huff (C)
  6. Justin Foscue (2B)
  7. Cole Winn (RHP)
  8. Hans Crouse (RHP)
  9. Anderson Tejeda (SS)
  10. Osleivis Basabe (SS)

The remaining five can be seen here.

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