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2022 Minnesota Twins Top 15 Prospects

The Twins poor season prompted them to trade several of their older stars in July.  While it was a tough pill to swallow, they added some much-needed depth and athleticism to their minor league system.  First and foremost, they added Austin Martin, the seventh pick in the 2020 draft.  He has All-Star potential as a dynamic leadoff hitter.  They also added Joe Ryan, who already has pitched in the Major Leagues, and pitched well.  Two other good arms that were added were Simeon Woods-Richardson and Drew Strotman.  Both had control problems this season, but both have Major League upside.  When you combine these players with the likes of Royce Lewis, Jordan Balazovic, Josh Winder, and my new favorite prospect, Jose Miranda, it’s easy to get excited about the Twins competing once again.

Prospect Quick Shot

Top Prospect: Austin Martin

Biggest Mover: Jose Miranda

Emerging Prospect: Spencer Steer

The list can be found here.

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