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2022 Colorado Rockies Top 15 Prospects

I wanted to dislike the Rockies system, but I can’t.  There are some intriguing players, especially the two at the top of the list – Zac Veen and Benny Montgomery.  Veen is one of the best prospects in the game with speed and solid power and Montgomery looks like he just walked out of central casting.  Both have swing and miss in their game, but both have significant ceilings.  Drew Romo had a strong offensive season showing good pop, solid speed, and a feel to hit.  Further down the list are several high upside teenage middle infielders and each looks like they have a chance to develop. 

There’s not a ton of pitching, but there never is.  I do like both Rolison and McMahon, but I worry that Coors Field will destroy their confidence and they will become 60% of what I think they will become – or at least that’s what history tells us.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Zac Veen
  • Biggest Mover: Drew Romo
  • Emerging Prospect: Dyan Jorge

The list can be found here.

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