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2022 Houston Astros Top 15 Prospects

The draft penalties handed down by Major League baseball have left a mark with the Astros.  The system is in the bottom quartile of baseball but is not completely void of talent. 

Pedro Leon leads the list and has some of the most tantalizing tools in the minor leagues.  He’s still knocking off the rust, but if he can get his strike-out rate under control, he could be an impact performer.  I also like Jeremy Pena.  He’s a great defender who makes solid contact with growing power.  He rarely walks and doesn’t have a ton of speed, but he’s an interesting player to know.

Then there’s Forrest Whitley. The optimist in me says that it was his elbow all along.  Now that he’s had Tommy John Surgery, he’s going to get back to the pitcher we thought he could be.  The pessimist in me says that I’ve seen this movie before, and it doesn’t end well.  Which side is right?  I don’t know.  But, he’s the key to the system and the Astros extending their window.  If he can pitch at even 80% of what we thought, he’s going to help.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Pedro Leon
  • Biggest Mover: Joe Perez
  • Emerging Prospect: Luis Encarnacion

The list can be found here.

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