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2023 Kansas City Royals Top 15 Prospects

I lost count on how many players the Royals promoted to their big league club.  It was significant and left their minor league system a little down.  But, Royals fans should not be dismayed as several promoted players look like future stars.  The top two players in their system were their top two players drafted last July.  Gavin Cross and Cayden Wallace have the upside of full-time regulars and should move through the system quickly.  They also acquired Drew Waters and Samad Taylor in trades, bringing significant tools to the organization.  Their pitching is not as deep as Asa Lacy had a tough season because of back issues, and while talented, Frank Mozzicato has a long way to go.  Overall, I like what the Royals are doing, and if you’re a fan, you have to love the aggressiveness they’ve shown with their young players.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Gavin Cross
  • Biggest Mover: Samad Taylor
  • Emerging Prospect: Jean Ramirez

The list can be found here.

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