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2023 Los Angeles Angels Top 15 Prospects

Despite having two of the best players ever to lace up cleats, the Angels are a poor baseball team.  They primarily lack pitching but also need several positional bats to fill out their lineup.  In reviewing their minor league system, some interesting positional bats should be able to help and help soon.  But, regrettably, the pitching is thin, with only Ky Bush and Sam Bachman having a chance to be impact pitchers.  Sure, if both get called up and perform, you win.  But is that likely?

I love Logan O’Hoppe; he has the tools to be an impact performer as soon as next season.  Zach Neto, the Angels’ first-round pick last season, has the defensive chops of former Angles Brandon Marsh and can also really hit.  The Angels are pushing him hard, so don’t be surprised if he is in Anaheim next season.  They’ve also done well recently in the Latin market with several high-upside players who played well in the lower minor leagues.

Is it enough to allow the Angels to compete with the Astros and the other elite American League teams?  From a hitters-perspective, I say yes.  The pitching needs help…but it always does.

Prospect Quick Shot

  • Top Prospect: Logan O’Hoppe
  • Biggest Mover: Edgar Quero
  • Emerging Prospect: Nelson Rada

The list can be found here.

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