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2024 St. Louis Cardinals Top Prospects

I’m not sure about the Cardinals.  I love Jordan Walker, Maysn Winn, and Tink Hence.  I believe all three have a chance to be impact players.  Thomas Sagesse will be better than people think, but after that, I’m not sure there is enough for them to be considered a championship-level team two to three years down the road.  Sure, Paul Goldschmidt and Nolan Arendo are still very good, but let’s face it: Goldy will be 37, and Arendo will be 33 next season.  I’m still not sold on Gorman being a star.  It feels like a good team – an 85-win team, but not more.

I know they can dip into free agency, but that has proven a challenge for teams trying to build core pieces with 30+ year-old free agents.

In the end, it all feels a tad light to me.

Prospect Snapshot

  • Top Prospect: Maysn Winn
  • Biggest Mover: Thomas Saggese
  • Biggest Disappointment: Gordon Graceffo
  • Emerging Prospect: Reiner Lopez

The list can be found here.

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