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2024 Minnesota Twins Top Prospects

I like the Twins system.  Walker Jenkins has star potential, Emmanuel Rodriguez could hit 40 home runs one day, and Brooks Lee should be the starting shortstop over Carlos Correa, but that is unlikely.  And don’t laugh, Austin Martin finally played this season and looked much better.  There is also depth in the system, with Marco Raya and David Festa having a chance to pitch as mid-rotation arms with some high-end talent in the lower minor leagues.

The biggest problem might be finding places for all these kids to play in Minnesota.  It’s a nice problem to have for the Twins, but if you are a Dynasty League owner – not so much.

 Prospect Snapshot

  • Top Prospect: Walker Jenkins
  • Biggest Mover: David Festa
  • Biggest Disappointment: Connor Prielipp
  • Emerging Prospect: Jose Rodriguez

The list can be found here.

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