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2024 Miami Marlins Top Prospects

The Marlins system is light.  Noble Meyer was their first-round pick last July, and his data looks fantastic, but he’s an 18-year-old pitcher, and so much can go wrong.  But if it works, he could pitch at the top of the rotation.

Xavier Edwards is the top positional player, and he might be a middle infielder with some speed and great contact skills.  I like Max Meyer and Dax Fulton, but both are rehabbing from elbow surgery.  Finally, there are some interesting high-end Latin prospects further down the list.

But it’s weak, and the Marlins need players who can contribute at the Major League level, particularly bats.  While I’m sure they liked their second and third-round picks in July – two big college bats.  They both have significant swing-and-miss in their game and are high-risk options to become impact players.

It feels like it’s more of the same.  They develop pitchers and pray that they can cobble together an offense.

Prospect Snapshot

  • Top Prospect: Noble Meyer
  • Biggest Mover: Ian Lewis
  • Biggest Disappointment: Jacob Berry (I’m just not a fan)
  • Emerging Prospect: Janero Miller

The list can be found here.

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