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2024 Philadelphia Phillies Top Prospects

Writing up the Phillies organization is usually a struggle, and this year was no exception.  There are talented players, but most of them have flaws that make it difficult to put a realistic ceiling on them.   Here’s a sampling of what I’m referring to:

  • Andrew Painter looked like he was going North with the team in the Spring but blew out his elbow and is now recovering from TJS.
  • Mick Abel has a great arm but struggles to throw strikes.
  • Justin Crawford is a premium athlete but needs to get stronger to become a full-time regular.
  • Simon Muzziotti can hit and run with no power.
  • Griff McGarry got the Yipes and couldn’t throw strikes.

I could go on and on and encourage you to read the capsules.

The exception to the pattern might be their first-round pick last July – Aidan Miller.  He looks like he can hit with plus power.  There’s little speed, but that’s okay, as we know who the player might become.

Prospect Snapshot

  • Top Prospect: Andrew Painter
  • Biggest Mover: Justin Crawford
  • Biggest Disappointment: Griff McGarry
  • Emerging Prospect: Starlyn Caba

 The list can be found here.

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