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  1. I have an opportunity to get Tulo in my 12 team dynasty league. We have 35 man rosters with 3 taxi squad positions that don’t count against our rosters. Right now I am in 3rd and can possibly make a push into 1st. My hitters are:
    I. Desmond

    (I also have Betts, Baez, and Tavares on the roster, plus Fielder on the DL)
    My farm is: Correa and C. Rodon.

    I would have to give up Taveras and Correa plus a draft pick for Tulo. What are your thoughts. Thanks again for the great info and best podcast in fantasy baseball.

    • If you’re playing for this year, yes. But just know that Correa is going to be very, very good in 2-years and Taveras could be that later this year or next. But, Tulo already is.

      • Thanks for your quick and good reply. 1 last question. If I do make the move, it will free up 2 of my farm slots. Rodon is the spot filled currently. Could you please rank the following as to who I should take in your opinion.
        Hunter Harvey
        Brady Aiken
        Nick Gordon
        Kohl Stewart
        J. Bell
        D. Norris
        B. Swihart
        J. Alfaro

        Thanks again, you’re the man.

      • I would use my Top 50 as the guide with the obvious concern around Aiken. Josh Bell and Kohl just missed the list.

  2. I,m in a 16 team dynasty league and have offered J. Rollins and Max Scherzer for Tulo, does this sound like a fair offer to you.

    • Not for me. Tulo is a sure fire first rounder. Rollins is on his last legs and Scherzer, while great, is a pitcher with a lot of innings on the arm. In a redraft, yes…like it. In a dynasty, I would need more.

      • what if I switch scherzer for darvish? Thanks for your input

      • I like it better, but the problem is Rollins. I think he’s nearly done and you might only get replacement level value for him going forward, so it’s a pitcher for Tulo. That’s just tough for me, even with Darvish as the pitcher. I’d feel better with a prospect included.

  3. What are your thoughts on Chris Davis in a dynasty league? Is he a good buy low for a team not contending? I offered Ozuna Doolittle and a 2nd round pick for Chris Davis.

  4. Thoughts on Rowan Wick, Akeel Morris, and Mike Ford?

  5. Hey Rich, love the website and Podcasts. In a 20 team dynasty I was offered Jason Hayward for my Francisco Lindor. No impact on winning this year either way. I’m wondering what your thoughts were on Hayward when he was coming up and do you see him reaching his potential and who you favor more in that deal. Thanks!

  6. Hey Rich, what happened to Tom Murphy of Colorado? I see he hasnt played since may. Thanks for the great site.

  7. Full Dynasty League….I am in last place

    I TRADE:
    Zack Greinke

    I GET:

    Raul Mondesi
    Corey Seager
    Gabriel Guerrero

    Should I accept???

  8. So what are your thoughts on prince fielder going forward in keeper leagues? I was offered Lindor for him…is that something you would Consider? Has his value gone in the dumps? Watch him hit 50 homers next year haha

  9. How do you feel about DJ Peterson? What kind of homer and average production are you projecting from him over a season in the Majors? I am considering offering Braden Shipley for him in a dynasty league. Would this be something I would likely regret doing? Would it be better to offer Jameson Taillon?

  10. In your mid season top 50 you have Baez & Seager 10/11…if you could only have 1 which would it be? I currently hold Baez, but am thinking long and hard about dropping him for Seager. (to help you decide You should know I also hold, mookie, springer, joc pederson, addison Russell, alcantara, jon gray, and andrew heaney) (our league is a 10 man H2H full dynasty our categories are: r, h, hr, RBI, sb, & obp)


  11. I am excited to watch the new wave of shortstops….it reminds me of the arod, jeter and nomar days when everyone had a favorite.

    With the new bunch coming, how would you rank them for offense Ina dynasty league…

    Seager (although he will probably move)

    • Tough question, Bogs, Russell, and Correa are bunch together and I’d take either one on my team. Seager is a big kid…I’ve seen him several times, and he’s physically bigger than the others…although they are all big kids themselves. I put him slightly behind but he can really hit.

  12. Rich, a few Alcantara questions all pertaining to a Dynasty H2H league:

    1. Who do you like better: Alcantara or C. Owings?
    2 What are chance Alcantara stay up for rest or most of the rest of the year?
    3. If the answer to #1 is Owings, would you drop J.J. Hardy ($8-2015) to pick up Alcantara?
    4. If answer to #1 is Alcantara do you drop Owings or Hardy to pick him up?


  13. Thanks….would you deal yelich and Nelson for sano? I appreciate your time and help.

  14. Rich,

    Can keep two out of the three in my 14 team dynasty league. Buxton, Bryant and Profar. Thoughts?

    Thanks for your time…

  15. Hey Rich,

    Thanks again for the information. I have a question about sano…have you heard any updates on his progress? I know tj surgery is pretty successful for pitchers but it’s more unknown for hitters. I was offered sano in a deal for yelich and jimmy Nelson.

    Also curious what you think about Almora and trey ball…thanks again!

    • Just started throwing and will swing a bat next month. Sounds like he’s doing well. He’ll likely play in the AFL on winter ball. Depending on the amount of rust and whether he has any setbacks, he should see Minnesota in 2015.

      I saw Almora earlier this year. Really good center fielder. Still very aggressive with the bat though, which is becoming a little concerning. That said, I still think he’s an elite prospect. Trey Ball…nothing good candidly. Still a raw project.

  16. Hey Rich! Need some help on this one. 16 team dynasty points league. 40 man rosters w/ minors. Should I of this?? I’m considering trading Cespedes (1 yr left @ league minimum 1k), Donaldson (5 yrs @ 17k) and Cron (3 yrs @ 1k) for Abreu (3 yrs @ 1k) and Wright (4 yrs @ 17k).
    Here’s how I’d look after
    1-Abreu (KMorales)
    2-dozier (La Stella, Betts)
    3-wright (Plouffe, KBryant)
    SS-Mercer (Baez, CCorrea)
    LF-LMartin (Pearce)
    RF-Stanton (Avisail Garcia)

    Would this deal help me out long term, or stand pat? I have no shot this year. I’m a first yr expansion team. Sorry this is so wordy! Thanks Rich!!

    • I’ve stared at this for a while and I just don’t know. I like Donaldson over Wright but the question is Cespedes plus Cron enough for 3yrs of Abreu and I’m assuming you can re-sign him at an inflated rate. It’s fair but Cespedes scares me given his injury history, although he does move out of Oakland in 2016. Cron has plus power but never walks and I worry whether he’ll be a drag on your BA. Plus, he’s a DH and it’s unclear whether you have a U or DH spot. I think I stand pat, but could argue the other way.

      Sorry…not very helpful I’m afraid.

  17. Thx pal. Which offer would u take?

  18. Sano cron Lindor and Carlos martinez for donaldson…I have to be stupid not to pull the trigger correct?

    Also offered elvis andrus cron and Sano
    For donaldson

    Which one is the better deal? Total rebuild mode

  19. Hey Rich,

    Need your expert advice. What is the season outlook for Tanner Roark? What do you think his inning cap will be?

    Would you trade Dozier and a throw in player for Cano in H2h category league keeping in mind that Dozier is a round 20 keeper

    • I would think around 160-170 IP for Roark.

      I would hold onto Dozier as a 20th keeper. He’s got to be earning more money today than Cano and I don’t see that changing greatly. In fantasy, Cano is a big name, playing in a terrible park and just doesn’t have the value he did last year.

  20. Rich – I am anxious to pick up Luis Severino in my 10 team dynasty league but I cannot decide who to drop. One option is Lewis Brinson, but I am reluctant to drop someone with his tools and potential ceiling. I have too many catchers (Sanchez, Alfaro, Zunino, D’Arnaud, Swihart) but I don’t want to drop the wrong one.

    What should I do? Thanks for the help!

    • Don’t drop Brinson! I know it was ugly last year but I still believe. You also have to keep the other catchers as well. Severino is likely a reliever but could be a good one. He does have tons of value now and if you must, absolutely, must own him, the guy to drop is Sanchez or Alfaro. However, I wouldn’t drop anyone.

  21. Rich,
    AL only dynasty (10 team)
    Are you still as enthused about Franklin Barreto? If you had to cut three between Barreto, Billy Burns, Teoscar Hernandez, Luis Sardinas, Danny Hultzen or Chris Taylor, which ones?
    Thanks and congratulations on all your success!

    • Thanks Frank. Yes, still a big fan of Barreto. Cut three? Chris Taylor is one and the other two are debatable. Hultzen is scary because of the shoulder and never had a high ceiling to begin with. I know he was the second pick in the draft, but he’s next…that’s two. Billy Burns has stupid speed and could be the other Billy as in Hamilton, but is likely a fourth outfielder. Sardinas has nice fantasy upside but is also likely a utility guy. I’d drop Sardinas just because of the stupid speed of Burns.

  22. I picked up Aj Pollock earlier in the year back when he was just starting to get some regular at bats and putting up some solid numbers. I’ve had him on my DL since he went down. Do you see any return on a long term investment? I’m in a 12 team league with 15 keepers per team so quality outfielders are hard to come by.

  23. Hi Rich- What do you think about the development of Marcell Ozuna? His numbers look good but his k rate is crazy high. What are the chances he goes all Chris Carter in the next few years? Thanks

    • I think that’s Ozuna. He swings at everything and always has. Plus power. His average is being supported by an unsupportable .349 BABIP. A 25HR guy who hits .220 is not a reasonable floor with a ceiling of 30+ and a .250 BA. His .279 BA is likely not to continue.

  24. so im getting offers for donaldson and im in total rebuild mode…

    is sano worth the gamble to give up donaldson? 40 50 home runs in the books for sano?

  25. I would like your opinion on my dynasty roster listed below. I suffered some setbacks healthwise as you can see with Sano, Profar, Taillon, Harvey, Anderson and Bundy going down with injuries. Heaney got sent down this weekend. But I have high hopes for the future. My feeling is at the end of 2016 many of the pieces will be in place and I can do trades from a position of strength. Anyways, thanks. Love the podcast. It’s must listening each Sunday.

    Team Roster updated 7/5/14

    Devin Mesoroco Reds
    Gary Sanchez Yankees ETA 2015

    First Basemen
    Freddie Freeman Atlanta Braves
    Dominic Smith Mets ETA 2016

    Second Basemen
    Nick Franklin Mariners
    Jurickson Profar Rangers
    Alex Bregman LSU ETA 2017
    Ian Happ University of Cincinnati ETA 2017

    Jurickson Profar Rangers
    Nick Franklin Mariners
    Javier Baez Cubs ETA 2014
    Raul Mondesi Royals ETA 2016
    Brendan Rogers Florida High School ETA 2017
    John Aiello Pennsylvania High School ETA 2017
    Trea Turner NC State ETA 2016
    Tim Anderson, White Sox ETA 2016

    Third Basemen
    Manny Machado Orioles
    Mike Moustakas Royals
    Nick Castellanos Tigers
    Miguel Sano Twins ETA 2015

    Right Fielders
    Bryce Harper Nationals
    Rymer Liriano Padres ETA 2015

    Center Fielders
    Mike Trout Angels
    Rymer Liriano Padres ETA 2015
    Ramiel Tapia Rockies ETA 2017
    Dazmon Cameron GA High School ETA 2017
    Kyle Tucker Florida High School ETA 2017

    Left Fielders
    Nick Castellanos Tigers
    Mike Trout Angels
    Alex Gordon Royals
    Bryce Harper Nationals
    Gabriel Guererro Mariners ETA 2016
    D.J. Stewart Florida State ETA 2017

    Starting Pitchers

    Julio Teheran Braves
    Masahiro Tenaka Yankees
    Michael Pineda Yankees
    Shelby Miller Cardinals
    Andrew Heaney Marlins ETA 2014
    Noah Syndergaard Mets ETA 2014
    Dylan Bundy Orioles ETA 2014
    Arodys Vizcaino Cubs ETA 2014
    Matt Harvey Mets ETA 2015
    Tyler Glasnow Pirates ETA 2016
    Jonathan Gray Rockies ETA 2015
    Braden Shipley Diamondbacks ETA 2015
    Lucas Sims Braves ETA 2016
    Kohl Stewart Twins ETA 2017
    Jameson Taillon Pirates ETA 2015
    Julio Urias Dodgers ETA 2016
    Carlos Rondon NC State ETA 2016
    Jeff Hoffman, ECU ETA 2017
    Mike Matuella Duke ETA 2017
    Riley Ferrell TCU ETA 2017
    Tyler Kolak TX high school ETA 2017
    Nate Kirby U of VA ETA 2017
    Josh Johnson, Padres DL slated return in 2015

    Relief Pitchers
    Aroldis Chapman Reds
    Addison Reed Diamondbacks
    Arodys Vizcaino Cubs ETA 2014
    Cory Knebel Detroit Tigers
    Cam Bedrosian Angels ETA 2015
    Ken Giles Phillies ETA 2015
    Joba Chamberlain Detroit

  26. What is your opinion in Andrew Heaney thru his first four starts? His stats are quite inflated and now he got sent back down…I’m definitely trying to not overreact, but could use an outside opinion in the matter

  27. Hello again,

    Michael A. Taylor is still available to be claimed but his K/BB ratio is not good. I think I remember reading this is one of your red flags for projecting young hitters…is that right? What potential do you see for him at the higher levels?


    • Tons of tools but I worry about his ability to hit. He could be a 20/20 guy and bat .240 but that could work. I would roster if you can. Very good defensive outfielder as well. Worst case, he’s a fourth outfielder in the majors.

  28. Hello Sir,
    Addison Russell got dropped and I currently have a FA bid on him that will go through tomorrow morning. There’s a 40 transaction limit and I’m currently at 32, haha but I have $710 left of a $1000 budget and have stacked my team with prospects since my team was so far out of it. 14-Team Dynasty League where we keep as many as we want of a 24 man roster with a 2-round keeper bump and FA pickups can be placed in any open round slot. Russell was a 24th Rd pick this year. Is he a definite starter beginning of next year and if so, how much of my budget should I devote to him assuming he’s worth wasting a transaction move on.

    Current prospects include G. Springer(13), J. Pederson(FA), M. Betts(FA), D. Bundy(23), N. Syndergaard(22), M. Franco(24), J. Nelson(FA).

    All those FA pickups were thanks to you, your site and the podcast so THANK YOU!

    • I doubt he starts next year – it’s possible but the injury this year cost him dearly. Assuming he stays healthy, I could see him up at some point next year. I’m a huge fan and if you can wait him out, it could be very, very good.

  29. Hey Rich,

    What are your thoughts on Lewis Brinson? He is putting up very impressive numbers this year and the strikeout rate has improved since last year (although he is repeating the level). Is he starting to turn his incredible tools into real talent? Is he a must-own in dynasty leagues? Thanks!

    • I’m still a fan as I think the tools are alluring. He also can really get it in center field. The question is his ability to hit. He’s repeating Low-A and seems to have figured it out. I saw him several times last year but haven’t this year, so I’m not sure if his approach is now better or he’s just outgrown the league. I’ve never thought his swing was all that bad. Very aggressive though and had trouble picking up offspeed pitches.

      Long, rambling answer to say, not to give up on him as the he has a chance to be a special player. You’ll know soon, once he gets to High-A and Double-A if the bat will in fact play.

  30. Hi Rich- I am completely out of it for this year in a dynasty league. Is Addison Russell good enough that I should move Ian Desmond for him to a team? Thanks in advance.

    • I would try to get another piece. Desmond is a top 10 fantasy SS and while I really love Russell, you should be able to get more given Russell is only in Double-A. If you can’t, Russell has a chance to be special and be better than Desmond but not be a large amount.

  31. Hey Rich,
    In a large trade in a 20 team league, the other team doesn’t want to trade T Walker but will give Jon Gray instead. What’s your take on the difference between the two? Is there a drop off either way?

  32. Rich,

    I’m desperate for starting pitching in a 12 team, 15 player keeper(14 position 11 pitchers), 8×8 roto league. I’m looking to pick up Marcus Stroman and drop one of the following: Danny Salazar, Drew Hutchinson, Trevor Bauer. Of the three, which is least likely to provide value during the second half? To a lesser extent, next year and beyond? Leaning towards Salazar, simply because he’s struggled some in Columbus and likely to not make it back to the majors. Thoughts?

  33. I was offered liriano as a part of a deal for a third round prospect draft pick….can you tell me your thoughts on him as a prospect? Is he worth the gamble for a 3? Thanks…I enjoy all your posts.

  34. Hey Rich,

    I enjoy the site and learning about different prospects with all the questions and answers. If you could add either Tim Anderson or rhymer liriano for a dynasty in a deal which do you think is the better prospect? Thanks

  35. Hey Rich! Would mind offering up some detailed thoughts on Micah Johnson? I have Dozier and La Stella on the big league roster and have Betts coming up ( May tryoving la Stella). I’d like to keep a 2b prospect stashed in the minors and was thinking Micah. Whaddya think?! Thanks!!

    • Good plate patience, slappy hitter with good speed. Not sure he’s a regular contributor at the big league level but the speed will play in fantasy. A guy I would rather own than La Stella. Just not a fan given very little secondary contribution (SB and HR)

  36. Thank you for answering so quickly. I was wondering who are your top 10 overall keepers for next year in a points league?

  37. Hi I am in a Keeper points league and I want to know who you think I should keep. I have Miguel Cabrera, Xander Bogaerts, Yu Darvish, Stephen Strasburg, Oscar Taveras, Clayton Kershaw, and Kris Bryant. Can you rank these please?

    • Miggy, Kershaw, Yu…are the easy ones. For next year, it’s Oscar, Xander, Stras, Bryant but if I can keep forever and can take the fact that Bryant might not play a full 162, it’s Bryant, Oscar, Xander, Stras

  38. Yeah I wasn’t competing in saves as it was so I figured I’d punt that category in order to boost all the othersmy goal is to play for 7 of the 12 cats each 7-5 each week then roll the dice in playoffs…as always thanks for your prompt replies

  39. Sorry rich for blitzing you like this…I’ve been unusually active in trades…my final request of you for a while…over past 24 hours via 3 trades…I’ve turned hunter pence, justin Upton, Fernando Rodney, zach Britton, Tom Koehler, and jimmy nelson into

    wil Meyers, Charlie blackmon, joey Votto, sonny gray, Javier Baez, and Andrew Heaney….my question is am I better now than when I started?

  40. Hey Rich,

    Awesome show and great insight again. I posed a similar question last week, but the team countered with the following offer:

    His: Tulo and Machado for My: J. Zimmermann, Taveras, and Correa.

    It is a 12 team dynasty league with 15 keepers and 3 farm spots: I have Correa and C. Rodon on my farm and also have Fielder, Harvey, and Hellickson on the DL. 35 roster spots where we start 10 p’s.

    If I decide to do this, I will counter with Baez, in place of Correa. Should I pull the trigger? My hitters are: Posey, Frazier, Pedroia, Wright, Desmond, Trout, Polanco, Bautista. My pitchers are: Stras, Waino, Price, Bailey, Leake, Odorizzi, Jansen, Kimbrel, McCarthy.

    It is a 12 team dynasty league with 15 keepers and 3 farm spots: I have Correa and C. Rodon on my farm and also have Fielder, Harvey, and Hellickson on the DL. 35 roster spots where we start 10 p’s.

    What are your thoughts. I know it’s a lot of moving parts, but know you will be up to the task because you always are.

    thanks again

  41. Thanks for the reply and thanks for siding with me! It’s a vague rule in a mile long list of rules, which I was unaware existed. AND I’m not getting full price in return for what I paid for them!! Apparently it’s a “compromised” penalty which is NOWHERE in our league rules! Unreal, right?! Anyway, I’m done venting.
    Thanks again, Rich. Great job as usual!

  42. 24 team Dynasty league with 200 man minor league rosters….
    I get D’Vontrey Richardson (all I know is that he is super fast)
    And Kevin Ziomek (super raw)
    Simon Castro (reaches triple digits with his fastball but he is 26 already)

    I don’t know how much upside Simon Castro has….could you please tell me what his ceiling may be??

    • 200 per team? WOW…Castro is definitely going to be a reliever, so I think I would rather hold onto Richardson and ZIomek; they both have more upside. Don’t think it’s going to make a huge difference either way.

      • Thank you for your help…I think I will get Richardson and Ziomek (I was trading Castro)….I don’t know why but I really like Ziomek. Yep…200 man minor league rosters…one of my favorite parts about the league…..kinda tough on me as well since I am the commish…lol. Anyways, thank you for your help…I check on this website EVERY time before making a deal…you have been a huge help….keep up the good work.

  43. Hey Rich,
    Concerning prospects, I always read to take the hitter over the pitcher. With my leagues minor league draft approaching and me holding the first pick I’m wondering what your thoughts are, taken Aiken or the best hitter Jackson? Thanks

    • Ugh…it’s going to be a tough call. You could throw in Rodon, who could be up next year and Cooper helping him, could he have instant success like Sale. What about Gordon? He could be the best fantasy asset in the class. AIken is the best player but I would really consider Gordon, even over Jackson. But, sorry…I’m not locked in yet and will not be until we see some professional AB’s and IP. Sorry…

      • I understand. I wish I could see them play in the minors a little too. I’ll probably just flip a coin between Jackson and gordon. Hitters seem to be less risk then young flamethrowers. Thanks for the reply!

  44. Thanks Rich – I ended up getting the Gray & Wil Myers package — I also then traded Fernando Rodney(I wasnt winning saves as it was) & Jimmy Nelson to someone for Charlie Blackmon — Yay or Nay? thnx sir

  45. Hey Rich! So, last night I apparently botched my league rules (first year in this lge) and added several ’14 mlb draftees I shouldn’t have. In doing so, I dropped 3 of my prospects. They are Sean Manaea, Miguel Almonte and Chi Chi Gonzalez. I can resubmit claims to get them back, but should I bother? Which one(s) would you try yo get back?? Btw, Jake Lamb is available and I’m thinking of grabbing him for one of my open slots. Thoughts on both issues? Thanks man!! You’re the best!

    • Manaea, Lamb, and then Almonte. Sounds like you need a new commissioner. He should have reversed the pickups unless the league has been around forever and he warned you of the not picking up players. We all play in a lot of leagues and remembering the rules for each can be trying. Just one person’s view.

  46. Hi Rich:

    I wonder if you wouldn’t mind a general “personal philosophy” type of question.

    Given two sets of top prospects – hitters and pitchers – with somewhat equivalent rankings in all the big publications (for example, but not specifically guys like Javier Baez and Oscar Tavares versus an Archie Bradley or Taijuan Walker) to which side would you tend to lean as far as overall value? I mean, we’ve all seen the rash of pitching injuries that have eaten away at rotation and bullpen depth, but we’re hearing more and more that power is becoming a scarce commodity.

    Which do you feel is the more desirable commodity if you are assembling or rebuilding a dynasty team?

    Thanks once again …

    • Great thoughtful question.

      It’s by far hitters; particularly in today’s game but it’s not as easy as you think…let me explain.

      it’s wildly acknowledged in baseball, both fantasy and real that hitters are safer investment than a pitcher. There’s more volatility in a pitcher from both a projection and injury standpoint, even though hitting is the hardest thing to do and project. The rash of recent TJS really brings that point home.

      However, and here’s the big but…you still need pitching and in fantasy, you need a lot of it because of the aforementioned injury and projection comment. You can’t just ignore pitching and go all hitters but I think the strategy in a Dynasty League should be elite batters – or or two elite pitching and a ton of depth. Focus on pitchers that throw hard and hold them as they are the ones most likely to succeed. It took jake Arrieta 4-5 years to finally get his mechanics right, but now you potentially have something really good. The Marcos Gonzales of the world are out there in abundance, but give my Alex Reyes any day because he can develop into something. i’ll work the waiver wire for the Dallas Kuechel’s of the world to fill in the gap. How many times do you see a Dallas Kuechel in batters blow up? Maybe J.D. Martinez is that guy? The point is it’s rare.

      Draft batter…elite batters…guys who can really hit…i.e. Mookie Betts. Draft big arms and a lot of them and fill in with #3’s as they develop.

      In a rebuild team, I have Rizzo, Rendon, Polanco, Bryant, Baez, Belt, Altuve, Schoop as my care batters with a number of high-end prospects in the queue. My pitchers are led Wheeler, Walker, Gray with Kuechel, Hutchison, Lackey in the mix as well. Then I’ve got the likes of Alex Reyes, Glasnow, Hunter Harvey in the wings. The team is set to start making noise next year and to compete in 2016. I’ll fill in with some solid players once I get close.

      Hope that helps.

      • Hey Rich, love the website and Podcasts. In a 20 team dynasty I was offered Jason Hayward for my Francisco Lindor. No impact on winning this year either way. I’m wondering what your thoughts were on Hayward when he was coming up and do you see him reaching his potential and who you favor more in that deal. Thanks!

  47. Thanks, Rich. Any thoughts as to which of my abundance of prospects you’d swap out with the ’14 draftees?
    Christian walker
    Michael Taylor (was)

    Miguel Montero
    AJ Cole
    Chi Chi
    Daniel Norris

    • That’s a ridiculous list. Well done! Chi Chi and A.J. Cole are at the bottom, followed by Manaea and then Taylor and Pompey. Would prefer Aiken, Rodon, Jackson, Gordon, Conforoto to all of them. Probably Kolek and Schwarber as well.

  48. Offer proposed to me: my Hunter Pence and Tom Koehler for his sonny gray and Wil myers. Would u do that?

    Or do this: Archer and Wil Myers for Melky and Tom Kohler

  49. Rich,
    Thanks for the answers to my Astros questions. I feel better and will ignore Fontana.

    Have you heard any news any Danny Hultzen’s progress?

    Also, I get most of my SBs from my middle infielders(Altuve and Villar). This is by design. I am salivating over Nick Gordon. Could you list maybe the top 10 speed SS prospects?

    Thanks so much,

  50. Hello Rich! Just got offered santana and j fransisco for mesaroc and marte… im thinking about asking for bruce instead of fransisco… but if I didnt and just tried to get santana for mesaroco, would I be winning or even or losing…

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